React native introduces third party Android SDK

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react native introduces party android

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stay React Native In development , If a native SDK No fit React Native Plug in for , In principle, we don't recommend you to use . But as a last resort , Do we have a way ? The answer is yes . The steps are roughly divided into integration SDK、 Write bridge code . It is difficult to know but easy to do , This article is to follow this idea to solve the problem of the front-end engineer's headache SDK And write bridge code .

Preliminary knowledge

When we were developing Android projects , Not all the functions make their own wheels , We often use all kinds of other packages , Among them are all kinds of services provided by Google support package , There are also various third-party libraries , Sometimes we package some functions ourselves . These packages exist and import in a variety of forms , There's a remote warehouse , There are direct copies to the local ,jar package 、aar package 、so Bag, etc . Fortunately, we can all work in the main project and various Module Of build.gradle We have a unified management in the company .— Android Rely on import strategy

Dependency Introduction

Android Gradle plugin 3.0 Several ways to introduce dependency :


Dependency on compiling with this command , Projects that depend on this project will not be able to access any programs in the dependencies compiled with this command , That is to hide the dependency inside , It's not open to the outside world .react-native link The command uses this method

Use implementation Will make compilation faster : For example, I'm in a library Use in implementation Rely on gson library , Then my main project relied on library, that , My main project is inaccessible gson Methods in the library . The advantage of this is that the compilation speed will be faster , I changed a version of Gson library , But as long as library The code is not changed , You don't recompile the main project code .


Equate to compile Instructions


Equate to provided, Only valid at compile time , Not involved in packaging , It doesn't include apk In file . It can be used to solve the conflict of repeated import .

Remote warehouse depends on

Here we have LeanCloud Android SDK To demonstrate

It's convenient to introduce remote warehouse dependency , But before that, we need to be in the project root build.gradle Declare the address of the remote repository .

buildscript {
repositories {
+ // Here is LeanCloud The bag warehouse 
+ maven {
+ url ""
+ }
dependencies {
classpath ''
allprojects {
repositories {
+ // Here is LeanCloud The bag warehouse 
+ maven {
+ url ""
+ }
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Then open the app In the catalog build.gradle Configure as follows :

android {
+ // In order to solve the problem that some third-party libraries are packed repeatedly META-INF The problem of 
+ packagingOptions{
+ exclude 'META-INF/LICENSE.txt'
+ exclude 'META-INF/NOTICE.txt'
+ }
lintOptions {
abortOnError false
dependencies {
compile ('')
+ // LeanCloud Basic package 
+ compile ('')
+ // Push and instant messaging need packages 
+ compile (''){transitive = true}
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Local dependence

Use Android Studio Please refer to : Android Studio introduce jar Bao He so file (armeabi and armeabi-v7a)

jar package

1、 take jar File replication 、 Paste the app/libs Directory ,React Native There is no such folder by default , I want to build a

2、 open app/build.gradle, Make the following configuration to list jar The folder path of the package .

Be careful :React Native This configuration has been made by default

dependencies {
implementation fileTree(dir: "libs", include: ["*.jar"])
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Different from the remote warehouse dependency Introduction , If there are two different local jar package , Or there are already jar package , And then to rely on different versions of jar package , You're going to report a mistake .

Solution : Take one of them compileOnly Replace implementation. seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function ,compileOnly Works only at compile time , It doesn't include APK Inside , You can avoid finding duplicate classes at run time .

aar package

arr The full name is Andorid Archive, It's a Android Binary archive of Library Project , Use Android Studio , It's very easy to generate a AAR file .

and jar It's different ,aar The path declaration and dependency introduction of package storage are separate :

1、 take aar Package is copied to the lib Under the table of contents

2、 In the project root directory build.gradle In a statement aar File storage path

buildscript {
repositories {
+ flatDir { // Quote... From this project libs Under the aar
+ dir "$rootDir/libs"
+ }
allprojects {
repositories {
+ flatDir { // Quote... From this project libs Under the aar
+ dir "$rootDir/libs"
+ }
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3、 stay app/build.gradle Inject dependency into

Be careful : long-range aar The introduction form is :implementation('')

dependencies {
+ implementation(name: 'aar name ', ext: 'aar')
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so file

Directly in src->main Next, create a new folder jniLib , Then take it. so The folder where the file is located armeabi Copy the past .

notes :jniLib yes so The default directory for files


All are Proguard To blame

Sometimes it's obvious that jar package , But still can't find jar The method in the package ? It's probably because you opened up confusion , The safest thing is space for safety . But a real programmer can't be satisfied with this , We still have to find out Proguard What's the trouble . Here's a trick to share :

open Android Studio Use it like a native development engineer Logcat Check the application log , For example, if you find com.huawei.** This library can't be found , Then configure as follows :

+ -dontwarn com.huawei.**
+ -keep class com.huawei.**{*;}
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  • -dontwarn Let go ProGuard Don't warn that you can't find com.huawei.** Related references to classes in this package
  • -keep class To hold on to com.huawei.** All classes and methods in this package are not confused . Compile and package again , Find out apk The size should be significantly larger than the previous package . function app, Problem solving !

aar Duplicate resource file in package

Duplicate resource file , The resource file of the main project will be directly covered aar Files in package , And there won't be any errors or hints , Final aar The resource file of the main project will also be used directly in the package , So you need to pay attention to naming . There is no better solution for the moment .

AndroidManifest Merge error

It also happens in aar On the bag , Android Studio Each project module Any one of them can AndroidManifest.xml file , But in the end APK The file can only contain one AndroidManifest.xml file . When building applications ,Gradle The build will merge all the manifest files into a single package to APK In the manifest file .aar The manifest file of the package and our app When the properties of the manifest file conflict : use tools:replace=" Property name " solve .

annotationProcessor And compileOnly The difference between

As mentioned above annotationProcessor And compileOnly It's just compiling, not typing in apk in , What's the difference between them ? The roles are different ,annotationProcessor The function is to generate code at compile time , After compiling, you really don't need it ,compileOnly There are duplicate libraries , In order to keep only one library for shaving , In the end, it's needed .

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