Why is 0.1 + 0.2 not equal to 0.3?

tomee 2021-04-07 21:48:15

The problem background

It's a question that's likely to be asked in an interview , After online access to a variety of information 、 Articles, etc , There are descriptions of this problem . But the details and some key points need to be carefully studied and pondered to understand . In the process of figuring out this problem, we have experienced a lot of ideological struggles , So it's still necessary to record and share your insights .

Theoretical basis

First , Be clear about all the calculations in the program , Going to the bottom of the computer is binary Computing , and , Binary computation has no concept of subtraction , The subtraction will be calculated by adding a negative number .

One more thing to note ,0.1+0.2 It's not equal to 0.3 It's not just about JavaScript in , Follow in other areas IEEE 754 This problem also exists in standard programming languages .JavaScript There is only one type for all numbers, including integers and decimals — Number. Its implementation follows  IEEE 754  standard , Use 64 Bit fixed length , That's standard double Double precision floating point ( There's more to it float 32 Bit single precision ).

Concrete realization

The whole calculation process goes through the following steps :

  1. Decimal to binary .
  2. Binary to scientific notation .
  3. Memory is used to analyze the data represented by scientific notation 、 Storage .
  4. Operations on orders .
  5. Binary addition .
  6. Rounding operation .
  7. Binary to decimal .

Decimal to binary

Back to the question itself , Let's start with how to put 0.1 Convert it to the underlying storage of the computer ,0.2 The idea of the transformation is clear . How to convert decimal to binary , Reference resources Novice tutorial that will do , No more details here .0.1 The conversion to binary is like this :


Go back and you'll find , This process is an infinite loop state . Never mind that , Write it down first :


Binary to scientific notation

Next, should we deal with infinite loops ? Not at all , We know , In everyday decimal operations , We want to represent as much data as possible , Will use scientific notation . The same goes for the bottom layer of the computer , As we mentioned earlier ,JavaScript In order to double precision storage Number type , Therefore, if the data is converted to binary and stored directly , So the maximum number it can store is 263( The first bit is the sign bit ), In today's data age , This computable range is quite limited . therefore , Binary data should also be converted into scientific notation , Then the scientific notation is stored in parts :

1.1(0011)… * 2-4( Move the decimal point to the right 4 position , The base of binary is 2)

Binary representation of scientific notation data

OK, The next question is , The computer 64 How do bits store scientific notation ?


This icon shows 64 Bit binary different parts of the stored data label . First , The highest bit is the sign bit , So it can't participate in the task of storing data , The subsequent 11 position ( Index part ) Binary number used to store the index in scientific notation , remainder 52 position ( Mantissa part ) It is used to store the decimal point of mantissa in scientific notation 52 position . The sign bits and mantissa of these three parts are very clear , Sign bit 0 It means a positive number ,1 A negative number ; The mantissa part of science is just the mantissa part 52 position ; The determination of the index part is a little more complicated .

Memory gives 11 Bit binary gives exponent , therefore ,11 If bit binary is converted to decimal , The range of data that can be stored is :[0, 211], namely [0, 2048]. But there's a problem , The index can also be negative ! How do negative numbers mean ? Don't 11 The bit has to give up another bit to represent the sign bit ? Not at all , In this part of the processing ,IEEE754 The standard index is 0 The cardinal number of is 1023( With 1023 As the dividing line between positive and negative numbers ), It's equivalent to being able to store [-1023, 1024] The number of this range . therefore , With 0.1 Take the index converted to scientific notation as an example , Index -4 Will be converted into 1023 - 4 = 1019, And then convert it to binary : image.png

1019 It's converted to binary :1111111011. therefore ,0.1 Before the final binary 12 Position as :


Next , The mantissa is reserved for 52 position , What about infinite loops ? It's time to Rounding operation , follow 0 House 1 The principle of entry ( It is similar to the meaning of rounding in decimal system ), This is also the key point of this issue , Rounding makes the data lose some precision .

You may wonder , A simple calculation can lead to the deviation of the calculation results , So is the result of a slightly more complex operation reliable ? Of course it's reliable . firstly , It's rare to see an infinite loop in such a transformation , Even if there is , The double precision storage provided by the computer can also ensure that the data operation is within the allowable error range ; second , The bottom layer of the computer has a processing mechanism for precision error calculation , Calculation will not be allowed to go further and further on the road of deviation .

0.1 The final binary form is like this :

0 01111111011 1001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011010

0.2 The binary storage of is :

0 01111111100 1001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011010

Operations on orders

The next step is to do the addition , Binary addition is not difficult , It's like the decimal system . But it's not easy , Before we will 0.1 and 0.2 When it comes to scientific notation , We found that 0.1 My index is -4,0.2 My index is -3. If you want to express the results of their operations in a scientific way , We have to unify the exponents and then extract the common factor for calculation . Here's a question Operations on orders , To minimize the loss of accuracy , We need to follow the small order to the large order ( That is, to convert a smaller index into a larger one ) Principles . In this case , We need to unify the index into -3. therefore ,0.1 After the operation of the order of the binary , That's true :

0 01111111100 (0.)1100110011001100110011001100110011001100110011001101.

The mantissa needs to be shifted one bit to the right , Move the excess right to round . The integer part omitted by default 1 It's moved to the decimal part , So the integral part becomes 0.

Binary addition

Next, when you do the addition , To complete the integer part omitted before the mantissa , Because when there is carry , The integral part can change , This is also to facilitate the subsequent adjustment of the calculation results .

The result of adding mantissa is :



Rounding operation

There are two problems with this result :

  1. It doesn't conform to the rules of scientific notation .
  2. The mantissa part exceeds the number of digits .

So adjust the results , First, change the result to “1.” At the beginning , The decimal point is shifted one place to the left , become :


meanwhile , Add the index to 1: become :


Last , Still based on 0 House 1 The principle of entry , Put the mantissa part beyond 52 The part outside the bit is rounded , The result is :


therefore , The complete result is :

0 11111111101 (1.)0011001100110011001100110011001100110011001100110100

Binary to decimal

Converting to decimal is :


thus , All the steps and detailed analysis of this problem have come to an end .


  1. JavaScript Decimals are at the bottom of the computer with double precision ( namely 64 position ) How to store .
  2. There are many precision losses in the whole process : Operations on orders 、 Addition operation .
  3. The loss of precision is essentially the result of rounding operations , When it comes to rounding operations, we have to follow 0 House 1 The principle of entry .

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