CSS advanced skills summary

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css advanced skills summary

One . Sprite chart

1. Sprite chart (sprites) Use

Using the sprite core :
Sprite technology is mainly used for background images . It is to integrate multiple small background images into a large image .
This big picture is also called sprites Sprite chart perhaps Sprite
Move the background image position , You can use background-position .
The moving distance is the distance of the target image x and y coordinate . Notice that the coordinates in the page are different
Because it's usually moving up and left , So the number is negative .
You need to measure accurately when you use sprites , The size and position of each small background image .

Two . The fonts icon

Font Icon usage scenarios : It is mainly used to display the general 、 Some common small icons .
The sprite map has many advantages , But the disadvantages are obvious .
The picture file is quite large .
The image itself will be distorted if it is enlarged or shrunk .
Once the picture is finished, it's very complicated to replace it .
here , There is a kind of technology to solve the above problems , It's the font icon iconfont.
Font icons can provide a convenient and efficient way for front-end engineers to use icons , It's an icon , The essence belongs to the font .
1. The advantages of font icons
 Lightweight : An icon font is smaller than a series of images . Once the fonts are loaded , The icon will be rendered immediately , Reduced server requests
 flexibility : The essence is words , You can change the color at will 、 Create shadows 、 Transparent effect 、 Spin, etc
 Compatibility : Almost all browsers are supported , Please feel free to use
Be careful : Font icons can't replace sprite Technology , It's just the improvement and optimization of icon technology in work .
summary :
If you encounter some small icons with simple structure and style , Just use the font icon .
If you encounter some small pictures with complex structure and style , Just use the sprite map .
2. Download font icon
Recommended download site :
 icomoon Word stock http://icomoon.io Recommend index *****
IcoMoon Founded on 2011 year , Launched the first custom icon font generator , It allows the user to select the desired icon , Make them
One word . There are many kinds of contents in this library , Very comprehensive , The only regret is that foreign servers , It's slow to turn on the Internet .
 Ali iconfont Word stock http://www.iconfont.cn/ Recommend index *****
This is Ali's mother M2UX One of the iconfont Font icon font library , Including Taobao Icon Library and Ali mom icon library . have access to AI
Create icon upload generation . The key is , free !
3. The introduction of font icons
After downloading , Pay attention not to delete the original document , I'll use it later .
Put the... In the download package fonts Put the folder in the root of the page


 4. Font file format

Different browsers support different font formats , Font icons are compatible , Because it contains font files supported by mainstream browsers .
TureType(.ttf) Format .ttf The font is Windows and Mac The most common font , Browsers that support this font are IE9+、Firefox3.5+、
Chrome4+、Safari3+、Opera10+、iOS Mobile、Safari4.2+;
Web Open Font Format(.woff) Format woff typeface , Browsers that support this font are IE9+、Firefox3.5+、Chrome6+、
Embedded Open Type(.eot) Format .eot The font is IE Special Fonts , Browsers that support this font are IE4+;
SVG(.svg) Format .svg Fonts are based on SVG A form of font rendering , Browsers that support this font are Chrome4+、Safari3.1+、
Opera10.0+、iOS Mobile Safari3.2+;
stay CSS Global declaration font in style : Easy to understand, put these font files through css Bring it to our page .
Pay attention to the path of font file .
@font-face {
font-family: 'icomoon';
src: url('fonts/icomoon.eot?7kkyc2');
src: url('fonts/icomoon.eot?7kkyc2#iefix') format('embedded-opentype'),
url('fonts/icomoon.ttf?7kkyc2') format('truetype'),
url('fonts/icomoon.woff?7kkyc2') format('woff'),
url('fonts/icomoon.svg?7kkyc2#icomoon') format('svg');
font-weight: normal;
font-style: normal;


html Add a small icon to the label .
<span> </span>


Define the font for the label .
span {
font-family: "icomoon";


5. Addition of Font Icon

If at work , The original font icon is not enough , We need to add a new font icon to the original font file .
Put the selection.json Upload from New , Then select the new icon you want , Download the compressed package from New , And replace the original file .



3、 ... and .CSS Triangle

Some triangles are common in web pages , Use CSS Just draw it directly , You don't have to make pictures or font icons .
A picture , You will know CSS How did the triangle come about , Doing this : 
div {
width: 0;
height: 0;
line-height: 0;
font-size: 0;
border: 50px solid transparent;
border-left-color: pink;


Four .CSS User interface style

So called interface style , Is to change some user operation styles , To improve a better user experience .
 Change the user's mouse style
 Form outline
 Prevent form fields from dragging
1. Mouse style cursor
li {cursor: pointer; }
Set or retrieve what system predefined cursor shape the mouse pointer moves over the object .



2. Contour line outline

Add... To the form outline: 0; perhaps outline: none; After the pattern , You can remove the default blue border . 
input {outline: none; }


3. Prevent dragging text or resize

In development , We can't drag the lower right corner of the text field . 
textarea{ resize: none;}


5、 ... and .vertical-align Attribute application

CSS Of vertical-align Attribute usage scenarios : Often used to set up pictures or forms ( Inline block element ) Align vertically with the text .
Official explanation : Used to set the vertical alignment of an element , But it works only for inline elements or inline block elements . 
vertical-align : baseline | top | middle | bottom


1. picture 、 Align form with text

picture 、 Forms belong to inline block elements , default vertical-align It's baseline alignment . 
Now you can give the picture 、 These elements in the form are vertical-align Property is set to middle You can make the text and the picture vertical
It's centered .
2. Solve the problem of default blank gap at the bottom of the picture
bug: There will be a gap at the bottom of the picture , The reason is that the inline block elements align with the baseline of the text .
There are two main solutions :
Add... To the picture vertical-align:middle | top| bottom etc. . ( Advocate the use of )
Convert images to block level elements display: block;

6、 ... and . Overflow text ellipsis display

1. Single line text overflow display ellipsis -- Three conditions must be met  
/*1. Force text in one line first */
white-space: nowrap; ( Default normal Word wrap )
/*2. The part beyond is hidden */
overflow: hidden;
/*3. Use an ellipsis instead of an ellipsis in the text */
text-overflow: ellipsis;
2. Multi line text overflow display ellipsis
Multi line text overflow display ellipsis , There are big compatibility issues , Suitable for webKit Browser or mobile terminal ( Most mobile terminals are webkit kernel )
overflow: hidden;
text-overflow: ellipsis;
/* The elastic telescopic box model shows */
display: -webkit-box;
/* Limit the number of lines of text displayed in a block element */
-webkit-line-clamp: 2;
/* Set or retrieve the arrangement of children of the expansion box object */
-webkit-box-orient: vertical;


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