NMN concept stock up and down limit, Harvard & 34; ageless drug & 34; only market speculation?

Li Tang 2021-04-08 01:20:13
nmn concept stock limit harvard

Recently, the stock market seems to be changing , Domestic products that had gone against the market before " Old medicine "NMN stocks , There's a wave of " Great diving ". Yesterday, NMN More than half of the concept sector fell in 9.6% above , Overall down 7.15%. From being sought after by the market to being turned off one after another ," Old medicine "NMN Why are concept stocks favored by the market for a short time and then " relegate to limbo "?

NMN Concept stocks stop trading , harvard " Old medicine " It's just market hype ?

According to CITIC Securities Research Report 《 Anti aging health care products NMN, A hundred billion market is expected in the future 》 Pointed out that ,NMN As an anti-aging health care product , It is estimated that there will be 100 billion market potential in the future , Enterprises that take the lead in layout are expected to have comprehensive competitive advantages in the future . And the reality is more likely to be NMN The market is in the ascendant , Short term capital takes advantage of the situation to speculate ," harvest " Get out of the game when you're done , Just a chicken feather .

NMN It will take time to popularize the concept

NMN The first professor of anti-aging genetics at Harvard University · Where's Sinclair 2013 Annual discovery , I'm giving it to mammals for a while NMN after , It can help restore mitochondrial activity 、 repair DNA Damage , Delay the aging process fundamentally , Include 《Nature》、《Science》、《Cell》 This kind of research has been published in several top journals , evidence NMN It has anti-aging effect .

NMN Concept stocks stop trading , harvard " Old medicine " It's just market hype ?

NMN Anti aging effect discoverer 、 Harvard Medical School David · Professor Sinclair

A number of studies in the scientific research field have made NMN Known as the " The medicine of immortality ", Although its anti-aging effect has been endorsed by many top journals , But because of the early NMN The cost of synthesis is high , Lead to NMN For a long time, it has become a research laboratory and exclusive to the top rich ,NMN The concept of anti-aging is not known to the public , Very low penetration .

CITIC Securities research report pointed out that ,2017 Gene port took the lead in breaking through the quantitative production technology of biological enzyme in , The cost of implementation has been greatly reduced , But it's just to let the consumption threshold go from " Five figures " Down to " Four digits ". Founder Wang Jun once said ," Two years ago. NMN The concept is the most in the country 1000 People know , There are also 100 One is a gene harbor employee , Now the whole country has 1000 Ten thousand people have heard of it ." But with nearly 200 million elderly people in China ,NMN The concept of anti-aging " The bullet ", We need to fly a little longer .

A number of listed companies have entered the market , I'm afraid it's just a taste

Currently around NMN Material materials 、 The number of Listed Companies in technology and production is close to double digits ," prosperity " In the background , Is it a hype or a down-to-earth effort ? We can trace back to the source , Take a look at the development of this incident .

NMN Concept stocks originated from 7 month 9 A question and answer by the board secretary on the interactive platform of a listed company in Japan , The answer is a positive response to the existence of the company NMN Tonic marketing behavior , And a wholly owned subsidiary of the United States VB production . Then the division bucked the market and rose the limit , continuity 5 Sun sealing plate , Market value increase 100.3 Billion , And drive a series of related enterprises to follow up , Created "NMN Concept " plate .

NMN Concept stocks stop trading , harvard " Old medicine " It's just market hype ?

stay 7 month 9 solstice 15 During the continuous closing of the board , Market media also " go into action without delay ", Follow up reports one after another , For a time " Old medicine " The concept stirs up a thousand waves . until 15 After the close of the day ,NMN Producer gene port is a guest of Everbright Securities Exchange , Meeting CEO Wang Jun analyzed NMN market " Three branches of Jin " The situation , And Ningbo Yuyao 100 Tons of NMN News that the factory has been put into production , It will be expanded later NMN Capacity to 10000 Tons of , The next day ,NMN The concept stock stalls collectively .

NMN Concept stocks stop trading , harvard " Old medicine " It's just market hype ?

From the analysis of the above context , Seems to be NMN The news of huge production capacity released by producer geneport at Everbright Securities Exchange meeting has become the main reason for the sharp drop of some enterprises " Blasting fuse ", In fact, gene harbor has always been NMN Market leading players , According to CITIC Securities Research Report , Gene harbor is the current NMN The only local manufacturer among the three leading manufacturers in the market , It has market leading potential .

What's more puzzling is , According to the Secretary , Wholly owned subsidiary VB Located in the United States , Then we should abide by the relevant local policies and regulations , According to the United States DSHEA bill (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act) Regulations , All dietary supplement ingredients in the United States need to be obtained first NDI perhaps GRAS Certification is the only way to use , It's about food safety , And the concept stocks related to the recent explosion , No one seems to have obtained the certification , At present, the world's only one to obtain the certification of NMN There is only one enterprise, geneport .

NMN Concept stocks stop trading , harvard " Old medicine " It's just market hype ?

7 month 16 Japan ,NMN The day before the collective flameout of related concept stocks , There are inquiries from shareholders on the interactive platform "NMN Annual production capacity " when , The division chose to avoid talking about , But we can also make some reasonable conjectures from the relevant annual reports .

see 2019 It can be seen from the annual report of , The company's main products are nutrition and health food 、 vitamin A coenzyme Q10 series , The proportion in revenue is 52.86%、22.74% and 17.04%, There is no separate mention of NMN raw material , According to the company "NMN The proportion of products in the company's sales is very low " speculation ,NMN The relevance should be attributed to " Other " class , But this kind of total proportion is insufficient 7.36%.

NMN Concept stocks stop trading , harvard " Old medicine " It's just market hype ?

7 month 15 At the sunlight big stock exchange meeting ,NMN Producer gene port reveals future industrial layout , The production capacity will be expanded to 10000 Tons of , This is because the gene port has already invested 20 Yi established in Yuyao, Ningbo 100 Tons of NMN factory —— Lefusben , The factory covers an area of 2000 Mu , Production capacity of phase I 100~300 tons , It is estimated that it can cover 80 10000 people , But in the face of the huge demand of the elderly population in China , At present NMN The output is still a little bit " puff ".

NMN Concept stocks stop trading , harvard " Old medicine " It's just market hype ?

Early in the market , We need to be more rational

After calm analysis , Looking back at this time " Old medicine "NMN The whole story of being hyped , In fact, it is a typical performance of the early market —— Not enough strength , The concept comes together . But objectively, it also opened the market fog from the side , Put the main players in the market " expose " More clearly , Who is a little bit of hype , Who is the industry of intensive cultivation and meticulous work , Consumers already have their own answers .

NMN David the discoverer · Professor Sinclair once said ," It's not something you have to accept to be miserable in old age ", It's meant to tell us that we can choose to grow old healthily and gracefully , In fact, I think it's more important : Being young keeps our brains and eyes smart all the time , Make sure you're not treated as " leek ", Reap freely .
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