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IT Brotherhood HTML5 course CSS3 reveal Summary and exercises


CSS3 For developers , to web Applications bring more possibilities , Greatly improved development efficiency .CSS3 Support on selectors is colorful , It allows us to control the style flexibly , You don't have to name elements normatively .CSS3 The supported animation types are more abundant , There are mainly transform( Transformation )、transition( transition ) and animation( Animation ). Not only are they more diverse in type , You can also set specific properties transition, So in the future face more script developers , It will be more convenient and simple . about CSS3 Characteristics of , Round corners 、 Text shadow 、 Box Model shadows and gradients are more convenient for web page production and richer web page display .


1. Support input The properties of the message prompt of type input box are (B)

A.detail B.placeholder

C.pattern D.required

2. Which of the following does not belong to Html5 in input Tag new input type (D) B.url


3. Yes CSS The unreasonable description of coding specification is (D)

A. It is generally not allowed to write the style definition in the label

B.ID Must be unique , And in the definition of structure

C. Try not to abbreviate , Unless you can understand the words at a glance

D. It is recommended to use absolute length units , Such as px、pt etc.

4. stay CSS in ,text-align What is the initial value of the property (A)

A.start B. nothing


5. The following statement is wrong (D)

A.CSS Style sheets can separate formatting from structure

B.CSS Stylesheets control the layout of the page

C.CSS Stylesheet can make many pages update at the same time

D.CSS Stylesheets can't make smaller pages, download faster pages

6. If you design a web page with a background image of bg.jpg, In the following tags , The right is (A)

A.<body background=”bg.jpg”> B.<body bground=”bg.jpg’’>

C.<body image=”bg.jpg”> D.<body bgcolor=”bg.jpg”>

7. To insert a style sheet into a web page main.css, In the following usage , The right is (D)

A.<Link href=”main.css”type=text/css rel=stylesheet>

B.<Link Src=”main.css”type=text/css rel=stylesheet>

C.<Link href=”main.css”type=text/css>

D.<Include href=”main.css”type=text/css rel=stylesheet>

8. The following does not belong to CSS The insertion form is (C)

A. Index type B. Inline

C. The embedded D. External

9. If you want to use bold Tahoma 、10 The number shows “ Brotherhood IT education ” In the following usage , The right is (B)

A.<b><font style='font-size:10px'> Brotherhood IT education </b></font>

B.<b><font face=” Song style ”style='font-size:10px'> Brotherhood IT education </font></b>

C.<b><font size=“ Song style ”style='font-size:10px'> Brotherhood IT education </b></font>

D.<b><font size=“ Song style ”fontstyle='font-size:10px'> Brotherhood IT education </b></font>

10. To define a style for a separate class in the current page myText, Make the text font with this type of style “Arial”, Font size: 9px, The line spacing is 13.5px, In the following definition method , The right is (A).




B..myText{ font-familiy:Arial; font -size:9px;line-height:13.5px}


.myText{FontName:Arial; fontSize:9px;lineHeight:13.5px}



.myText{FontName:Arial; font-ize:9px;line-eight:13.5px}


11.px and em The difference between

answer :px and em It's all length units , The difference is that ,px The value of is fixed , What is specified is how much , Easy to calculate .em The value is not fixed , also em Inherits the font size of the parent element .

The default font height of the browser is 16px. So the unadjusted browsers are all compliant : 1em=16px. that 12px=0.75em,10px=0.625em

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