Vue self learning 5-vue template syntax (v-text, v-html, v-pre)

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vue self learning 5-vue vue


The previous one said v-cloak Instructions , Let's do it today v-text,v-html,v-pre The learning of these three instructions

Data binding instructions

  • v-text: Used to fill in plain text
    • More concise than interpolation expressions , There is no flicker problem .
  • v-html: For filling html fragment
    • There are network security problems , Be vulnerable to XSS Tools , It should not be used on content submitted by users .
    • Website internal data can be used , Third party data cannot be used
  • v-pre: Used to fill in the original information
    • Show the original information , Skip the compilation process


<div id='app'>
<!-- v-text There will be no flicker problems , So no need v-cloak -->
<div v-text="msg"></div>
<!--  Used to add html fragment  -->
<div v-html="mgs_html"></div>
<!--  Used to display raw information , No need to go through vue The build process , That's the display {{msg_pre}}-->
<div v-pre>{{mgs_pre}}</div>
<!--  To download vue.js -->
<script type='text/javascript' src='js/vue.js'></script>
//1. html Writing labels in Chinese 
//2.  introduce vue.js
//3.  Use vue Render the data .
var vm = new Vue(
el'#app'// Bound to the id Selectors 
data: {
"msg""hello world",

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