As a qualified front end Development Engineer , You need to master certain development technology in order not to be eliminated by the times , Today Xiaoqian will introduce to you what technology we should learn .


      1. software design

       As a front-end Developer , You need to have the ability to UI The designer Make your manuscript into a page , So the basic cut and picture operation ability is still needed , Not all companies have special designs to help you with your pictures , Most of the time we use Photoshop, So it's one of the software you need to learn .

      2. Development Editor

       The second skill you need to master is to use the editor , Of course, if you say I only use Notepad , That's when I didn't say . As a good developer, editors must have , Skilled use of editors can help us develop more efficiently , Common examples are :Visual Studio Code、Dreamweaver、submit wait .

      3. Front end code knowledge

       As a front-end development engineer , The front-end technology html、css、 Native JavaScript These must be indispensable , Especially now HTML5+CSS3 It's what you have to master , Can create more interesting pages .

      4. The front frame

       In addition to native technology , Some common frameworks are also what you need to learn , The proportion jQuery、vue wait , These are the tools we often use in the development process .

      5. Code management tools

       In addition to developing code , You also need to be able to deploy and manage code , This is the time git Tools are your best help , It's used all over the world , If you don't study, it's too late .

      6. Development testing

       In the development process, no one can guarantee that where there will be errors that can't run , So we have to learn the basic debugging function , Many front-end engineers like to use Chrome Browser debugging , Because it provides a lot of developer tools and extension tools , Super easy to use .

       In addition to the above , As a front-end developer, it's helpful to visit the technology forum and post bar frequently , Let's take a look at the technologies that you're talking about recently , What new technology can be applied to your own project , Only by constantly learning new technology, can you go a step further from the technology bull .

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