Shopping mall ( Practice in job hunting )

Open source Mall

Recommend index :5 star , Master it , so to speak , All kinds of demands in future work are not problems , Work 1~2 You can also learn some ideas from them ( Recommended collection ).

This is a set of small programs / official account /app It's a shopping mall system , Including multi terminal code such as foreground and background , page UI perfect , The knowledge involved is also very rich , It's very worthwhile for beginners to study the front end , Master the deconstruction of the mall .

wemall Cloud platform

Recommend index :3 star

WeMall The micro mall system is based on ThinkPHP Technology Architecture , Realization MVC、 Cache framework design of micro mall source code , Help small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals quickly build the mall system , Reduce the cost of secondary development .


Recommend index :2 star

One is based on spring boot、spring oauth2.0、mybatis、redis Lightweight of 、 Fore and aft end separation 、 To guard against xss attack 、 Have distributed locks 、 Fully prepare for multiple instances of production environment 、 The database for b2b2c Design 、 Complete sku And a fully open source shopping mall for the order process .

Super common URL piece

Picture compression

2021 了 , There won't be any friends who don't know the compressed address of the panda . He can compress your local image 70% Even more , Greatly reduce the size of the package , Save it quickly .

ES6 Quick start

front end er We all know how to master ES6 It's like mastering the code time machine , It can greatly speed up your development efficiency , Save your lines of code , A lot ahead of your time off work . So why not ?

Get gradients quickly

Still working for a css I'm worried about the gradients ? Try this website It can help you generate CSS Code , So you don't have to be big anymore .

Vector icon library

To say Icon Library , This says the second , No one dares to say the first . All the used friends have said that .

echarts Visual chart Library

echarts The best open source visualization chart Library , Can help you calmly meet the boss's various visualization needs , Of course , Skilled use and mastery still need students to practice a lot .

UI class



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1, Usage rate (npm Average download frequency , Number of components ,star, issue…)element-ui

Conclusion ,element Better Ecology , It's used far more than iview ,element Development team strength thanks to the comments area error correction 1.Element There are options .2.Element Of Popover namely iView Of Poptip Components .3.Tooltip iView and Element There are . Some niche components have their own strengths whole iview Richer ( time axis , Load progress bar , Bubble cards ,BackTop, thumbtack )API Style by using the most flat form table The calendar select Compare the two

The corresponding code

Obvious feeling iview Of api More concise , After generating a similar table Drop down these more complex components , iview In a way similar to antdesign , The advantage is that you can send data directly in , In the internal implementation of the template generation , Efficient quick . and element It's about v-for vue Instructions are combined to generate , Batch generation of elements . form Operation column When custom rendering ,iview It uses vue Of render function , element Directly in template Insert the corresponding template in Table pagination requires Import paging component In combination with

both api Overall comparison ,iview than element It's a lot simpler . Hungry? More focused on template I'm going to render the template directly Personally feel iview deviation react, element more vue Form verification Both use the same plug-in async-validator The verification method is the same, the project optimization angle is the first screen optimization , Too much dependence on third party component libraries It will bring a lot of pressure to the first screen loading , The general solution is Introduce components on demand element-ui According to the official instructions Now we need to introduce babel-plugin-component plug-in unit Make relevant configuration And then directly in the component Directory Registering global components

iview Load on demand I feel that the official documents are not very detailed

The theme iview Provides a set of topics to choose from , besides Custom theme method 1 ( The official recommendation , The prerequisite is to use webpack): Create a new one .less file , First in less Introduce the official style file into the file And then copy it on this basis

Method 2 : The official provided Automatic compilation tools iview-them To compile the . What I'm doing is Combine custom styles with github The latest style of the warehouse Generate a new style file through the tool .element-ui If you just replace the color , have access to Online topic generation tool Edit colors online , Generate element-ui The theme Direct download Then we introduce the theme of deep customization, which is officially provided by Topic generation tool element-them Carry out orders Initialize to get a configuration file , Modify the relevant configuration It's compiled to Get the relevant subject files Re pass babel Plug in Introduction

Both sides provide specialized tools for deep customization of themes , Comprehensive comparison iview It's simpler ,element Theme customization needs to cooperate with babel Do some precompiling , And more steps More complex transition animation element There's built-in transition animation Make the switching of components change More dynamic iview More formal

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front end er You have to know Git Address and commonly used tools address more related articles

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