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Global installation Vite

// Global installation vite-app

npm i -g vite-app

// Create project

npm init vite-app <project-name>

cd project-name

yarn || npm install

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install Necessary third party plug-ins

install TypeScript

npm install -D typescript

Js Copy

root directory (src) Add below shim.vue.d.ts file

declare module '*.vue' {

import { Component } from 'vue'
const component: Component
export default component


// perhaps

declare module '*.vue' {

import Vue from 'vue'
// const component: defineComponent<{},{},any>
export default Vue


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modify main.js by main.ts

And modify it index.html Citation of articles

install vue-router

vue3.0 It's best to install the latest version of vue-router, If the version is wrong, the route cannot be used to jump

npm install vue-router@4

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And then in src New under the directory router Catalog , New in directory index.ts file

from vue-router introduce createRouter and createWebHashHistory( perhaps createWebHistory)

import {createRouter, createWebHashHistory} from 'vue-router'

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Then build One route object , Store routing configuration , Use createRouter Method establish router object , Finally through export default export

const routes = [

path: '/',
component: () => import('../views/home/index.vue'),
redirect: '/index',
children: [
path: '/login',
component: () => import('../views/login/index.vue')


var router = createRouter({

history: createWebHashHistory(),


export default router

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stay mian.ts In the object adopt import introduce , And use Vue Of use Method Sign up to Vue For instance

import router from './router'


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Use Vue State management tools Vuex

// install

npm install vuex@next

// Use

// /src/store/index.ts

import Vuex from 'vuex'

const store = new Vuex.Store({

// ...
modules: {},
state: () => {
return {
name: 'lxx'
mutations: {},
actions: {},
getters: {}


export default store

// register

import store from './store'


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Use sass grammar

// install sass

yarn add sass

// After installation take sass from dependencies Move to devDependencies

// When using stay style After add

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