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brief introduction

CSS What is it? ?

CSS What is it? ? A complete explanation of this article , There's definitely something you want

CSS yes Cascading Style Sheets For short , It's called cascading style sheet in Chinese .

Attributes and attribute values are separated by colons , It ends with a semicolon .

CSS Four ways of introduction :

1. Inline

Inline is in the label style Property CSS style .

<div style="..."></div>

2. The embedded

Embedded is going to be CSS The style is written on the web page <head> Labeled <style></style> Label alignment .

<head>    ...    <style type="text/css">        ... Write here CSS style     </style></head>

3. Import type
Put an independent .css The file import HTML In file , Import use @import Introduce the outside CSS file ,<style> The mark is also written in <head> In the mark .

Import will load the entire web page after loading CSS file .

<head>    ...    <style type="text/css">        @import "My.css"; Note here .css Path to file     </style></head>

4. Linked
Put an independent .css File import to HTML In file , Use <link> The mark is written in <head> In the mark .

Link type will be loaded before the main body of the web page file is loaded CSS file .

<head>    ...    <link href="My.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"></head>

Style application order :

  • In line styles have the highest priority
  • For the same style properties , Different style properties will be presented in a combined way
  • Same style and same attributes , How to present it <head> The order in the decision , The following will override the previous attributes
  • !important Specifies that style rules are applied first
.nick {    color: yellow !important;}

CSS What is it? ? A complete explanation of this article , There's definitely something you want

Selectors (Selector)

Basic selector :

1. Universal element selector

* Indicates that it applies to all tags .

* {color: yellow}

2. tag chooser

Match all uses div The elements of the label ( Can match all tags )

div {color: yellow}

3. Class selectors

Match all class Property contains info The elements of .

grammar :. Class name { style }( Class names cannot begin with numbers , Class names should be case sensitive .)

.Mycolor {color: yellow}<h3 class="Mycolor">nick</h3>

4.ID Selectors

Use id Property to call the style , In a web page id All the values of are unique ( yes W3C Norms, not rules , So there's no mistake ).

grammar :#ID name { style }(ID The first name cannot begin with a number )

#Mycolor {color: yellow}<h3 id="Mycolor">Nick.</h3>

Combination selector :

1. Multi element selector

Simultaneous matching h3,h4 label , Separated by commas .

h3,h4 {color: yellow;}<h3>Nick</h3><h4>Jenny</h4>

2. Descendant element selector

Match all div Nested in tags P label , Space between .

    div p {color: yellow;}<div>    <p>Nick</p>    <div>        <p>Nick</p>    </div></div>

3. Child Selector

Match all div Nested subunits in tags P label , In between > Separate .

    div > p {color: yellow;}<div>    <p>Nick</p>    <p>Nick</p></div>

4. Adjacent element selector

Match all the following div The peer label after the label P, In between + Separate ( You can only match one ).

    div + p {color: yellow;}<div>Nick</div><p>Nick</p>

Attribute selector :

1.[title] & P[title]

Set all with title Label elements for attributes ;

Set all with title Attribute P Tag element .

    [title]    {        color: yellow;    }    p[title]    {        color: yellow;    } <div title>Nick</div><p title>Nick</p>


Set all title Attribute is equal to the “Nick” Tag elements of .

    [title="Nick"]    {        color: yellow;    }<p title="Nick">Nick</p>


Set all title Property has multiple space-separated values 、 One of the values is equal to “Nick” Tag elements of .

    [title~="Nick"]    {        color: yellow;    }<p title="Nick Jenny">Nick</p><p title="Jenny Nick">Nick</p>


Set all title Property has multiple hyphens separated (hyphen-separated) Value 、 One of the values is represented by "Nick" start Tag elements of .

example :lang attribute :"en"、"en-us"、"en-gb" wait

    [title|="Nick"]    {        color: yellow;    } <p title="Nick-Jenny">Nick</p>


Sets each label element whose attribute value begins with the specified value .

    [title^="Nick"]    {        color: yellow;    }<p title="NickJenny">Nick</p>


Sets each label element whose attribute value ends with the specified value .

    [title$="Nick"]    {        color: yellow;    }<p title="JennyNick">Nick</p>


Set each element in the attribute value that contains the specified value

[title*="Nick"] { color: yellow; } <p title="SNickJenny">Nick</p>

Pseudo class selector :

1. link、hover、active、visited

  • a:link( Unreached link status ), Used to define the general link state .
  • a:hover( Mouse on link state ), Used to produce visual effects .
  • a:active( The state of pressing the mouse over a link ).
  • a:visited( Visited link status ), You can see the links you've visited .
    a:link{color: black}    a:hover{color: yellow}    a:active{color: blue}    a:visited{color: red} <a href="#">Nick</a>

2. before、after

  • P:before At every <p> Insert content before the content of element ;
  • P:after At every <p> After the content of the element, insert the content .
    p {        color: yellow;    }    p:before{        content: "before...";    }    p:after{        content: "after...";    } <p> Nick </p> 

Common properties

1. color property :


  • HEX( Hexadecimal color :color: #FFFF00 --> abbreviation :#FF0)
  • RGB( Red, green and blue , Usage mode :color:rgb(255,255,0) perhaps color:rgb(100%,100%,0%))
  • RGBA( Red green blue transparency ,A It's transparency 0~1 Between . Usage mode :color:rgba(255,255,0,0.5))
  • HSL(CSS3 It works ,H It means hue ,S Indicates saturation ,L Indicates brightness , Usage mode :color:hsl(360,100%,50%))
  • HSLA( and HSL be similar ,A Express Alpha transparency , Value 0~1 Between .)


  • Completely transparent , Usage mode :color: transparent;


  • The transparency of the elements , grammar :opacity: 0.5;
  • The attribute value is 0.0 To 1.0 Within the scope of ,0 Show transparency ,1 It means opaque .
  • filter Filter properties ( Only for the early IE browser , grammar :filter:alpha(opacity:20);).

2. Font properties :

font-style: Used to specify italicized text

  • normal Text is displayed normally
  • italic Text in italics
  • oblique Text tilt

font-weight: Set text thickness

  • normal( Default )
  • bold( In bold )
  • bolder( amount to <strong> and <b> label )
  • lighter ( routine )
  • 100 ~ 900 The whole hundred (400=normal,700=bold)

font-size: Set the font size

  • The default value is :medium
  • <absolute-size> Optional parameter values :xx-small、 x-small、 small、 medium、 large、 x-large、 xx-large
  • <relative-size> Adjust relative to the size of the font in the parent label . Optional parameter values :smaller、 larger
  • <percentage> Percentage specifies the text size .
  • <length> Specifies the text size with a length value , Negative value not allowed .

font-family: Font name

  • Use commas to separate multiple Fonts ( Priority from front to back , If the current font is not found in the system , Then look behind )

font: Abbreviated attribute

  • grammar :font: font size / Row height typeface ;( The font should be at the end )

3. Text attribute :

white-space: Set the way to handle whitespace in an element

  • normal: Default handling .
  • pre: Keep the space , Don't wrap when the text is out of bounds
  • nowrap: No spaces , Force all text on the same line , Until the end of the text or when br label
  • pre-wrap: Keep the space , When the text hits the boundary, wrap
  • pre-line: No spaces , Keep the word wrapping , When the text hits the boundary, wrap

direction: Set the direction of the text

  • ltr Default , Text direction left to right .
  • rtl Text direction right to left .

text-align: Horizontal alignment of text

  • left
  • center
  • right

line-height: Text line height

  • normal Default

vertical-align: Vertical alignment of the line height of the text

  • baseline Default
  • sub Align subscripts of text vertically , and <sub> The same effect as the label
  • super Align superscripts of text vertically , and <sup> The same effect as the label
  • top The top of the object is aligned with the top of the container
  • text-top The top of the object is aligned with the top of the line text
  • middle Element objects are aligned vertically based on the baseline
  • bottom The bottom of the object is aligned with the bottom of the text in the line
  • text-bottom The bottom of the object is aligned with the bottom of the line text

text-indent: Indent text

letter-spacing: Add space between letters

word-spacing: Add space between each word

text-transform: Property controls the case of text

  • capitalize Each word in the text begins with a capital letter .
  • uppercase Definitions are only capital letters .
  • lowercase The definition is only lowercase .

text-overflow: Text overflow style

  • clip Trim text .
  • ellipsis Show ellipsis ... To represent the trimmed text .
  • string Use the given string to represent the trimmed text .
<!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en"><head>    <meta charset="UTF-8">    <title>Title</title>    <!--<link href="cc2.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">-->    <style>        div {            width: 100px;            height: 100px;            white-space: nowrap;            overflow: hidden;            text-overflow: ellipsis;        }    </style></head><body>    <div> Sonin Sonin Sonin Sonin Sonin Sonin Sonin Sonin Sonin Sonin Sonin Sonin Sonin Sonin Sonin Sonin Sonin Sonin Sonin Sonin </div></body></html>

text-decoration: The decoration of the text

  • none Default .
  • underline Underline .
  • overline Top line .
  • line-through center line .

text-shadow: Text shadow

  • The first parameter is the left and right position
  • The second parameter is up and down position
  • The third parameter is the virtualization effect
  • The fourth parameter is color
  • text-shadow: 5px 5px 5px #888;

word-wrap: Word wrap

  • word-wrap: break-word;
<!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en"><head>    <meta charset="UTF-8">    <title>Title</title>    <style>        p {            width: 150px;            height: 160px;            background-color: #FFA500;            /* Border shadow */            box-shadow: 10px 10px 5px #888;            /* Word wrap */            word-wrap: break-word;        }        h1 {            text-shadow: 5px 5px 5px #888;        }    </style></head><body>    <p>        When you are old and grey and full of sleep,And nodding by the fire, take down this book,And slowly read, and dream of the soft look    </p>    <h1> Sonin </h1></body></html> 

CSS What is it? ? A complete explanation of this article , There's definitely something you want

a { text-decoration: none; /* Remove a Label underline */}

4. Background properties

background-color: The background color

background-image Set the image as the background

  • url("//inotgo.com/imagesLocal/202105/03/20210503032609380z_10.png"); Picture address
  • background-image:linear-gradient(green,blue,yellow,red,black); Color gradient effect

background-position Set the position coordinates of the background image

  • background-position: center center; Put the picture in the middle ,x Axis center,y Axis center
  • 1px -195px Capture a part of the picture , They represent the coordinates x,y Axis

background-repeat Set the background image not to tile repeatedly

  • no-repeat Set the image not to repeat , Commonly used
  • round Auto zoom until it fits and fills the entire container
  • space Lay and fill the entire container at the same spacing

background-attachment Is the background image fixed or scrolling with the rest of the page

background Abbreviation

  • background: url("o_ns.png") no-repeat 0 -196px;
  • background: url("o_ns.png") no-repeat center bottom 15px;
  • background: url("o_ns.png") no-repeat left 30px bottom 15px;

5. A list of attributes

list-style-type: The type of the list item flag

  • none Remove the sign
  • decimal-leading-zero; 02.
  • square; Square box
  • circle; The hollow circle
  • upper-alph; & disc; Solid round

list-style-image: Set the image as a list item flag

list-style-position: The location of the list item flag

  • inside
  • outside

list-style: abbreviation

The page layout

1. Frame

border-style: Border style

  • solid Default , Solid line
  • double double
  • dotted Dotted lines
  • dashed Dotted line

border-color: Border color

border-width: Border width

border-radius: Round corners

  • 1 Parameters : Four angles of application
  • 2 Parameters : The first parameter applies to Top left 、 The lower right ; The second parameter applies to The lower left 、 The upper right
  • 3 Parameters : The first parameter applies to Top left ; The second parameter applies to The lower left 、 The upper right ; The third parameter applies to the lower right
  • 4 Parameters : Top left 、 The upper right 、 The lower right 、 The lower left ( Clockwise )

border: Abbreviation

  • border: 2px yellow solid;

box-shadow: Border shadow

  • The first parameter is the left and right position
  • The second parameter is up and down position
  • The third parameter is the virtualization effect
  • The fourth parameter is color
  • box-shadow: 10px 10px 5px #888;
<!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en"><head>    <meta charset="UTF-8">    <title>Title</title>    <style>        div {            border:2px solid;            border-radius:25px;            width: 140px;        }    </style></head><body>    <div>          Thumb up oh !dear.     </div></body></html>

CSS What is it? ? A complete explanation of this article , There's definitely something you want

<!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en"><head>    <meta charset="UTF-8">    <title>Title</title>    <style>        .radius1 {            display: inline-block;            width: 100px;            height: 100px;            background-color: yellow;            border-radius: 20px;        }        .radius2 {            display: inline-block;            width: 100px;            height: 100px;            background-color: red;            border-radius: 20px 35px;        }        .radius3 {            display: inline-block;            width: 100px;            height: 100px;            background-color: blue;            border-radius: 20px 35px 50px;        }        .radius4 {            display: inline-block;            width: 100px;            height: 100px;            background-color: green;            border-radius: 20px 35px 50px 60px;        }    </style></head><body>    <div>        <span class="radius1"></span>        <span class="radius2"></span>        <span class="radius3"></span>        <span class="radius4"></span>    </div></body></html>

CSS What is it? ? A complete explanation of this article , There's definitely something you want

Border to achieve a variety of triangle symbols :

CSS What is it? ? A complete explanation of this article , There's definitely something you want

<!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en"><head>    <meta charset="UTF-8">    <title>Title</title>    <style>        .triangle-one {            display: inline-block;            border-top: 50px red solid;            border-right: 50px green solid;            border-bottom: 50px yellow solid;            border-left: 50px blue solid;        }        .triangle-two {            display: inline-block;            border-top: 0 red solid;            border-right: 50px green solid;            border-bottom: 50px yellow solid;            border-left: 50px blue solid;        }        .triangle-stree {            display: inline-block;            border-top: 50px red solid;            border-right: 0 green solid;            border-bottom: 50px yellow solid;            border-left: 50px blue solid;        }        .triangle-four {            display: inline-block;            border-top: 50px red solid;            border-right: 0 green solid;            border-bottom: 0 yellow solid;            border-left: 50px blue solid;        }         .triangle-five {            display: inline-block;            border: 50px transparent solid;            border-top: 50px red solid;        }        .triangle-six {            display: inline-block;            border: 50px transparent solid;            border-bottom: 50px yellow solid;        }        .triangle-seven {            display: inline-block;            border: 50px transparent solid;            border-top: 60px red solid;            border-right: 0;        }        .triangle-eight {            display: inline-block;            border: 50px transparent solid;            border-left: 30px yellow solid;            border-bottom: 0;        }    </style></head><body>    <div class="triangle-one"></div>    <div class="triangle-two"></div>    <div class="triangle-stree"></div>    <div class="triangle-four"></div>    <div class="triangle-five"></div>    <div class="triangle-six"></div>    <div class="triangle-seven"></div>    <div class="triangle-eight"></div></body></html>

CSS What is it? ? A complete explanation of this article , There's definitely something you want

<!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en"><head>    <meta charset="UTF-8">    <title>Title</title>    <style>        .back {            width: 1000px;            height: 1000px;            margin: 0 auto;            background-color: #ddd;            position: relative;        }        .back-in {            position: absolute;            width: 1020px;            height: 45px;            left: -20px;            top: 50px;            background-color: #2F4F4F;        }        .back-img {            border: 20px solid transparent;            border-top: 10px solid dimgrey;            border-right: 0;            display: inline-block;            position: absolute;            top: 95px;            left: -20px;        }        .back-font {            line-height: 9px;            margin-left: 30px;            color: white;        }    </style></head><body>    <div class="back">        <div class="back-in"><h3 class="back-font"> My sister asks for attention ^.^</h3></div>        <div class="back-img"></div>    </div></body></html>

2.* Box model

A standard box model :

CSS What is it? ? A complete explanation of this article , There's definitely something you want

padding: Used to control the distance between the content and the border ;

margin: Used to control the distance between elements ;

CSS What is it? ? A complete explanation of this article , There's definitely something you want

One parameter , Apply to four sides .

Two parameters , The first one is for 、 Next , The second one is for the left 、 Right .

Three parameters , The first one is for , The second one is for the left 、 Right , The third one is for .

 By default, the border is positioned at the top left corner of the browser window , But it doesn't stick to the border of the browser window , This is because body It's also a box , The outer and html, By default ,body distance html It's going to have a number of pixels margin, therefore body The box in the browser window will no longer adhere to the border . resolvent :body { margin: 0;}

3.* display

  • none No display .
  • block Display as block level elements .
  • inline Show as inline element .
  • inline-block Inline block element ( It keeps the height and width of the block elements ).
  • list-item Display as a list element .

4. visibility

  • visible The element is visible
  • hidden Elements are not visible
  • collapse When used in table elements , This value can delete a row or a column , Does not affect the layout of the table .

5.* float float

Let's have two block level labels on one line , Will break away from the document stream

  • none
  • left Left floating
  • right Right float

clear Remove the floating :

  • none : The default value is . Allows floating objects on both sides
  • left : No floating objects are allowed on the left
  • right : No floating objects are allowed on the right
  • both : Floating objects on both sides are not allowed

6. clip Cut the image

rect Tailoring positioning elements :

  • auto The default value is , No shear
  • On - Right - Next - Left ( Clockwise ) Provide four offset values in the order of
  • The outside part is transparent
  • Must specify position:absolute;
  • example :clip:rect(0px,60px,200px,0px);

7. overflow Sets how to display content when the content of an object exceeds its specified height and width

  • visible The default value is , Content will not be trimmed , It will appear outside the element box .
  • hidden The content will be trimmed , And the rest is invisible .
  • scroll The content will be trimmed , But the browser will display scroll bars to see the rest of the content .
  • auto If the content is trimmed , The browser will display scroll bars to view the rest of the content .

CSS What is it? ? A complete explanation of this article , There's definitely something you want

8.* position Specify the location type of the element

CSS What is it? ? A complete explanation of this article , There's definitely something you want

  • Positioning through the following four attributes :
  • left
  • top
  • right
  • bottom
  • z-index

9. z-index The order of elements

  • z-index Valid only on positioning elements ( example :position:absolute;)
  • You can specify negative property values ( example :-1;)
<!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en"><head>    <meta charset="UTF-8">    <title>Title</title>    <style>        .z-index1 {            width: 100px;            height: 100px;            background-color: yellow;            position: absolute;            z-index: -1;        }        .z-index2 {            width: 100px;            height: 100px;            background-color: red;            position: absolute;            top: 20px;            left: 20px;            z-index: 5;        }    </style></head><body>    <div class="z-index1"></div>    <div class="z-index2"></div></body></html>

CSS What is it? ? A complete explanation of this article , There's definitely something you want

10. outline Border outline

  • outline-width Contour width
  • outline-color Outline color
  • outline-style Outline style

CSS What is it? ? A complete explanation of this article , There's definitely something you want

11. zoom Zoom ratio

<!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en"><head>    <meta charset="UTF-8">    <title>Title</title>    <style>        .zoom1 {            zoom: 100%;        }        .zoom2 {            zoom: 150%;        }        .zoom3 {            zoom: 200%;        }    </style></head><body>    <div class="zoom1">Nick 100%</div>    <div class="zoom2">Nick 200%</div>    <div class="zoom3">Nick 300%</div></body></html>

CSS What is it? ? A complete explanation of this article , There's definitely something you want

12. cursor The type and shape of the mouse

Mouse over the following words ,There will be a miracle:

url: Custom cursor

<!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en"><head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <title>Title</title> <!--<link href="cc2.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">--> <style> body { cursor: url("mouse.png"), auto; /* Picture address :http://images.cnblogs.com/cnblogs_com/suoning/845162/o_mouse.png*/ } </style></head><body> <div><img src="//inotgo.com/imagesLocal/202105/03/20210503032609380z_10.png" height="100%" width="100%"></div></body></html>

Auto: Default
Default: Default


13. transform、transition Animation effect

transform transformation , deformation

  • origin Define the rotation base point (left top center right bottom Coordinate value ) transform-origin: 50px 50px; transform-origin: left;.
  • rotate rotate transform:rotate(50deg) The rotation angle can be negative , You need to define origin.
  • skew Distortion transform:skew(50deg,50deg) They are opposite x Axis tilt , relative y Axis tilt .
  • scale The zoom transform:scale(2,3) Lateral amplification 2 times , Vertical magnification 3 times ;transform:scale(2) Zoom in both vertically and horizontally 2 times .
  • translate Move transform:translate(50px, 50px) They are opposite x Axis movement , relative y Axis movement .
<!DOCTYPE html><html><head>    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />    <title>nick</title>    <meta charset="utf-8" />    <style type="text/css">        div {            border: 1px solid black;            height: 30px;            width: 30px;            background-color: yellow;             /*transform-origin: 50px 50px;*/            transform-origin: left;            transform: rotate(50deg);            /*transform: skew(50deg,50deg);*/            /*transform: translate(50px,50px);*/            /*transform: scale(2);*/        }    </style></head><body>    <div></div></body></html>

Transition Smooth transition

  • transition-property: Properties of transformation (none( No attribute changes )、all( All attributes change )、 Specific properties )
  • transition-duration: Change duration
  • transition-timing-function: The rate of transformation (ease:( Slow down gradually )、linear:( uniform )、ease-in:( Speed up )、ease-out:( Slow down )、ease-in-out:( Accelerate and then decelerate )、cubic-bezier:( Custom time curve ))
  • transition-delay: Transform delay time
  • transition: abbreviation
#property Specify the type of the property 1、color: Through red 、 green 、 Blue and transparency components transform ( Each value is processed separately ), Such as :background-color,border-color,color,outline-color etc. CSS attribute ;2、length: Real numbers , Such as :word-spacing,width,vertical- align,top,right,bottom,left,padding,outline-width,margin,min-width,min- height,max-width,max-height,line-height,height,border-width,border- spacing,background-position Equal attribute ;3、percentage: Real numbers , Such as :word-spacing,width,vertical- align,top,right,bottom,left,min-width,min- height,max-width,max-height,line-height,height,background-position Equal attribute ;4、integer Discrete steps ( The whole number ), In real digital space , And the use of floor() Occurs when converting to an integer , Such as :outline-offset,z-index Equal attribute ;5、number Actual ( floating-point ) The number , Such as :zoom,opacity,font-weight Equal attribute ;6、transform list.7、rectangle: adopt x、 y、 width and height( Convert to value ) Transformation , Such as :crop;8、visibility: Discrete steps , stay 0 To 1 Within the numerical range ,0 Express “ hide ”,1 It means complete “ Show ”, Such as :visibility;9、shadow: Act on color、x、y、 and blur( Fuzzy ) attribute , Such as :text-shadow;10、gradient: Change by position and color at each stop . They have to be of the same type ( Radial or linear ) And the same stop value in order to perform the animation , Such as :background-image;11、paint server (SVG): Only the following situations are supported : from gradient To gradient as well as color To color, Then the work is similar to the above ;12、space-separated list of above: If the list has the same item value , Each item in the list changes according to the above rules , Otherwise no change ;13、a shorthand property: If all parts of the abbreviation can be animated , It will change just like all single attribute changes .
# Support execution transition The properties of the effect Property Name Typebackground-color as colorbackground-position as repeatable list of simple list of length, percentage, or calcborder-bottom-color as colorborder-bottom-width as lengthborder-left-color as colorborder-left-width as lengthborder-right-color as colorborder-right-width as lengthborder-spacing as simple list of lengthborder-top-color as colorborder-top-width as lengthbottom as length, percentage, or calcclip as rectanglecolor as colorfont-size as lengthfont-weight as font weightheight as length, percentage, or calcleft as length, percentage, or calcletter-spacing as lengthline-height as either number or lengthmargin-bottom as lengthmargin-left as lengthmargin-right as lengthmargin-top as lengthmax-height as length, percentage, or calcmax-width as length, percentage, or calcmin-height as length, percentage, or calcmin-width as length, percentage, or calcopacity as numberoutline-color as coloroutline-width as lengthpadding-bottom as lengthpadding-left as lengthpadding-right as lengthpadding-top as lengthright as length, percentage, or calctext-indent as length, percentage, or calctext-shadow as shadow listtop as length, percentage, or calcvertical-align as lengthvisibility as visibilitywidth as length, percentage, or calcword-spacing as lengthz-index as integer

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CSS What is it? ? A complete explanation of this article , There's definitely something you want

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