Interview record and thinking of social recruitment for one and a half years (Alibaba, Tencent, baidu offer)

YeeJone 2021-05-03 13:17:10
interview record thinking social recruitment

In the past month , I interviewed front-end positions in many companies , Fortunately, I got some good ones offer, So I want to make a record and summary through this article , I hope to give you some reference when you are looking for a job .

Brief introduction

19 the , Undergraduate , Computer related major . After graduation, , I have been doing front-end development work in a third line factory ...

In fact, the reason why I want to come out for an interview this time , There are two reasons : The first is , There is no interview experience after school enrollment , I don't know how well I am in the recruitment market ; The second is , I want to go back to the south .
therefore 2021 The beginning of the Lunar New Year , I began to review the interview related knowledge , And start to prepare relevant materials . It took about half a month to prepare for the interview , 2 month 28 The first resume was sent out on the 7th ....

The core of the next job is : Large platform + There is technical precipitation + 「 well-known 」 The front-end team
So it was delivered 5 Positions :

  • Ant gold Experience Technology Department
  • tencent AlloyTeam
  • Baidu 「 Love speed 」 The team
  • Tiktok payment
  • sound of dripping water

Interview results : Ant 、 tencent 、 Baidu 、 Didi passed the interview and got the offer , Tiktok pays two sides. .

Interview experience


one side

  1. webpack in chunkHash And contentHash difference ;
  2. Yes webpack Of loader and plugin Well ;
  3. webpack Handle image Which is it loader, Limited to image What's the size of it ...;
  4. webpack take css Merge into one ;
  5. webpack Yes, it is commonjs and es6 module Is it all effective , The principle is ;
  6. Achieve it 「 Template string 」 function ;
  7. Achieve it Promise.all (Promise Do not write );
  8. How to achieve responsive layout ;
  9. css flex Attribute values of ;
  10. css Animation animation Meaning of each time value ;
  11. css How to make an element rotate and move horizontally , If only one css attribute ;
  12. less And sass difference , How to choose technology ;
  13. ES6 symbol How to use and use scenarios ;
  14. ES6 Proxy How to use and use scenarios , say something Reflect;
  15. generator What are the application scenarios ;
  16. async await How to achieve it ;
  17. git reset And revert difference ,revert Multiple mr How to deal with it ;
  18. git How to withdraw add Later content ;
  19. http2 And http1.1 difference , understand http3 Well , say something ;
  20. tcp And udp The difference between ;
  21. I also asked some questions about my resume ( for example : performance optimization 、E2E Test related );

Two sides

  1. Introduce the project ;
  2. Handwritten in A given n Take out randomly from the number m Number , Equal probability is required ;
  3. Handwrite the anti shake throttle function ;
  4. Design and implement a 「 Star rating 」 Components ;
  5. say something http cache ;
  6. call、apply、bind Differences among the three , How to achieve bind;

... I can't remember the others , There's a lot of handwriting on this side :)

On three sides
This side didn't ask about the front-end basic support , I just asked questions about some items in my resume , Also asked the front-end learning experience and subsequent career planning ...
After this pass, it will be HR 了 , chat offer ...

The ant gold dress

The interview process of ant financial is different from that of other companies , Every round of its interview is the interviewer alone plus you wechat , I'll make an appointment with you for the interview .
Before we officially start , On one hand, the interviewer gave me two written questions , Let me send it to him after I finish it within the specified time , The title is :

Topic 1 : Please implement find function , Make the following code calls correct .

// Appointment :
// title The data type is String
// userId Primary key , The data type is Number
var data = [
{userId: 8, title: 'title1'},
{userId: 11, title: 'other'},
{userId: 15, title: null},
{userId: 19, title: 'title2'}
var find = function(origin) {
// your code are here...
// lookup data in , Eligible data , And sort 
var result = find(data).where({
'title': /\d$/
}).orderBy('userId', 'desc');
console.log(result);// [{ userId: 19, title: 'title2'}, { userId: 8, title: 'title1' }];
 Copy code 

Topic two : Use React or Vue The technology stack implements a pipeline component .

 Assembly line .png

Basic data structure

interface Pipeline{
stages: Stage[];
interface Stage{
title: string;
jobs: Job[];
interface Job{
name: string;
status: 'success' | 'fail';
time: number; // Millisecond time stamp 
 Copy code 

one side

  1. Introduce yourself , And project , To put it simply, what did you do , What are the difficulties and highlights ;
  2. js What are the basic types , say something typeof And instanceof;
  3. say something new The operator ;
  4. What is? event loop;
  5. Promise Usage of ? understand allSettled Methods? , How to achieve ?
  6. Talk about closures ;
  7. ES5 The way to implement inheritance ;
  8. Talk about cross domain ;
  9. commonJS And ES6 Modular differences ;
  10. webpack Do you understand ?loader、plugin What are the differences ? How to achieve a loader?
  11. webpack How to optimize packaging speed ;
  12. The way css The box model ,border-box and content-box difference ;
  13. say something BFC;
  14. How to realize the responsive layout of mobile terminal ;
  15. say flex Layout , I understand Grid Well ;
  16. Compatible retina The experience of the screen ? How to implement it on the mobile end 1 px Line ;
  17. The way react Life cycle of components ;
  18. react How components do performance optimization , say something pureComponent;
  19. call setState What happened after ;
  20. understand fiber Well ? What problems have been solved ? The principle is ;
  21. used hooks Well ? What do you think of hooks? Its principle is ;
  22. Read about react The latest news ?time slice 、suspense、server component Can you tell me ;
  23. Know about some new technologies ,webpack5 What new breakthroughs have been made ;
  24. Why? vite、snowpack Comparable webpack So much faster ? The principle is ;
  25. What is? CSRF attack , How to prevent ;
  26. Why use css Achieve animation ratio js Good animation performance ;
  27. What is? Composite layer ;
  28. http2 And http1.1 difference ;
  29. say http cache ;
  30. http Status code ;

Two sides

  1. Self introduction. , Introduce the project , Ask some questions about the project ;
  2. 19 Graduated in , Don't forget the school knowledge .. computer network 、 programing language 、 Design patterns 、 Data structure algorithm 、 Which compiler are you familiar with ?( My answer is computer network )
  3. The difference between router and switch ;
  4. Realization of Fibonacci number , What is the time complexity of recursion and non recursion ;
    ... There are other fundamental issues , Didn't remember :)

On three sides +HR Noodles

Me on the right (ps: At last I saw To the right I'm a big man )

This side does not ask the front-end foundation related questions , Asked me some technical details of the project , Problems in the design of the scheme . The right teacher's question is really good , Direct cut , They are all obstacles encountered in the process of project promotion . Also asked some questions about follow-up planning .

About HR Noodles , I saw many people say that Ali HR It's hard to face , And I can brush people . But in my experience , It's just some common problems , Such as :

  • Why choose job hopping ;
  • How to deal with the pressure at work ;
  • The future career plan is ;
  • say something Advantages and disadvantages ;
  • I hope Ali can give you something ;

These questions can be considered first , Then answer truthfully ~


one side

  1. Handwritten large number addition method ;
  2. Drag and drop a block ;
  3. Asked some questions about the project , And related technical details ;
  4. From a URL Input to page rendering , What's going on , Be as detailed as possible ;
  5. tcp handshake Recycling process , Do you know about flooding attacks ;
  6. say something event loop( And a question , Write output order );
  7. SSR How to do it? , How to ensure isomorphism ?server The data at the end is all renderToSting The consumption , Why give it to me client End ;
  8. js The strict model of ;
  9. say something Iterator Use ;
  10. Let's talk about the process of quick sort ;
  11. node How to catch errors , How to check for memory leaks ;

There are also some basic topics ...

Two sides

  1. It's still a project issue ...
  2. How performance optimization works , How to measure the income ;
  3. Why do it SSR;
  4. E2E How does the test work , How to ensure test coverage and accuracy ;
  5. How to distribute reasonably node Service resources ;

On this side, the technical details of the project are very in-depth , And asked about the computer network 、React Related issues ...

On three sides

  1. project ...;
  2. hybrid Communication principle ;
  3. How to treat small program , Its technical principle is ;
  4. Design a technical process of collaborative document ;
  5. How do offline packages work , Now the company's app What special capabilities are offered ;
  6. How does the quality assurance platform do , How to do unit testing in a project , Why would there be E2E test ;

Just remember these questions ...🤯

Four sides

  1. Shell Sort , Stack row , Quick line up ;
  2. this Point to the problem , Say the output ;
  3. How to design a component library ;
  4. Used to TypeScript Well , What are the new features ;
  5. say something React Fiber...;
  6. Why? Fiber The structure of bidirectional linked list can solve the problem of slow recursion ;
  7. Do you know design patterns , Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of singleton mode ;
  8. Occupation planning ;
  9. What have you got so far offer ...;

This side hr When I made an appointment, I said it was GM Noodles , I thought it would be the same as other companies , This paper focuses on technical vision and career planning ... But I didn't expect to ask my technical questions ....
It's the end of this HR Noodles , Two HR Simultaneous face , I feel like I've been telling stories all the time

Tiktok and drip

I will not repeat the specific experiences of these two companies one by one , Many of the questions are similar to those of the three above ... Let's just tiktok and test those pen questions :

How to prepare for an interview

There are three important parts of the front-end interview : Resume and project Front end Foundation Algorithm and handwritten code . In general , As long as two of the three parts are good , Basically pass the interview . So next I will according to my own situation , Let's talk about how to prepare these three parts :

Resume and project

Because usually I am also responsible for some interviews in the group , As an interviewer , Resumes are really important !! It's the interviewer's first impression of you , So the typesetting and content quality of your resume are key .

Let's start with the layout of the resume , In summary, there are the following points :

  • The format of your resume must be PDF !!;
  • Personal information 、 Try to put your contact information in the front , Resume layout should be compact , Don't be too loose ;
  • For some technology stacks 、 Key words need to be bold and emphasized ;
  • The overall content of the resume should be controlled within two pages , The sentence needs to be concise , Don't be wordy ;

If CV typesetting is external beauty , So the content of the resume is more important " Inner beauty ". A good resume , Is to be able to clearly and truthfully express their current background and work content , We usually divide the content of a resume into four parts : Personal information & educational background Work experience Project introduction Own skills & Self evaluation .

Personal information & educational background Work experience These two parts can be written according to their own real situation , Don't fake !! Maybe a lot of people can " gorgeous ", It's about educational background & Make up and fake work experience , The consequences of this operation , It is very likely to be found in the background investigation stage , Which leads to your death offer Be cancelled , Serious cases may be pulled black .

Project introduction and Own skills & Self evaluation The content of these two pieces often determines the rating of the interview results . Let's start with the project part . Resume layout 、 Personal background determines whether you can pass the preliminary screening , Personal project is the upper limit of grading after passing the interview . When interviewing related candidates in the group , Usually focus on this part of the project , There are two main concerns :

  • Is there a bright spot in this project , And whether the project has a landing output ;
  • Whether the candidate's project fits the company's business , Does the candidate have the value and potential to improve the efficiency of projects other than business work ;

So as a candidate , We should try our best to list some representative projects , This will enhance the interviewer's impression of himself , And you must be familiar with the project on your resume , You can practice by asking and answering questions before the interview . Many candidates will write a lot of business-related content in their projects , There's no real bright spot , It leads to a mediocre resume .

We should participate more in our daily work, such as : performance optimization 、 QA 、 Build optimization 、 Operational enabling technology projects , These jobs , Not only can you improve the breadth and depth of your technology , And it can greatly enrich the content of your resume , Let you have more chips in the interview .

Skill & Honor & Self evaluation Just list your skills and honors , for example : Experience in mobile terminal development 、 Micro front end experience 、 be familiar with linux、node、 To obtain the XXX Awards, etc . about 「 Self evaluation 」 This part , I personally don't like it , Because these contents are always the same , There is no valuable information .

Front end Foundation

Interview questions related to front-end foundation , quite a lot github There's a collection in the warehouse , Before the interview, of course, we can make up for the missing through these , But the key still needs to accumulate and have in-depth understanding , In order to avoid the interview when a deep ask do not know the situation ...
Here are some books and content related to front-end foundation :

Algorithm and handwritten code

about 「 Algorithm 」, Personal experience tells you , It's no use cramming ...
We must insist on brushing at ordinary times , keep “ feel ”! In terms of my front-end interview , The algorithm under investigation is not very popular 、 It is difficult to , It's usually easy、medium Difficult , So you can start with a simple brush , And then slowly transition to medium and hard Of , Step by step .、

Handwritten code More common topics :

  • Anti shake throttling ;
  • Handwriting Promise And related api Realization ;
  • Realization bind、apply、call;
  • request cache;
  • Implementation template string ;
  • es6 class Turn into es5 ;
  • Realization Array flat And so on API;
  • Implement a version comparison function ; ...


The interview is actually a self-examination 、 The process of introspection , I will find my advantages and disadvantages during this period . This interview exposed my lack of technical thinking in algorithm and special field ... Therefore, we need to strengthen the study and consolidation in this direction in the future , But I got three at the same time " Big factory " Of offer, It's also an affirmation of the work of the past year and a half , That I am a qualified screw

About the psychological state during the interview , The whole process of interview is very tired , In this short month , You will experience a leap between extreme confidence and extreme loss , During the period, you need to adjust your mind , It's not that you've been totally denied that you didn't pass the interview , It's just that your work experience doesn't fit his position , So we still need to maintain confidence and fighting spirit .

After these interviews , I've been thinking about a problem :3-5 What's your core competitiveness after graduation ?

For the front end , When you first enter the workplace , It may be due to the difference in the time devoted to study , There is a certain gap between the level of oneself and others , But the gap will gradually narrow over time , Work 3 After year , Most people can basically cover It's a business problem , So the core competitiveness is not what you wrote xxx demand ..., It's whether you have the ability of continuous learning and whether you have your own thinking and precipitation in a front-end field .

Welcome to my collection ️:)


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