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This content note comes from 【 Silicon Valley 】Vue Source code analysis of virtual DOM and diff Algorithm Video Explanation of , Learning from excellent students' notes…


brief introduction

  • snabbdom It's a Swedish word , The original meaning of the word is “ Speed ”,
  • snabbdom It's the famous virtual DOM library , yes diff The originator of algorithms ,Vue The source code is a reference snabbdom
  • official…


  • stay git Upper snabbdom Source code is used TypeScript Written ,git It doesn't provide compiled JavaScript edition
  • If you want to use it directly build Coming out JavaScript Version of snabbdom library , It can be downloaded from npm Upload and download :npm i -S snabbdom
  • At the bottom of the library , I suggest you read the original code , It's better to have the original comments of the library author . This will greatly improve your ability to read the source code .
  • The version currently in use is 3.0.1 Unlike in the video , If you want to stay the same as the author of the article , That is to use yarn Installation dependency

Look at the source code tips

Locate folder

stay vsCode If you enter the package name directly in the resource manager, you will be able to locate the current package directly


When the content is inconsistent

When our package version numbers are different , The content will change . So when you see that the source code of some articles on the Internet is inconsistent with yours , We should pay attention to whether the package version number is different , It is recommended to use yarn To install the dependency , This keeps dependencies consistent

Test environment construction

First, create a new empty folder

perform npm init -y Create a package.json file

Create a new file at the root webpack.config.js

const path = require('path')
module.exports = {
// entrance 
entry: './src/index.js',
// exit 
output: {
// Virtual packaging path , That is to say, the folder will not really generate , But in 8080 Port virtual generation , It's not really physically generated 
publicPath: 'xuni',
// The name of the packed file 
filename: 'bundle.js'
devServer: {
// Port number 
port: 8080,
// Static resource folder 
contentBase: 'www'
 Copy code 

Create the following directory structure


/** src/index.js */
import {
} from "snabbdom";
const patch = init([
// Init patch function with chosen modules
classModule, // makes it easy to toggle classes
propsModule, // for setting properties on DOM elements
styleModule, // handles styling on elements with support for animations
eventListenersModule, // attaches event listeners
const container = document.getElementById("container");
const vnode = h("div#container.two.classes", { on: { click: () => {} } }, [
h("span", { style: { fontWeight: "bold" } }, "This is bold"),
" and this is just normal text",
h("a", { props: { href: "/foo" } }, "I'll take you places!"),
// Patch into empty DOM element – this modifies the DOM as a side effect
patch(container, vnode);
const newVnode = h(
{ on: { click: () => {} } },
{ style: { fontWeight: "normal", fontStyle: "italic" } },
"This is now italic type"
" and this is still just normal text",
h("a", { props: { href: "/bar" } }, "I'll take you places!"),
// Second `patch` invocation
patch(vnode, newVnode); // Snabbdom efficiently updates the old view to the new state
 Copy code 
<!-- www/index.html -->
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
<button id="btn"> Press me to change dom</button>
<div id="container"></div> // convenient patch Up a tree
<script src="xuni/bundle.js"></script>
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snabbdom Kuo is DOM library , Of course not in nodejs Environment is running , So we need to build webpack and webpack-dev-server development environment


// package.json
"name": "vue_test",
"version": "1.0.0",
"description": "",
"main": "index.js",
"scripts": {
"dev": "webpack-dev-server"
"keywords": [],
"author": "",
"license": "ISC",
"devDependencies": {
"webpack": "^5.36.2",
"webpack-cli": "^3.3.12",
"webpack-dev-server": "^3.11.2"
"dependencies": {
"snabbdom": "^3.0.1"
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It is judged that the construction is successful

  • Terminal operation npm run dev
  • visit :http://localhost:8080/ and, You can see www/index.html and xuni/bundle.js The content of the document
  • stay src/index.js Run through snabbdom official git On the front page demo Program , It proves that the debugging environment has been built successfully

(ps: Need to put click The following function is changed to () => {})

Explain the beggar version of virtual dom and diff The role of each function in

Why the beggar version :

  1. h Function fixed the number of arguments , And how it's used
  2. patchVnode Regardless of the presence of a string or number in front of a node
  3. Components are not taken into account

in summary , There are many special cases that have not been considered , Only consider the core functions and processes under normal circumstances

fictitious dom relevant

1. h function

The function is to change the input parameter to vnone

2. vnode function

Change the incoming parameters into fixed format objects

diff relevant

1. patch function


2. createElement function

Actually creating nodes take vnode Create as DOM

3. patchVnode function

It's the fine comparison part in the figure above


4. updateChildren

diff Algorithm

  • Four hit search methods :
    ① New and old
    ② New and old
    ③ After the new and before the old ( This kind of hit , Involving mobile nodes , So the old node , Move to after old )
    ④ Before and after ( This kind of hit , Involving mobile nodes , So the old node points to , Move to before )
  • If none of them hit , You need to use the loop to find


// updateChildren.js
import createElement from './createElement'
import patchVnode from './patchVnode'
// Determine whether it is the same virtual node 
function checkSameVnode(a, b) {
return a.sel === b.sel && a.key === b.key
export default function updateChildren(parentElm, oldCh, newCh) {
// console.log(' I am a updateChildren')
// console.log(oldCh, newCh)
let oldStartIdx = 0 // Before 
let newStartIdx = 0 // New front 
let oldEndIdx = oldCh.length - 1 // Old queen 
let newEndIdx = newCh.length - 1 // New post 
let oldStartVnode = oldCh[oldStartIdx] // Old nodes 
let oldEndVnode = oldCh[oldEndIdx] // Old back node 
let newStartVnode = newCh[newStartIdx] // New front node 
let newEndVnode = newCh[newEndIdx] // New back node 
let keyMap = null
// console.log(oldStartIdx, newEndIdx)
// Start the cycle 
while (oldStartIdx <= oldEndIdx && newStartIdx <= newEndIdx) {
// console.log('*')
// First of all, it's not a judgment hit , It's about skimming over what's been added undefined Things marked 
if (oldStartVnode === null || oldCh[oldStartIdx] === undefined) {
oldStartVnode = oldCh[++oldStartIdx]
} else if (oldEndVnode === null || oldCh[oldEndIdx] === undefined) {
oldEndVnode = oldCh[--oldEndIdx]
} else if (newStartVnode === null || newCh[newStartIdx] === undefined) {
newStartVnode = newCh[++newStartIdx]
} else if (newEndVnode === null || newCh[newEndIdx] === undefined) {
newEndVnode = newCh[--newEndIdx]
} else if (checkSameVnode(oldStartVnode, newStartVnode)) {
// New and old 
console.log('① New and old hits ')
patchVnode(oldStartVnode, newStartVnode)
oldStartVnode = oldCh[++oldStartIdx]
newStartVnode = newCh[++newStartIdx]
} else if (checkSameVnode(oldEndVnode, newEndVnode)) {
// New and old 
console.log('② New post and old post hit ')
patchVnode(oldEndVnode, newEndVnode)
oldEndVnode = oldCh[--oldEndIdx]
newEndVnode = newCh[--newEndIdx]
} else if (checkSameVnode(oldStartVnode, newEndVnode)) {
// New and old 
console.log('③ New and old hits ')
patchVnode(oldStartVnode, newEndVnode)
// When ③ When new and old hits , At this time, we need to move the node . Move the new node to the back of the old node 
// How to move nodes ? As long as you insert one already in DOM Nodes on the tree , It will be moved 
parentElm.insertBefore(oldStartVnode.elm, oldEndVnode.elm.nextSibling)
oldStartVnode = oldCh[++oldStartIdx]
newEndVnode = newCh[--newEndIdx]
} else if (checkSameVnode(oldEndVnode, newStartVnode)) {
// Before and after 
console.log('④ New before and old after hit ')
patchVnode(oldEndVnode, newStartVnode)
// When ④ When new front and old back hit , At this time, we need to move the node . Move the new node to the old node 
parentElm.insertBefore(oldEndVnode.elm, oldStartVnode.elm)
oldEndVnode = oldCh[--oldEndIdx]
newStartVnode = newCh[++newStartIdx]
} else {
// None of the four hits were found 
// Make keyMap, cache 
if (!keyMap) {
keyMap = {}
// from oldStartIdx Start , To oldEndIdx end , establish keyMap Mapping objects 
for (let i = oldStartIdx; i <= oldEndIdx; i++) {
const key = oldCh[i].key
if (key !== undefined) {
keyMap[key] = i
// console.log(keyMap)
// Look for the current newStartIdx This is in the keyMap The sequence number of the map in 
const idxInOld = keyMap[newStartVnode.key]
if (idxInOld === undefined) {
// Judge , If idxInOld yes undefined Indicates that it is a brand new item 
// Added items ( Namely newStartVnode the ) Now it's not real DOM
parentElm.insertBefore(createElement(newStartVnode), oldStartVnode.elm)
} else {
// Judge , If idxInOld No undefined Indicates that it is not a new item , Need to move 
const elmToMove = oldCh[idxInOld]
patchVnode(elmToMove, newStartVnode)
// Set this to undefined, It means it's finished 
oldCh[idxInOld] = undefined
// Move , call insertBefore
parentElm.insertBefore(elmToMove.elm, oldStartVnode.elm)
// The pointer moves down , Just move the new head 
newStartVnode = newCh[++newStartIdx]
// Go ahead and see if there's any left The cycle is over newStartIdx It's better than newEndIdx Small 
if (newStartIdx <= newEndIdx) {
// new There are still nodes left to process 
for (let i = newStartIdx; i <= newEndIdx; i++) {
// insertBefore Automatic identification null, If it is null It'll automatically line up at the end of the line . and appendChild It's consistent 
// newCh[i] It's not really DOM, So we need to call createElement
parentElm.insertBefore(createElement(newCh[i]), oldCh[oldStartIdx].elm)
} else if (oldStartIdx <= oldEndIdx) {
// old There are still nodes left to process 
// Batch deletion oldStartIdx~oldEndIdx Between the items 
for (let i = oldStartIdx; i <= oldEndIdx; i++) {
if (oldCh[i]) {
 Copy code 

while Inside , If they don't hit the target, they'll use the loop to find it

Why just move newStartIdx?
 // The pointer moves down , Just move the new head 
newStartVnode = newCh[++newStartIdx]
 Copy code 
Why insert oldStartVnode.elm Before ?
 parentElm.insertBefore(elmToMove.elm, oldStartVnode.elm)
 Copy code 

The answer to these two questions is the same , Because the essence is to change the old node into a new node

while The post logic

It needs to be judged what kind of situation causes while end

  1. newStartIdx <= newEndIdx If it also meets the requirements, it means that the old node needs to be added
  2. oldStartIdx <= oldEndIdx The old node needs to be deleted


Check if it's moving dom

open F12 stay console Lateral Elements in , change dom The content of , Click the button again to change , If the content is consistent, it's mobile . If the content goes back to the beginning, it's new .

Source code address…


Look at the source code to understand , Why? key stay for Loop is indispensable and cannot be misused , Let's start with the underlying logic and do some performance optimization , And reduce bug The birth of . Reprint please indicate the source , thank you .


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