Ten best practices of node.js rest API

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In this paper , We're going to talk about writing Node.js REST API Best practices , Including named routes , Authentication , Topics like black box testing and using appropriate cache headers for these resources .

#1 - Use HTTP Methods and API route

Imagine , You are building a Node.js RESTful API, Used to create , to update , Retrieve or delete users . For these operations HTTP There are already enough toolsets :POST,PUT,GET,PATCH or DELETE.

As best practice ,API Routing should always use nouns as resource identifiers . For example, user resources , The route might look like this :

POST /user perhaps PUT /user:/id Create a new user ,

GET /user Retrieve the list of users ,

GET /user/:id Retrieve users ,

PATCH /user/:id Modify existing user records ,

DELETE /user/:id Delete user

“API Routing should always use nouns as resource identifiers !”

#2 - Use... Correctly HTTP The status code

If there is a problem providing the request , You must set the correct status code for it in the response :

2xx everything goes well ,

3xx, Resources are moved ,

4xx, Due to a client error ( Such as requesting a non-existent resource ) And can't satisfy the request ,

5xx,API There's something wrong with ( It's like something's going wrong ).

If you use Express, Setting the status code is like res.status(500).send({error: 'Internal server error happened'}).

Restify be similar :res.status(201).

#3 - Use HTTP Mark and send metadata

To attach metadata about payload content to be sent , Please use HTTP header . Titles like this can be the following information :

Pagination ,

The speed limit ,

Or certification .

Can be in here Find Standardization HTTP A list of headers

If you need to set any... In the title ​​ How to customize metadata , The best way is to prefix them X. for example , If you are using CSRF token , So name them common ( But it's not standard ) The way X-Csrf-Token. However , about RFC 6648, They have been abandoned . new API Best efforts should be made not to use header names that may conflict with other applications . for example ,OpenStack Prefix its header OpenStack:




Please note that ,HTTP The standard does not define any size limit for the header ; however , For practical reasons ,Node.js( At the time of writing ) Put... On the head object 80KB Size limit for .

“ Don't allow HTTP header ( Include status lines ) The total size of is more than HTTP_MAX_HEADER_SIZE. This check is used to protect the embedder from denial of service attacks “.

come from Node.js HTTP Parser

#4 - by Node.js REST API Choose the right framework

It's important to choose the framework that best suits the use case .

Express,Koa or Hapi

Express,Koa and Hapi Can be used to create browser applications , They also support templates and rendering .


On the other hand ,Restify Focus on helping you build REST service . It exists to allow you to build maintainable and observable “ Strictly ”API service .Restify It also provides automatic DTrace Support .

Restify For major applications ( Such as npm or Netflix) In production .

“Restify It's there for you to build maintainable and observable ” Strictly “API service .”

#5 - Black box test your Node.js REST API

test REST API One of the best ways to do this is to think of them as black boxes .

Black box testing is a way to test the function of an application , No need to understand its internal structure or working principle . therefore , No dependencies are simulated or stub , But the system is tested as a whole .

One of them can help you with black box testing Node.js REST API The best modules are .

Check whether the user is using the test runner mocha The simple test cases returned can be implemented in this way :

const request = require('supertest')
describe('GET /user/:id', function() {
it('returns a user', function() {
// newer mocha versions accepts promises as well
return request(app)
.set('Accept', 'application/json')
.expect(200, {
id: '1',
name: 'John Math'
}, done)

You may ask : How to fill in the data for REST API In the database that provides the service ?

Generally speaking , It's a good way to write tests in such a way that there are as few assumptions about the state of the system as possible . You can use one of the following methods to fill the database with test data :

Run the black box test scenario on a known subset of production data ,

Before running the test case , Filling the database with well-designed data .

Of course , Black box testing doesn't mean you don't have to do unit testing , You still need to work for your API Write unit tests .

#6 - be based on JWT The stateless authentication of

because REST API It has to be stateless , So it's the same with the authentication layer . So ,JWT (JSON Web Token) It's the ideal choice .

JWT It's made up of three parts :

header , Contains token type and hash algorithm

Payload payload, Include declaration definitions

Signature ,(JWT No payload encryption , Just sign !)

Will be based on JWT It's very easy to add authentication to your application :

const koa = require('koa')
const jwt = require('koa-jwt')
const app = koa()
secret: 'very-secret'
// Protected middleware
app.use(function *(){
// content of the token will be available on this.state.user
this.body = {
secret: '42'

To access the protected endpoint above , Must be in Authorization The token is provided in the header field .

curl --header "Authorization: Bearer eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJzdWIiOiIxMjM0NTY3ODkwIiwibmFtZSI6IkpvaG4gRG9lIiwiYWRtaW4iOnRydWV9.TJVA95OrM7E2cBab30RMHrHDcEfxjoYZgeFONFh7HgQ" my-website.com

Be careful JWT The module does not depend on any database tier . Because all JWT The token can be verified by itself , And they can also contain lifetime values .

Besides , Always make sure that only by using HTTPS Secure connection to access all API Endpoint .

#7 - Use conditional request

The condition request is HTTP The request is based on a specific HTTP The header performs different HTTP request . You can think of these headers as prerequisites : If these headers are met , The request will be executed in different ways .

According to the specific HTTP The header performs different conditional requests

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These headers attempt to check whether the version of the resource stored on the server matches the specified version of the same resource . For this reason , These titles can be :

The last modified timestamp ,

Or entity labels , Each version is different .

These titles can be :

Last-Modified ( Indicates when the resource was last modified ),

Etag ( Represents an entity label ),

If-Modified-Since ( And Last-Modified Use the title together ),

If-None-Match ( And Etag Use the title together ),

#8 - Embrace speed limits

The rate limit is used to control that a specified consumer can send to API Number of requests sent .

To tell you API How many requests do users have left , Please set the following header :

X-Rate-Limit-Limit, The number of requests allowed in a given time interval

X-Rate-Limit-Remaining, The number of requests remaining in the same interval ,

X-Rate-Limit-Reset, The time that the rate limit will be reset .

majority HTTP Frameworks support out of the box ( Or use plug-ins ). for example , If you use Koa, Then there are koa-ratelimit package .

Please note that , The time window may vary depending on API Different providers - for example ,GitHub Use it for an hour , and Twitter Then for 15 minute .

#9 - Create the right API file

To write API Documents so that others can use them , Benefit from . by Node.js REST API Provide API Documentation is essential .

Here are two open source projects that can help you API create documents :

API The blueprint


#10 - Don't miss API The future of

In the last few years , There are two main kinds of API query language - From Facebook Of GraphQL And from the Netflix Of Falcor. Why do we need them ?

Imagine RESTful Resource request :


It's easy to get out of control - Because you want to always get the same response format for all models . This is it. GraphQL and Falcor Where you can help .

GraphQL yes API Query language of , Use existing data to complete these queries .GraphQL Provides API A complete and easy to understand description of data in , Enable customers to ask exactly what they need , That's it , send API It's easier to develop over time , And support powerful developer tools .

About Falcor

Falcor Is for Netflix Innovative data platform supported by user interface .Falcor Allows you to model all back-end data as a single... On a node server Virtual JSON object . On the client , You can use the familiar JavaScript operation ( Such as get,set and call) To handle remote JSON object . If you know your data , You'll know your own API.

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