Fiddler advanced usage

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fiddler advanced usage

Fiddler Advanced usage

1. It is easy to use

Fiddler As a basis for http Protocol capture tool , Has been widely used in the industry . A lot of tests or front ends are in use Fiddler when , It is only used to view the request information between the front end and the server . Including me as a Fiddler Heavy users of , In addition to simple packet analysis , At most, it's just used Composer function , To build a POST perhaps GET request . in general , In general use Fildder Generally, the following functions are used

  1. Caught analysis
  2. By configuring agents , Grasp the mobile request information
  3. Use Composer Quickly test the back-end interface

However, powerful and easy to expand Fiddler It's much more than this simple usage .

2. Advanced usage -- Jumble handling

In front end development , Call an interface on the back end . The interface can be accessed normally , It's just that Chinese is garbled .

 The statement

You can see from the left side of the picture that , Whether it's a browser , Or in developer tools . What the back end returns , Is the code . And the content of the garbled code is different . From the right side of the picture , General Chinese garbled phenomenon description can know

  • The reason of browser garbled is With GBK Read by encoding UTF8 Encoded Chinese
  • The developer tools are garbled. The reason is With IOS8859-1 Read by UTF8 Encoded Chinese

However, my back-end interface code just , Only the response content is set and the encoding method is UTF8, But it didn't tell the browser . From the display results , The browser follows the system's default encoding guess is GBK, And the developer tool's default encoding guess is IOS8859-1. Why guess , because , current chrome browser , I really can't find a place to set the encoding , If you have a friend who knows , Please leave a message .

 //author:herbert official account : The courtyard is not small Date:20210501 
protected void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)
throws ServletException, IOException {
String key = request.getParameter("key");
String userName = request.getParameter("u");
String password = request.getParameter("p");
JSONObject user = findUserByNameAndPwd(userName, password);
JSONObject ret = new JSONObject();
if (user == null) {
ret.put("errcode", 99);
ret.put("errmsg", " No user information found ");
response.setCharacterEncoding("utf8");// Normal settings should be settings Content-type
 Copy code 

Because the back-end code doesn't add , But it must be solved immediately . This is the time Fildder That comes in handy .

2.1 Fiddler The breakpoint

stay Fiddler The lower left corner , There's a line of black input boxes . Officially called QuickExec. You can enter some commands here . For example, we are now going to modify the response content , You need orders bpafter


Here we type bpafter weixin-server/weixinbind enter . Then you will see this sentence in the status bar ,RsponseURI breakpoint for weixin-server/weixinbind It means that the startup is successful . Here we are in the browser , Revisit this link , Back to Fildder You'll see an interface like this


In the response tab , We choose raw Tab , stay Date Next, we add the following request header Content-Type: text/html;charset=utf-8 Then click on the green Run to Completion Button , Back to browser . At this time, the random code is no longer there


2.2 Fiddler The rules

Smart and careful must have found , Use bpater You need to add it manually for each request header Information . Can it be automatically added through the program ? The answer is yes . stay Fiddler The menu , choice Rules->Customize Rules..., eject Fiddler Script editor for . In the script OnBeforeResponse Add the following code to the method

 //author:herbert official account : The courtyard is not small Date:20210501 
if (oSession.url.indexOf("weixinbind")>-1) {
oSession.oResponse.headers.Add("Customize","add by Script")  
 Copy code 

Exit after saving , Then you can see it in the status bar CustomRules.js was loaded at Time It means that our current modified script has taken effect . Go back to the browser and visit again


3. Advanced usage -- Cross domain processing

Building a cross domain environment , We're here 80 Under port , add to index.html file . The contents of the document are as follows

<!--author:herbert official account : The courtyard is not small Date:20210501 -->
<html lang="en">
<p id="content"></p>
window.onload = async function () {
let resutData = await fetch("http://localhost:8080/weixin-server/weixinbind?u=1&p=2")
let jsonData = await resutData.json();
document.querySelector("#content").textContent = JSON.stringify(jsonData)
 Copy code 

You can know from the code that , I visited a 8080 Port of GET request . If the back end of the interface does not return the cross domain allowed flag , We will not be able to request data . We will see the following error message in the browser


At this time , Without changing the code at the back end , We go through fiddler Cross domain requests can also be implemented . stay Fiddler The menu , choice Rules->Customize Rules..., eject Fiddler Script editor for . In the script OnBeforeResponse Add the following code to the method

 //author:herbert official account : The courtyard is not small Date:20210501 
if( "localhost:8080"){
oSession.oResponse.headers.Add("Customize","CROS add by Script");
 Copy code 

Save after exit , Refresh the page and you will find that the data request has been successful .


4. Advanced usage -- Response replacement

Modify online content , This function has a lot of room to imagine , There are many things to do . To illustrate his strength , We're still up there index.html explain . But now we need to build a new one index2.html page , The details are as follows

<!--author:herbert official account : The courtyard is not small Date:20210501 -->
<html lang="en">
<p id="content"></p>
window.onload = async function () {
alert(" Warning !!! Your code has been modified ")
let resutData = await fetch("http://localhost:8080/weixin-server/weixinbind?u=1&p=2")
let jsonData = await resutData.json();
document.querySelector("#content").textContent = JSON.stringify(jsonData)
 Copy code 

This file just adds one more piece of code alert(" Warning !!! Your code has been modified "), Now let's implement access index.html When the page is , Actually returned index2.html The content of

Find... On the right AutoResponse label , Click add rule , As shown in the following figure


After preservation , Refresh just now index.html page , You'll see the following


Except for modification HTML Off page , You can also modify css js even to the extent that ajax request . So it's much more operational , For example, do some small damage to other people's websites . Especially those websites that fully believe in front-end data , Especially dangerous . Of course, in addition to response replacement , There are many other orders , If used *delay:1000 Implementation delay 1 Second response , Used to test the weak network environment

5. Fiddler4 Frequent pop-up agent changes

For a long time , Always use Fiddler2, Every time I open it, it prompts me to upgrade , Every time I refuse . But the last time I upgraded , The problem arises .


A yellow prompt message appears in the process of catching bags The system proxy was changed. click to reeable capturing. As soon as this message appears , You can't have fun . Later, I learned from the official blog that there are at most two reasons for changing the proxy service

  • Firewall changes proxy
  • VPN Software change agent

So how to solve it ? Here are two ways to try

5.1 Re enable the agent

In the previous section , We used custom rules many times . Here we can also use custom rules to achieve . First, find the script main Method , Register an event in it

// author:herbert official account : The courtyard is not small Date:20210502
static function Main(){
FiddlerObject.log(" Register function DoReattach")
var today: Date = new Date();
FiddlerObject.StatusText = " CustomRules.js was loaded at: " + today;
 Copy code 

Then add our registration method DoReattach

// author:herbert official account : The courtyard is not small Date:20210502
static function DoReattach(o: Object, ea: EventArgs){
ScheduledTasks.ScheduleWork("reattach", 1000, innerReattach);
static function innerReattach(){
static function OnRetire(){
FiddlerObject.log(" Execute function OnRetire")
 Copy code 

This is mainly through the detection of agent abnormal shutdown , Start a mission , Restart the agent . It's equivalent to the program helping us complete the click operation

5.2 From the source

Careful and smart you , Maybe I found out again , Although the above method has solved the problem , But it's not perfect . Some requests will be lost . Because there's a delay here 1 Seconds to restart the agent . If there is a request in this period of time , I'm sure I can't get this bag . therefore , We need to start from the source

Turn off the firewall first , If you're sure it's closed , But the problem has not been solved . At this time, you have to check whether you have installed vpn The software . A lot of information on the Internet , Let's delete them vpn Software for , I don't agree with this way of killing the chicken for its eggs .

We just need to find vpn Related services , Then turn it off . I have to stress that Don't think vpn It's not running Ok, Actually Vpn After the software is installed , Will host services on the system , And start up . We use win+R Start the run window , Input service.msc enter , Enter service management . Sort by status , Put running services at the top . Then one by one to see if there is VPN Related text introduction . There's no search function here , More trouble . I found two on my computer vpn Related services



these two items. vpn Tools , It happens to be all I used . Choose to stop these services , Back to Fildder Tools , There's no more yellow warning .

Here comes the egg . With a little knowledge

Find out which program modified the proxy , We can use ProcessMonitor Tools . For example, we need to know who modified our agent , You can add the following two filter implementations

author:herbert official account : The courtyard is not small Date:20210502
Operation is RegSetValue
Path is HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\InternetSettings\ProxyEnable
Path is HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\ProxyServer
 Copy code 

As shown in the figure below


After this screening , Back to the main interface , Observe the corresponding results


From the results in the list we can see that , except Fiddler There are other programs modifying the registry ProxyEnable Corresponding value .

  • 20:27:50 This time period , I started it Fiddler The result is .ProxyEnable change 1->0->1,ProxyServer Maintain for
  • 20:28:09 This time period , yes Fidder The yellow warning box appears ProxyEnable change 1->0->1->0,ProxyServer Maintain for

therefore , Final ProxyEnable become 0 了 , You can't start the agent . Click on the last one ProxyEnable by 0 The data of , View details , Here's the picture


I compare ProxyEnable by 1 The data of , Whether it's process id Or stack information , It's all the same . So I seriously doubt it , This is a Fiddler4 One of the BUG. Because of the same environment , function Fidder2 It's not going to be like that .

6. summary

Fiddler This software is based on plug-in development mode , It can expand a lot of functions . This tool is usually used by myself , Most of the time, it's just a request . This time I dug deep , It's mainly the development process chrome The Chinese requested by the developer tool is garbled . However, I have no authority to modify the back-end code . So it moved Fiddler The mind of the . I don't want to put anything this time demo 了 . I hope you can support me a lot , Writing is not easy to . If you think it's still interesting , You scan the QR code below , Official account [ The courtyard is not small ], This is where I recorded the technology , Always insist on originality , Persistence is accumulated by work . So not every day .

 official account

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