Promise up (asynchronous or synchronous)

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promise asynchronous synchronous


asynchronous or Sync

Sync :

The idea of synchronization is : All the operations are done , To return it to the user . So users wait too long online , Give users a feeling of being stuck ( It's system migration , Click migration , The interface doesn't move , But the program is still running , The feeling of being stuck ). In this case , The user cannot close the interface , If it's turned off , That is, the migration program is interrupted .

asynchronous :

Put user requests in message queue , And feed back to users , System migration has started , You can close the browser . Then the program slowly writes to the database . This is asynchronous . But users don't feel stuck , I will tell you. , Your request system has responded . You can close the interface .

Asynchronous example :( With AJAX For example )

  • request.send() after , Not directly response
  • We have to wait until readyState Turn into 4 in the future , browser return head transfer use request.onreadystatechange function
  • Only then can we get request.response

Synchronization and asynchrony are relative in themselves

Synchronization is like When the client sends a request to the server , While waiting for the server to respond to the request , The client doesn't do anything else . When the server is finished, it returns to the client . In this case, the client needs to wait all the time . Users will be unfriendly to use .

Asynchronous is , When the client sends a request to the server , The server is waiting for the response , The client can do other things , This saves time , Improved efficiency .

There is a reason for being Although asynchronous is good But some problems need to be solved by synchronization , For example, what we need is to get the returned data for operation . These are things that asynchrony can't solve .

Judge synchronous and asynchronous

If the return value of a function is in

  • setTimeout
  • AJAX, namely XMLHttprequest( Don't put the AJAX Set to sync , This will cause the page to jam during the request )
  • addEventListener
  • To be continued

Internal , So this function is asynchronous

Callback (callback)

  • Functions written for other people
  • In Chinese ,【 come back 】 It also means the future , Such as 【 I'll treat you to dinner later 】

The relationship between asynchrony and callback


  • Asynchronous tasks need to be notified when they get results JS Here's the result
  • How to inform ?
  • It can make JS Leave a function address ( Phone number ) To the browser
  • When an asynchronous task completes , The browser calls the function address ( Make a phone call )
  • And pass the result as a parameter to the function ( It said on the phone that I could come and eat )
  • This function is written for the browser to call , So it's a callback function


  • Asynchronous tasks can use callback functions to notify results , It can also be obtained by polling , Polling is to ask whether the result has been obtained .
  • But callback functions don't have to be used only in asynchronous tasks
 Such as :
It's synchronous callbacks
 Copy code 

The drawback of callbacks

  • No specification , There are many different names
  • It's easy to see hell , The code becomes unintelligible
  • It's hard to do error handling

How to solve these three problems ?

  • Specifies the name or order of callbacks
  • Refuse to call back to hell , Make code more readable
  • It's easy to catch errors
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