Detailed introduction of beer import declaration elements and label quarantine [import knowledge]

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detailed introduction beer import declaration

beer , So malt 、 Water is the main raw material , Hop with beer , Made by yeast fermentation 、 It's carbon dioxide 、 Bubbling 、 Fermented wine with low alcohol content .

The origin and development of beer

B.c. 8000 Neolithic age many years ago , People living in the Mesopotamian plains of the two rivers , I found wild barley soaked in rain by chance , Through natural yeast in the air , Ferment a liquid with bubbles .

People take risks and find that this sweet liquid is very exciting after drinking , This is considered the first beer .

Early beer didn't add hops , Since the middle ages, monasteries have improved the brewing technology of beer , Put the beer in a cool cellar or cave and brew it at a low temperature , Invented the lager fermentation process .

19 century , With the steam engine 、 The invention of the refrigerator , Beer can be brewed on a large scale by lager fermentation process , The beer industry has entered the stage of industrial production .

*The classification of beer*

Common types of beer


Cooked beer

It's pasteurized or instantaneous high temperature sterilized beer .


Draught Beer

It refers to the sterilization without pasteurization or instantaneous high temperature sterilization , Other physical methods are used to remove bacteria , Beer with certain biological stability .


Fresh beer

No pasteurization or instantaneous high temperature sterilization , A certain amount of live yeast is allowed in the finished product , Beer with certain biological stability .


Special beer

It mainly includes : Dry beer 、 Iced beer 、 Low alcohol beer 、 Alcohol free beer ( Dealcoholic beer )、 Wheat beer 、 Cloudy beer 、 Fruit and vegetable juice beer 、 Fruit and vegetable beer .

And by color


Light beer

chroma 2EBC-14EBC Of beer , It is the most productive of all kinds of beer .


Strong beer

chroma 15EBC-40EBC Of beer , It's darker than light beer , In recent years, most of the popular craft beer belongs to strong color beer .


Black beer

Chromaticity is greater than or equal to 41EBC Of beer , It's through special baking of malt , To the point of being burnt but not pasted , The dark beer brewed in this way has a special burnt smell .

*Common ways of beer fermentation*


Eyre (Ale)

Also known as top fermentation (Top Fermentating).

Beer fermented in this way , The yeast is on top of the beer liquid , Foam fermentation through a large number of surfaces . This fermentation method is suitable for high temperature environment , about 16℃~24℃ The best , In this way, the metabolites of fermentation can be more diverse .

Al beer can also be subdivided into light al 、IPA、APA、 Brown al 、 Amber al 、 Strong al 、 Wheat beer 、 potter 、 Shi Tao et al .


Rag (Lager)

It's also called bottom fermentation (Bottom Fermenting).

When lager beer ferments , The yeast is at the bottom of the liquid , The fermentation temperature is low , Low in alcohol . Because the yeast is at the bottom of the mash , Yeast mainly metabolizes alcohol , So lager beer has a simpler taste , It's mainly the original taste of barley and wheat .

Lager beer can also be subdivided into light lager 、 Dark rag 、 Pearson 、 Burke et al .



Import Beer declaration points

Importers or consignees of imported beer 、 Foreign exporters or agents , We should first obtain the record qualification of the main body of the imported food market .

Importers of imported beer or their agents who have been registered shall declare to the subordinate customs at the place of declaration , The application materials should include the following contents :


contract 、 invoice 、 Packing list 、 carry / Name and number of the waybill .

Import and sales records of last batch .

Chinese and foreign label sample and translation .

Exporting countries ( region ) Official Quarantine ( health ) certificate 、 Certificate of origin ( The official certificate of origin is required for beer imported from Japan ).



Inspection requirements for imported beer labels


Product Name


It should be named by the prescribed name , It should be in the eye-catching position of the label , Clearly mark the special name reflecting the real properties of beverage wine .


Raw materials and accessories


water 、 Barley malt 、 hops ......

1) Alcoholic “ ingredients ”, It is advisable to “ raw material ” or “ Raw materials and accessories ” For leading words .

2) All kinds of raw materials 、 Excipients should be listed in the order of quantity added in the production process .

3) In wine making or processing , The added water and edible alcohol should be marked in the ingredient list .




Should use “ Alcohol ” As a title , for example “ Alcohol :4.5%vol”.


The original wort concentration


With “ The original wort concentration ” Title , With “ Plato's degree ” Symbol “ °P” In units of .


Date of manufacture


The production date of prepackaged beer label should be marked as the production date , Cannot be marked as packing date 、 Filling date or package ( filling ) date .


quality guarantee period


Alcohol ≥10%vol Of beer , It's free of shelf life , Otherwise, we need to mark the shelf life .


Country of origin ( The earth )


The name of the country or region where the food becomes the final product , Including packaging ( Or filling ) Name of country or region .


Storage conditions


Store in a cool and dry place , Avoid direct sunlight .


Net content


1) The net content shall be marked by the net content 、 Figures and legal units of measurement .

2) Net content is generally expressed in volume , Company : ml (mL) Or rise (L).

3) A unit of measurement for net content 、 The minimum height of the character should be in line with GB7718 The requirements of .

4) The net content should be listed on the same display page of the package or container with the name of the wine .


Warning words


Drink too much , Harmful to health .




importer ( Distributor ) name 、 Address 、 Contact information .



Special requirements for imported beer labels


  1. Beer in glass bottles must be marked with : Don't hit , Prevent the bottle from exploding .
  2. Alcohol free beer ( Dealcoholic beer ), The alcohol content is less than or equal to 0.5%vol, The original wort concentration is greater than or equal to 3.0°P Of beer , The nutrition table should be marked ( accord with GB28050 requirement ).
  3. Bottled beer labels that are not directly provided to consumers only need to indicate the product name 、 specifications 、 Net content 、 Date of manufacture 、 Shelf life and storage conditions , Other contents such as not marked on the label , It should be indicated in the specification or contract .
  4. Imported prepackaged beer is not required to be marked with relevant product standard code and quality ( The quality of ) Grade . If the enterprise has marked the product standard code and quality ( The quality of ) Grade , Make sure it's true 、 accuracy .
  5. The label of imported beer emphasizes a certain content , If you win a prize 、 Certificate and so on , Or emphasize that it contains special ingredients , Corresponding supporting materials shall be provided .

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