The first 1 section . keyword

Gallop workflow engine Process rapid development platform workflow ccflow jflow

The first 2 section . Process element design

Process elements , In summary, it is the canvas content of the process .
 Gallop process engine elements are relatively simple , node 、 Connecting line 、 There are three kinds of labels .
 There are three process properties 、 Node properties 、 There are three kinds of direction conditions .
 A process template has a process number , It's a three digit serial number , such as :001,002,003.
 Each process has multiple nodes , Each node has a node ID, As the identification of the node , It's the process number + The two digit serial number turns into int form . Such as 001 The process template of is 101,102,103 Nodes , One 010 What is the process of this 1001,1002,1003 The node of . A process can have at most 99 Nodes . A process has only one start node , But multiple end nodes are allowed .
 When designing the process , Start node cannot be deleted .
 The person who started the node binding , Bound posts , Departments and other information , Decide who can initiate the process .

The first 3 section . Design brief :

On the canvas of the process , For the sake of simplicity and clarity of the process , There are three elements of a process , They are nodes 、 Connecting line 、 label .
node : It's the activity , The undertaker of the work .
Connecting line : It's the direction , The connecting line is from the node , To the node .
label : Is to explain and explain the meaning of the flow chart , It has nothing to do with the movement of the process .
The flow chart example is as follows :
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The first 4 section . Data storage of node elements

In order to better illustrate the storage structure , Please refer to the following figure. :

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The first 5 section . About the primary key of the process template

A process has a number, and each number comes from 001 Start , At present, there is support for unlimited increase , Process information is stored in WF_Flow Inside the watch .
A process has n Nodes n<=99, Each node has a ID, As the identifier of the process , node ID The generation rule of is to add a two digit serial number after the process number , node ID It's a Int Type of , Nodes are stored in WF_Node table .
Please refer to the figure above , Process template main table and node main table information .