Vue. JS is easier to learn than jQuery

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vue. vue js easier learn

It is generally believed that jQuery Is suitable web Starting tool for beginners . Many people are even learning jQuery Before , They've learned some light weight JavaScript knowledge .

Why? ? Part of it is because jQuery The popularity of , But it's mainly a wrong idea from experienced developers : because jQuery It's simple. , So it's very simple for beginners .

jQuery Provides simplicity , No simplification

jQuery It really overcomes a lot of old browser problems . however , It's encapsulating DOM API and JavaScript Not much has been done in terms of complexity .

type $(‘#id’).click(function(event) {..}); It's really very brief , But you still need some background knowledge to write this code :DOM Node selection , Event handling , Callback and so on .

If you already understand DOM API and JavaScript,jQuery It's simple , But beginners are not easy to write .


Vue.js yes JavaScript The new kid in town . Its many advantages , Easy to learn may be the first . Simplicity has been built into its design .

I assert , Beginners can use VUE Build a normal Web application , And a better understanding of how they work , Especially compared to what they use jQuery Building the same thing .

Let's use it jQuery and vue.js Implement a very simple application , Look how light it is . This case program will calculate the number of clicks on a button , And display the number on the screen .

JQuery Realization

<div id="output"></div>
<button id="increment">Increment</button>
var counter = 0;
$(document).ready(function() {
var $output = $('#output');
$('#increment').click(function() {

It looks simple , But considering that it's just because you're looking at it from an experienced developer's point of view . In fact, it's very difficult to understand how the code actually works . Think :

1. $(document).ready(function() { .. }); This is this 30 Four characters contain four tricky concepts :DOM Node selection 、 Event handling 、 File loading process and callback . If you don't learn all these things , So you don't understand the code you just wrote .

2. To choose one DOM The element implements the operation and completes the business , You need jQuery Constructors $('…'). Unfortunately , You're not sure what you're going to get , You need to use CSS3-like Selectors create an appropriate filter , Only when it is running can it be determined . Do that , You need to create one DOM Copy and simulate what your filter will do to it . When you write updates DOM Every method of , You have to update your DOM Copy and consider if your filter still works as expected .

3.JQuery There's only one pattern : choice jQuery Something , And then from API The way to do what you choose . The problem with the first mock exam is , We now have a flat 、 There are more than 100 A new way , from AJAX Iterate to array one dimension . It's impossible to distinguish between what they do and what they return just by using so many methods' name descriptions . It really takes good luck for a beginner to understand these methods of concatenation .

Use Vue.js Realization :

<div id="app">
<div>{{ counter }}</div>
<button v-on:click="increment">Increment</button>
new Vue({
el: '#app',
data: {
counter: 0
methods: {
increment() {

Vue It's solved before jQuery A lot of pain points :

1. Don't worry DOM Callback , This complexity has been encapsulated .Vue The life cycle hook will allow for more precise control , If it needs .

2. In data properties counter And it renders the output DOM There is an obvious link between nodes . No need for Psychology DOM, You can see it's guaranteed on the page , Updating the counter won't mess you up DOM In unexpected ways due to wobbling node selection . No longer need DOM Copy , You can see it on the web , Make sure that when you update the counter, you won't mess up your... In unexpected ways due to unreliable node selection DOM.

3. We don't have ambiguities API Methods need to find or remember . Different functions are well organized and layered in Vue In the constructor object , Or can be directly applied to the template through instructions DOM node , These instructions provide more understandable context .

therefore , If you already understand JavaScript and DOM API,jQuery It's easy . But this is not the case for beginners . therefore ,jQuery It's not simple , It's just a little simple .

On the other hand ,Vue Simple built-in to its design . Yes DOM API Many of the difficult parts are encapsulated . Beginners can quickly write code that they really understand , When they need to do something more complex ,Vue And they will be provided with .

So next time someone asks you , What they should learn as beginners of website developers , Maybe not jQuery.

Vue.js is easier to learn than jQuery – JS Dojo –

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