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stay Ruby on Rails and NodeJS There was a religious war of words between developers : Sequential programming style Vs Programming based on events . At present, most of them Web Applications include Ruby on Rails, Java Spring, Django It's all sequential programming style . Sequential programming is very simple and readable , Most developers think in a sequential way , Like to divide an application logic into sequential sequential steps . Sequential programming usually leads to clogging I/O, Because threads follow a first come, first served multitasking approach , Rather than a collaborative, multitasking approach , Not the blockage I/O Can lead to better scalability and performance .

This is an article about Node.js Non clogging reactive Programming cases , The article is based on a simple basis id Of the query RESTful Take the case as an example , From blockage IO When it comes to the use of callback functions , Then talk about how to strike a balance between code scalability and readability , introduce Promise And Fibers Programming . The main idea of translation is as follows :

The following code is based on facebook Of id Query user event data implementation , The style of sequential programming code is as follows (JS Pseudo code ):

function getUserEvents(request,response){
var facebook_id = request.param('facebook_id');
var user = db.users.findOne({fb_id:facebook_id});
var events ={});

Sequential programming usually leads to clogging I/O, Because threads follow a first come, first served multitasking approach , Rather than a collaborative, multitasking approach .

Now let's gradually introduce asynchrony to improve this code .

Callback based solutions

In order to solve the jam I/O problem , The code can be divided into three parts :

1. On the Internet or IO Procedure handling before calling .

2. Network or IO call .

3. From the Internet or IO Call to get the return data processing .

The above three steps are performed separately , Then they are in NodeJS Is triggered in the event loop of .

function getUserEvents(request,response){
var returnEvents = function(err,events){
if (err) respone.status(500).send(err);;
var givenUserFindAndReturnEvents = function(err,user){
if (err) respone.status(500).send(err);;{},returnEvents);
var findUserAndReturnEvents = function(){
var facebook_id = request.param('facebook_id');
db.users.findOne({fb_id:facebook_id}, givenUserFindAndReturnEvents);

Notice that the request and response are not passed into the subfunction , But subfunctions can access request and response, Because the subfunction is a javascript Closure . ( When calling findUserAndReturnEvents Function time , amount to findUserAndReturnEvents -> givenUserFindAndReturnEvents ->returnEvents Such a streaming call )

These three sub functions are executed asynchronously , givenUserFindAndReturnEvents and returnEvents Is in findUserAndReturnEvents Trigger execution in the callback function .

These three sub functions can be executed using nested lambda Function style or findUserAndReturnEvents. givenUserFindAndReturnEvents.returnEvents such in-line The way .

This code has several characteristics :

1. The code is divided into two stages before and after network call

2. In order to complete the sub function task, the sub function caller must pass a callback function .

3. Sequential logic is expressed as asynchronous

4. Asynchronous code is more scalable , But maybe increase the response latency .

5. But callbacks cause readability problems : Back to hell callback hell.

6. Tracking the execution process is difficult , So it's called spaghetti code spaghetti-code.

7. unchecked API Restrictions may prevent you from organizing your code , It's invasive .

8. Functions are hierarchical .

be based on Promise Solutions for

In order to solve the problem of callback to hell , We use code structure libraries like q promise. Promise Libraries provide some standard code style and structure , Make the code easier to read .

var loadEventsForUser = function(err,user){
var findUser = function(){
var facebook_id = request.param('facebook_id');
return db.users.findOne({fb_id:facebook_id});
function getUserEvents(request,response){
var success = function(events){
var error = function(err){

The key is how to write the last line .

The code has been divided into small independent functions , They're chained together , It uses .then and .fail function . Another important feature is processing exception, The above code can detect errors and call the corresponding callback function , Error handling is isolated .

Important features :

1. Functions are flat , such as findUser Can be independent of loadEventsForUser Function call .

2. It's not always easy to slice sequential programming code into independent reusable functions .

3. Functions can be used in other processes and reused by other components .

4. Better readability than callback functions .

5. Better error handling than sequential programming .

Of course , We can also better combine the advantages of sequential programming readability with the advantages of non blocking scalability . To be continued ..

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