Explain regular expressions in JavaScript

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explain regular expressions javascript

In practice ,JavaScript Regular expressions are often used . So this part of knowledge is very important .

One 、 Basic grammar :

The first one is : Literal grammar

var expression=/pattern/flags;

The second kind :RegExp Constructor Syntax

var pattern = /\w/gi; // Literal grammar
var pattern = new RegExp('\\w', 'gi');// Constructor Syntax , The two are equivalent

Here's a caveat : If regular expressions are dynamic , You can only choose the second .
Among them flags Yes 3 A sign
g: Represent global mode , That is, the pattern will be applied to all strings , Instead of stopping immediately when the first match is found ;
i: Indicates case insensitive mode , That is, ignore the case of pattern and string when determining the match ;
m: For multiline mode , That is, when you reach the end of a line of text, you will continue to find whether there is an item matching the pattern in the next line .
Of course, there are other flags, Very little is used , Don't elaborate too much .
As for the above \w What do you mean , wait a moment , Please read on .

Two 、 Method

There are mainly test(),search(),match(),replace(). Of course, there are many other ways , No elaboration , After all, it's rarely used .
1、test() Use of methods
Determine whether a string contains the corresponding string
2、search() Use of methods
Search the index position where the corresponding string first appears , If not found , Then return to -1
3、match() Use of methods
Return matching array
4、replace() Use of methods , This is very much used
Match the corresponding string , Then replace it with another string

3、 ... and 、 Matching expressions with actual combat

1、 Assertion :
The so-called assertion , It means that a match occurs under certain conditions . In a word? , It's a bit of a concept , Look directly at the following . I'll take my time .

character describe
^ Match the beginning
$ Match the end
\b Match the boundaries of words
\B Match non word boundaries

for instance
I want to match a string , From the beginning to the end is dog, Ignore case

var pattern = /^dog$/i;// Ignore case
var pattern = /\b\w+/g;// The global matching , there +, It's a quantifier , representative 1 Times or more
console.log('Hello World'.match(pattern));// Output ['Hello','World'], Here is the match usage , Return matching array .

ad locum , Under the said ,\b It's the boundary of matching words , that \B It's matching the boundaries of non words . A lowercase , A capital , Capital is antonym . Then I don't have to say more .
Let's talk about word boundaries , Maybe a lot of people don't know the word boundaries very well

Let me explain a little bit , for instance ,Hello World There are four word boundaries , Namely H Location ,o Location ,W Location ,d Location
2、 Character class :

Metacharacters describe
. Find single character , Except for line breaks and line terminators
\w Find word characters , amount to [A-Za-z0-9_]
\W Find non word characters , amount to [^A-Za-z0-9_]
The following antonyms are no longer listed .
\d Find number , amount to [0-9]
\s Look for blank characters
\0 lookup NULL character
\n Find line breaks
\f Look for page breaks
\r Find the carriage return
\t Look for tabs
\v Find vertical tabs

3、 Range :

character describe
[abc] matching a,b,c Any character in
[^abc] Matching is not a,b,c Any character in
[0-9] matching 0-9 Any range of numbers , Empathy [a-z] matching a-z Any range of characters
[a-z] matching a To z Any character between
x|y matching x perhaps y

4、 quantifiers :

character describe
n+ Match anything that contains at least one character n String
n* Match any containing zero or more n String
n? Match anything that contains zero or one n String
n{x} Matching inclusion x individual n String
n{x,y} Match the least x individual , most y individual n String

Four 、 expand

matching 10-36 Number between

var pattern = /1[2-9]|[2-3][0-9]|4[0-6]/;//12-46

take 'Hello,World!Hello' Medium Hello Replace with Welcome

Here is to emphasize replace Methods used in regularization , Because this is very much used in practice . hinder flags Medium g, There is a big difference between adding and not adding .

var pattern = /Hello/g;
var oldString = 'Hello,World!Hello';
var newString = oldString.replace(pattern, 'Welcome');

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