Implement a simple react native

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implement simple react native


Last time , We succeeded in putting React Apply rendering to Canvas above . Today we are more ambitious , To achieve a simple React Native, We call him Extremely Tiny React Native. The final effect we achieved is shown in the figure below :


The corresponding React The code is as follows :

import React from 'react'
import {View, Text} from './react-native'
import {useEffect, useState, useRef} from 'react'
const W = 100
const innerW = 50
function useUpdate() {
const [_, _update] = useState()
return () => _update(Math.random())
function App() {
const x = useRef(0)
const y = useRef(0)
const update = useUpdate()
const animate = () => {
setTimeout(() => {
if (y.current === 0 && x.current < W - innerW) {
x.current += 1
} else if (x.current >= W - innerW && y.current < W - innerW) {
y.current += 1
} else if (y.current >= W - innerW && x.current > 0) {
x.current -= 1
} else {
y.current -= 1
}, 50)
useEffect(() => {
}, [])
return (
<Text x={50} y={50} w={W} h={W} r={0} g={0} b={0} a={1} fontSize={16}>
Tiny React Native
<View x={50} y={100} w={W} h={W} r={255} g={0} b={0} a={1}>
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Pre knowledge preparation

Achieve this Extremely Tiny React Native The two core knowledge required are :

  • JavaScriptCore
  • React Custom Renderer

among React Custom Renderer We've talked about that before , See React Source code analysis Custom Renderer, So here we just briefly introduce JavaScriptCore.


JavaScriptCore ( hereinafter referred to as JSCore) yes iOS Upper JavaScript( hereinafter referred to as JS) Execution engine , It builds up Objective-C( hereinafter referred to as OC) and JS A bridge between two languages . Let's take an example to see its basic usage :

Patients with a : perform JS Code :

JSContext *jsCtx = [[JSContext alloc] init];
JSValue *value = [jsCtx evaluateScript:@"function hi(){ return 'hi' }; hi()"];
NSLog(@"%@", value); // hi
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Example 2 :JS call Native Methods :

jsCtx[@"log"] = ^(NSString *msg){
[jsCtx evaluateScript:@"log('hello,i am js side')"];
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Above , We are JSContext Object has a log After the method ,JS The method can be called directly from the code .

Example 3 :JS Use Native Objects in the :

  1. First, customize a protocol JSPersonProtocol Inherited from JSExprot, And define what needs to be exposed to JS Properties and methods of :
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import <JavaScriptCore/JavaScriptCore.h>
// Define an agreement , It can be understood as an interface 
@protocol JSPersonProtocol <JSExport>
- (NSString *)whatYouName;
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  1. Create a new one Person object , Implementation protocols and methods :
// Inherit NSObject, Realization JSPersonProtocol agreement 
@interface Person : NSObject<JSPersonProtocol>
@property (nonatomic, copy)NSString *name;
- (NSString *)whatYouName;
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#import "Person.h"
@implementation Person
-(NSString *)whatYouName {
return @"Ayou";
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  1. Use :
Person *p = [[Person alloc]init];
jsCtx[@"person"] = p;
JSValue *name = [jsCtx evaluateScript:@"person.whatYouName()"];
NSLog(@"%@",name); // Ayou
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Realization principle


stay React Source code analysis Custom Renderer Introduced in Custom Renderer You need to implement some host related interfaces , Such as :createInstanceappendChild etc. .

In our Extremely Tiny React Native in , These interfaces are all through JSCore towards Native send out JSON Formatted message , The real operation is Native Side to side . The implementation of message delivery has been described in example 3 above , Just post the code here :

@protocol BridgeProtocol <JSExport>
- (void) send:(NSString *)msg;
@interface Bridge : NSObject<BridgeProtocol>
- (void) send:(NSString *)msg;
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- (void) send:(NSString *)msg {
// serialize json character string 
NSError *jsonError;
id jsonObj = [NSJSONSerialization JSONObjectWithData:[msg dataUsingEncoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding] options:0 error:&jsonError];
NSString *operation = [jsonObj objectForKey:@"operation"];
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self.jsContext[@"RNBridge"] = [[Bridge alloc] initWithRootViewController:self];
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For example, call createInstance when ,JS Will inform Native The current operation of the side is createView( or createText), That is, it needs to be in Native Create a RNView( or RNText) The object of :

// RNView
[self.eleDict setObject:[[RNView alloc] init:props] forKey:_id];
// RNText
[self.eleDict setObject:[[RNText alloc] init:props] forKey:_id];
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A unique identifier is also assigned to the object id, It is convenient for other subsequent operations through the id To find the corresponding object , And the id It will be attached to FiberNode Of stateNode Above attributes ( This step is React For us ).

When calling appendChild when ,React It will pass in parent and child( Notice the parent and child That's what I mentioned earlier id):

appendChild: function (parent, child) {
RNBridge.send(JSON.stringify({operation: 'appendChild', parent, child}))
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The rest of the interfaces are implemented step by step , The complete code can be found in tiny-react-native.


utilize JavaScriptCore and React Custom Renderer, We have achieved a React Native, But at the moment it's very simple , The following functions can be further enhanced in the future :

  • Support style attribute
  • Support Reload The function of
  • Support Flexbox Layout

Welcome to the official account 「 Front end tour 」, Let's travel together in the ocean of front end .


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