Look at the effect ( Move the mouse up and have a look )


The effect is simple , It is to move the position of the text to simulate the effect of vibration .


@-webkit-keyframes shake {
-webkit-transform:translate(2px, 2px);
-webkit-transform:translate(-2px, -2px);
-webkit-transform:translate(0px, 0px);
-webkit-transform:translate(2px, -2px);
-webkit-transform:translate(-2px, 2px);
@keyframes shake {
transform:translate(2px, 2px);
transform:translate(-2px, -2px);
transform:translate(0px, 0px);
transform:translate(2px, -2px);
transform:translate(-2px, 2px);
position: relative;
top: 30px;
left: 100px;
width: 200px;
color: #0000ff;
-webkit-animation:shake 0.2s infinite;
animation:shake 0.2s infinite;


 <div class="shake">abcd</div>

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