JMeter foundation - 16. JMeter configuration element [HTTP header manager]

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jmeter foundation jmeter configuration element

JMeter Provides a wealth of configuration elements , The common ones include parametric configuration elements 、HTTP Request defaults 、HTTP Header Manager 、 Counter, etc , These configuration elements are used to set default values and variables , To provide to the later sampler( Sampler ) Use .

Tips : This paper also demonstrates , Use Message body data Options page , To configure Post Requested parameters .

1、 Project description for demonstration

We use JMeter send out Post request , With College management system Project as an example .

The interface documentation is as follows :

 college - newly added
1) Request method :POST
2) Request address :
3) request JOSN message :( need Content-Type=application/json)
4) Call the incoming json The strings are as follows ( We can add more , In between , separate ):
"data": [
"dep_name":"Test college ",
"slogan":"Here is Slogan"
5) Add a successful return message :
"already_exist": {
"results": [],
"count": 0
"create_success": {
"results": [
"dep_id": "T02",
"dep_name": "Java college ",
"master_name": "Java-Master",
"slogan": "java"
"count": 1
6) Add failed id Already exists - Return message :
"already_exist": {
"results": [
"dep_id": "T01",
"dep_name": "Test college ",
"master_name": "Test-Master",
"slogan": "Here is Slogan"
"count": 1
"create_success": {
"results": [],
"count": 0
7) Add failed json Format error :
"status_code": 400,
"detail": " Request body parameter format error ."

2、 Components included in the test plan

Add component operation steps

  1. Create a test plan .
  2. Create thread group : Choose “ test plan ” Right click —> add to —> Threads ( user ) —> Thread group .
  3. Add configuration elements to thread group "HTTP Header Manager " Components : Choose “ Thread group ” Right click —> add to —> The configuration element —> HTTP Header Manager .( Add later )
  4. Add a sampler to the thread group “HTTP request ” Components : Choose “ Thread group ” Right click —> add to —> Sampler —> HTTP request .
  5. Add listeners to the thread group “ Look at the fruit tree ” Components : View results , Choose “ Thread group ” Right click —> add to —> Monitor —> Look at the fruit tree .

The components in the final test plan are as follows :


Click the run button , You will be prompted to save the script first , After the script is saved, it will run automatically .

3、HTTP Request interface content

According to the interface document college - newly added Description of the interface , To write JMeter Sampler , As shown in the figure below :


4、 View script execution results

college - newly added The interface calls are as follows :


We can see in the picture above , Display interface request failed , The returned result says that the interface does not support the media type in the request text/plain.

Let's look at the information in the request header , as follows :


Found... In the request header Content-Type by text/plain.

Because we said before , stay JMeter 5.0 In a later version POST When asked , Put the parameters in body data( Message body data ) in , And it's not set Content-Type when , The default will be Content-Type Is set to text/plain.

And in the interface document college - newly added Interface , Write clearly what you need Content-Type The type of application/json.

So at this time, we need to put it in the request header , Redefinition Content-Type The value of the property .

5、 Add request header information (HTTP Header Manager )

stay JMeter Add request header information and Postman There is a difference , You need to add a configuration element to the thread group , be known as HTTP Header Manager HTTP Header Manager). That is to say, it needs to be in HTTP Header Manager In the component , Add the required request header information to the request .

Add configuration component steps : Choose “ Thread group ” Right click —> add to —> The configuration element —> HTTP Header Manager .

As shown in the figure below :


HTTP Header Manager The interface is as follows :


Interface description

  • name :HTTP Header manager custom name , It's best to see the name and know the meaning .
  • notes : That is to add some remarks , For the HTTP A brief description of the header Manager , For later review .
  • The information in the request header : It can help testers set up JMeter Sent HTTP In request , The information contained in the request header .HTTP The header contains User-AgentReferer Equal attribute . Put it under the thread group as much as possible , Unless for some reason , Testers want different HTTP The request uses a different HTTP Message header .
    1) add to : You can add a request header configuration information .
    2) Add... From the clipboard : Add information from the clipboard ;( Use key+ tabs +value In the form of , You can do more .)
    3) Delete : Select unnecessary request header information , Can be deleted ;
    4) load : Load the configured header file .( I use .txt file , Configure... In the above format , Loading succeeded . You can use the files configured by your company in your work )
    5) Save test plan : Save the test plan .

Pictured above , We add a request header message :Content-Type=application/json.

At this point, the components included in the test plan , As shown in the figure below :


Send request again , The request is successful , Here's the picture :


Let's take another look , The request header information of the request :


You can see... In the request Content-Type The attribute is application/json.

That's all HTTP Header Manager How to use components ,

6、 Priority description

HTTP Header Manager The priority of the component :

  • JMeter Support to add multiple HTTP Header Manager Components , If there are multiple HTTP Header Manager Components , The configuration information is merged .
  • Sampler Next HTTP Header Manager Component's Priority over Thread group Under the HTTP Header Manager Components .
  • If there is a duplicate header name , Priority Sampler Under the HTTP Header Manager Configuration information in components .
  • Under the same scope , No matter how many HTTP Header Manager Components , Only the first one HTTP Header Manager Values in components , Do not merge .

Tips : Each component has a fixed icon , We can tell if we use it more .

7、 Add : Common request header information

  • Accept: Tell the server , Data types supported by clients .
  • Accept-Encoding: Tell the server , Client supported data compression formats .
  • Cache-Control: Cache control , The server controls whether the browser should cache data .
  • Connection: After processing this request , Disconnect or stay connected .
  • Cookie: Through this, the client can bring data to the server .
  • Host: Host name accessed .
  • User-Agent: Tell the server , Client's software environment .
  • Content-Type: Used to indicate resources MIME type .

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