1、net The module is basically API

To use Node.js Of net The module implements a command line chat room , You have to understand NET Modular API Use .NET modular API There are two main categories :Server and Socket class 、 Factory method .

Server The class is shown in the figure below :

net.Server Class can be used to create a TCP Or local server , Inherited EventEmitter.

Socket The categories are as follows :

net.Socket Class is usually used to create a socket Client or net.Server connection Parameters of the event .

The factory method is as follows :

The above three figures show API Use , Actually NET The internal principle of the module and C++ Network programming is similar , It's all the following steps .

Server side :

  1. establish socket Socket
  2. binding IP And port
  3. Start listening
  4. Wait for the client to connect
  5. Communicating with clients
  6. close socket

client :

  1. establish socket Socket
  2. Connect server The server
  3. Communicate with the server
  4. close socket

As shown in the figure below :

2、 Design and implementation of chat room

I learned from it NET modular API Use , Next, we will start to implement the command line chat room , What we don't have to do is complicated , Just implement the following functions :

  1. User defined nickname , Non modifiable
  2. When a new user enters the chat room , Or the user leaves the chat room , Broadcast to other users
  3. Users send messages , Need to broadcast to other users
  4. Establish heartbeat mechanism between client and server
  5. User input 'exit' perhaps 'quit' You can exit the chat room

After defining the function , I started to write the code . I will not analyze it step by step here , Go straight to the code , The first is the server :


const net = require('net');
const server = net.createServer();
const clients = {};// Save the client connection
var client = null;// Current customer connection
var uid = 0;
// Activate the heartbeat mechanism
var isOnline = !0;
var keepAliveTimer = socket.timer = setInterval(()=>{
client = socket;
isOnline = !1;
client = socket;
console.log(`client disconnected.\n\r`);
client = socket;
var msg = JSON.parse(chunk.toString());
isOnline = !0;
console.log(`listening on ${server.address().address}:${server.address().port}\n\r`);
server.listen(8060);// Start listening
* Handle user information
function dealMsg(msg){
const cmd = msg.cmd;
const funs = {
if(typeof funs[cmd] !== 'function') return !1;
* Release connection resources
function freeConn(conn){
delete clients[conn.uuid];
* The first time a user enters a chat room
function login(msg){
var uuid = '';
uuid = getRndStr(15)+(++uid);// Generating users ID
client.write(` Welcome ,${msg.nick}: There's a total of ${Object.keys(clients).length} A little friend is chatting .\r\n`)
client.nick = msg.nick;
client.uuid = uuid;
clients[uuid] = client;
broadcast(` System :${msg.nick} Into the chat room .`); }
* Broadcast news
function broadcast(msg){
if((clients[uuid]!=client)& clients[uuid].writable){
* Quit the chat room
function quit(nick){
var message = ` buddy ${nick} Quit the chat room .`;
} function chat(msg){
return ;
var message = `${msg.nick} say :${msg.msg}`;
* Randomly specify the length (len) String
function getRndStr(len=1){
var rndStr = '';
for (; rndStr.length < len; rndStr += Math.random().toString(36).substr(2));
return rndStr.substr(0, len);

The client code is as follows :


const net = require('net');
const cout = process.stdout;
const cin = process.stdin; var client = null;
var nick = ''; cout.write(` Please enter your nickname :`);
// Listen for command line input
if(client === null){
nick = (chunk+'').replace(/[\r\n]/ig,"");
msg = (chunk+'').replace(/[\r\n]/ig,"");
cmd: 'chat',
msg: msg,
nick: nick
// If the input is exit or quit Then disconnect and exit
if(msg.toLowerCase() == 'exit' || msg.toLowerCase() == 'quit'){
cout.write(` You say? :${msg}\n\r`);
cout.write(` Please enter your nickname :`);
}); function addListener(client) {
client.on('connect', () => {
cout.write(` Connected to server \n\r`);
cmd: 'login',
msg: 'hello server',
nick: nick
client.on('end', (chunk) => {
cout.write(` Disconnect from the server .\n\r`);
client.on('data', (chunk) => {
// If it's a heartbeat message, respond keep command
cmd: 'keep',
msg: '',
nick: nick
return ;
client.on('error', (err) => {
cout.write(`an error has occured.\n\r${err}`);
* establish socket And connect to the server
function createClient(){
console.log('\033[2J');// Clear screen operation
cout.write(` Input 'EXIT OR QUIT' Quit the chat room .\r\n`);
client = new net.Socket()

The results are as follows :

Here we are , A command line chat room is done .

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