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Function through two dependencies

  • core-js/shim  Provide ES5/6/7 Implementation of standard method
  • regenerate-runtime  Provide async Syntax compiled runtime environment ( The following is a special description of )


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Development ES6/7 This plug-in is recommended for libraries with new features , It should be noted that , When installing , Must be installed at the same time  babel-runtime  As a dependency :

npm install --save-dev babel-plugin-transform-runtime
npm install --save babel-runtime // `babel-plugin-transform-runtime` The plug-in itself depends on `babel-runtime` Of , But in order to adapt `npm install --production` It is strongly recommended to add this dependency .

The plug-in will es6/7 The grammar of es5 Compatible formats , And provide runtime dependencies . What is runtime dependency ? For example, if you want to use Array.from Method , The specific implementation of this method must be provided in the execution environment of the code , This is the runtime dependency .

When the plug-in converts Syntax , Will not pollute the overall environment . and  babel-polyfill  It will pollute the overall environment .


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There's very little code , Depend only on  babel-runtime. Comparison  babel-plugin-transform-runtime  Runtime code is injected into each module , The plug-in packages the runtime code , Similar to encapsulating under an object , This avoids injecting duplicate code .

Give Way async/await Run

Through the simplest function :

async function foo() {
return await 1
} foo().then(function(val) {
console.log(val) // should output 1

Explain these babel How to match plug-ins , Three options :

Scheme 1 :regenerator

.babelrc  The following configuration :

"plugins": ["transform-runtime", "babel-plugin-transform-regenerator", "babel-plugin-transform-es2015-modules-commonjs"]
  • babel-plugin-transform-regenerator take  async/await  Grammar into  regenerator  The syntax supported by the library
  • transform-runtime Inject the runtime into , similar :import regenerator from 'babel-runtime/regenerator'
  • babel-plugin-transform-es2015-modules-commonjs Just to get import Turn into require, Easy to do node.js Module execution ( If your execution environment supports es6 Module mechanism , The plug-in is not required ).

Option two :generator

This way, , Best fit node.js Environmental Science ,node.js Earliest from 0.11 Start , Then support generator..babelrc  The following configuration :

"plugins": ["babel-plugin-transform-async-to-generator"]

Generated code , stay node.js It can be executed directly in the environment , There is no need for babel Provide any information about generator Related runtime environment , direct node.js Bring their own ~

Option three :babel-polyfill

.babelrc  The following configuration :

"plugins": ["babel-plugin-transform-regenerator"]

In fact, and the front  regenerate  equally , Removed  runtime  To configure . After compiling , You need to manually add... To the first line of the result file :


adopt  babel-polyfill  Inject runtime dependencies globally . When should I use  babel-polyfill  When to use  babel-runtime? The official website gives an explanation :

This will emulate a full ES2015+ environment and is intended to be used in an application rather than a library/tool.

  • If it's application level development , Consider using  babel-polyfill: Instead of , Support all es2015+ characteristic . You can add... At the entrance of the project , You can also configure the entry through the packaging tool .
  • If it's developing a library , Use  babel-runtime, It will not pollute the whole situation , And inject the required runtime environment according to the situation .

About babel-runtime For more details , It is strongly recommended that you read the official documents :

Don't forget externel-helpers

Just a simple foo function , A file . Multiple files , There is a similar injection for each file  asyncToGenerator  And so on , Lead to repetition . Illustrate with examples :


'use strict'
const bar = require('./bar')
async function foo () {
const val = await bar()
} foo()


'use strict'
module.exports = async function bar () {
return await 'bar'

Adopt the above mentioned  generator  The way , To compile , You'll find in the result file , There are  _asyncToGenerator  Definition . modify  .babelrc  as follows :

"plugins": ["babel-plugin-transform-async-to-generator", "babel-plugin-external-helpers"]

To compile ,_asyncToGenerator  All become  babelHelpers.asyncToGenerator. such , There is no repeated code injection between multiple modules , It's cleaner and fresher . But this time  babelHelpers  It's undefined , You still need to introduce a runtime environment : transform-runtime, Finally, the configuration that can run is as follows :

"plugins": [

See... For example code :

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