Use QQ mailbox 、163 E-mail, etc EML mail , Contains the sender of the message 、 The theme 、 Content 、 Attachments and all the information , This example is about how to parse this information , And save it after editing to make a Demo.

As shown in the figure below ,EML A file is a coded text file , You can use regular expressions to identify keywords , for example Received、Sender、Cc、Bcc、From etc. .

But the parsed content is encoded , for example Sender The content of X-QQ-FEAT……, It's time to decode the content , In general use Base64 Encoding .

EML The source file contains a lot of information , In addition to using the recipients seen by the mailbox client 、 Sender 、 The theme 、 Text 、 Accessories, etc , You can also view the PC Host name 、 Mailbox client , Sent IP Address , Sent SMTP Protocol configuration and other information .

EML Email content can be formatted , Formatted EML The essence of the email content is HTML Tag string , So you can use HTML The processing library processes the formatted mail content .

As shown in the figure below TXT Text string :

The picture below shows HTML Formatted text string :

If we want to change the content of the email , And keep the original format , It needs to be modified HTML Formatted message content , At this time, we need to HTML Analyze it , As shown in the figure below :

To make it easier to edit the content of the email , Can be HTML Extract the text content from , After modification , Apply the formatting label of the source text to the new text . The following figure shows the modify content interface :

The attachment content is embedded directly into EML In the document , You can tell from it , Include the file name 、 Transmission coding format 、 file type , And can extract the content of the file and save it to the local disk .

When the information comes out , It can be edited , Including the sender 、 The basic information of the recipient , You can also use the source format to edit the body of the message , add to 、 Delete email attachment .

analysis HTML Formatted message body , Use HtmlAgilityPack Library processing , In addition, you can use Winista.HtmlParser.

 Lexer lexer = new Lexer(html);
Parser parser = new Parser(lexer);
NodeList htmlNodes = parser.Parse(null);
if (htmlNode is ITag)//html node
ITag tag = (htmlNode as ITag);
if (!tag.IsEndTag())
string nodeString = tag.TagName;
if (tag.Attributes != null && tag.Attributes.Count > 0)
if (tag.Attributes["ID"] != null)
nodeString = nodeString + " { id=\"" + tag.Attributes["ID"].ToString() + "\" }";
if (tag.Attributes["HREF"] != null)
nodeString = nodeString + " { href=\"" + tag.Attributes["HREF"].ToString() + "\" }";
current = new TreeNode(nodeString);

another ,

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