html Code

<if condition="!isset($_SESSION['account'])">
<div class="load lf">
<p> Register login </p>
<div class="userId">
Account number :<input type="text" placeholder=" Please enter your account number " value="" name="username" id="username" required>
<div class="userPwd">
password :<input type="password" placeholder=" Please input a password " value="" name="pwd" id="pwd" required>
<div class="user-choose">
<input type="checkbox" name="userId">
<div class="remember"> Remember the user name </div>
<a href="#" class="forget"> Forget the password </a>
<div class="bottom-choose">
<button class="submit" id="submit" type="submit"></button>
<a href="{{:U('register/index')}}" class="register"></a>
<else />
<div class="load lf">
{{$Think.session.account}} <a href="{{:U('index/loginout')}}">【 sign out 】</a>

js Code

var username = $("#username").val();
var pwd = $("#pwd").val();
if($data.status == 1){
location.href = $data.url;

php Code

 public function login(){
if($username=='' || $pwd==''){
$this->ajaxReturn(array('status'=>0,'info'=>' Account password cannot be empty ','url'=>''));
$User = D("User");
$result=$User->getFields("account='".$username."' and password='".md5($pwd)."'");
$this->ajaxReturn(array('status'=>0,'info'=>' Login failed ','url'=>''));
$this->ajaxReturn(array('status'=>1,'info'=>' Login successful ','url'=>$url));
} public function loginout(){

model Code

public function getFields($where){
return $this->where($where)->find();

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