In the wechat framework module, the background management function based on the front end of Vue & element is introduced

Wu Huacong 2021-06-10 13:39:27
wechat framework module background management

WeChat development includes official account 、 Enterprise WeChat 、 Wechat applet and other aspects of the development content , We need wechat for Tencent API The interface is encapsulated : Include events 、 menu 、 subscribers 、 Multimedia files 、 Graphic message 、 Mass messaging 、 Wechat payment and enterprise red envelope 、 Shake the equipment 、 Semantic understanding 、 Wechat shop 、 Wechat card securities and other related interface processing , It also includes a sweep 、 Gallery and photo management 、 Location 、H5 Page development, etc , And enterprise wechat address book interface 、 Members send messages to each other .

This article introduces the background management function of wechat , Originally based on Of Bootstrap Based on the front end , To increase the Vue&Element Front end background management function introduction .


  What we added to the original Vue&Element Front end management interface of , For the background management of wechat , The interface is managed through the integrated navigation in the left menu , As shown in the following interface .

1、 Wechat multi account management

In wechat background management system , Some wechat account information designed by the system needs to be configured , Include subscription number 、 official account 、 Enterprise WeChat 、 Management of account list such as applets .

The account list interface is shown below , Convenient for comprehensive management and configuration processing .

In the account list , It can manage all kinds of wechat account information involved in our business system , Official account 、 Enterprise WeChat 、 Small program etc. , You can maintain relevant configuration information in it . 

The edit interface of wechat account is as follows , Manage all kinds of wechat account information used in it , Convenient for backstage API Interface access .

Wechat account management , The main configuration is WeChat official account. 、 Related parameters of enterprise wechat , Easy to call wechat API Interface at any time , According to these parameters, access interface is obtained Token, In order to achieve the menu 、 event 、 Mail list 、 Send data and so on , In addition, it can also receive Tencent wechat callback information , Such as event response 、 The event of order payment and other operations . 


2、 Wechat menu management

We know , There are related menu functions in the mobile phone end of official account or WeChat. , These we can through the background system API Interface submission , Then we need to manage wechat menu data for background management .

We manage menus in the system , And submit the menu to the server , Realize the dynamic configuration and generation of menu , Can adapt to all kinds of needs for our system , Flexible processing . 

First, we maintain the grouping of menus in the management portal , Menu grouping is also a menu record , Just exist as a top menu record , Easy to maintain .

Menu grouping can be disabled 、 Enable , newly added 、 edit , And show the tree list under the group and the function of submitting to wechat server , The following is our interface design for menu grouping .

The above is an overview of the menu management , Including menu grouping and menu list status under grouping , Sometimes we need to enter the menu list details to view the relevant menu data , As shown in the following interface .

In this way, we have a menu group for unified maintenance of the menu group , It is also convenient for us to enable a menu group at any time , In order to test or experience an application simply , Especially in our wechat framework, we have integrated multiple projects , So that customers can switch between different projects for use , It's more convenient . Some time , Submit it at any time and test it in time , When not needed , Change to a different application menu group . 



  Submit and switch between multiple projects at any time , Very convenient .


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