1、 What is? Fiddler?

Fiddler It is on the client side and the server side HTTP agent , And by far the most common http One of the bag grabbing tools . It can record everything between the client and the server HTTP request , It can be specific HTTP request , Analyze the request data 、 To set breakpoints 、 debugging web application 、 Modify the requested data , You can even modify the data returned by the server , Very powerful , yes web A handy tool for debugging .

Since it's an agent , in other words : All requests from the client have to go through Fiddler, Then forward it to the corresponding server ; conversely , All the corresponding servers , They all go through first Fiddler, Then send it to the client . Based on this mechanism ,Fiddler Support all settings HTTP The agent for Browser and Application . Use Fiddler after ,web Client and server requests / The corresponding process is as follows :

2、 Why choose Fiddler?

1)Firebug Most of all, you can grab bags , But for analysis http The requested details are not strong enough ; simulation http The function of the request is also less , And firebug It is often necessary “ No refresh modification ”, If the page refreshes , All changes will not be saved .

2)Wireshaerk yes Windows It's a universal bag grabbing tool on the Internet , Of course, you can also grab http package , But it also grabs other network packets , I just grab http Bag web For debugging , Some of them are overqualified .

3)Httpwatch It's also quite common http Caught tools , But the tool only supports IE and FireFox browser ( Other browsers will have plug-ins ), For debugging chrome On Browser http request , Slightly weak , and Fiddler2 Is a use local Of HTTP agent , Anything that can be set HTTP The agent for Both the browser and the application can be used Fiddler.

3、 How to build Fiddler Bag capturing environment ?

1) install Fiddler tool kit :http://d585tldpucybw.cloudfront.net/docs/default-source/fiddler/fiddler4setup.exe?sfvrsn=36( download fiddler4 Address )

2) Open after installation fiddler, Find... In the menu bar tools Click to enter Fiddler Options, Pictured :

3) stay Fiddler Options In the dialog box , Switch to “Connections” tab , Then check it out. “Allow romote computers to connect” Check box after , Click on “OK”, Pictured :

4) At this point, visit locally web The server , stay Fiddler You can see the completed request and response data on the , Pictured :

4、 How to use Fiddler Grab Android App package ?

Complete the above 3 Medium 1-3 operation .

1) stay CMD Enter... On the command line :ipconfig( Identify local IP It's the address )

2) open android The equipment “ Set up ”->“WLAN”, Find the network you want to connect to , Long press on it , And then choose “ Modify the network ”, The network settings dialog box pops up , Then check it out. “ Show advanced options ”.

3) stay “ agent ” The input box at the back selects “ Manual ”, stay “ Proxy host name ” The input box at the back of the computer ip Address , stay “ Proxy port ” Input in the following input box 8888, And then click “ preservation ” Button .

4) Then start android The browser in the device , Visit Baidu's home page , stay fiddler You can see the completed request and response data in , Pictured :

( Specifically Fiddler Command to use 、 The meaning and main functions of the fields will be introduced in the next section ...)

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