section label
  <section> label , Define the sections in the document . Like chapters 、 header 、 Footers or other parts of a document . It's usually used for content in sections , Will start a new section in the document stream . It's used to represent common document content or application blocks , Usually consists of content and its title . but section An element tag is not an ordinary container element , It represents a piece of thematic content , Usually with a title .

article label
  <article> It's a special one section label , It is better than section It has more explicit semantics , It represents an independent 、 Complete related content block , Can be used independently of other content on the page . For example, a full forum post , A blog post , A user comment and so on . Generally speaking ,article There will be a title section ( Usually included in header Inside ), Sometimes it includes footer.article Can be nested , The inner layer of the article For the outer layer article Labels have affiliation . for example , A blog post , It can be used article Show , Then some comments can be made in the form of article Embedded in it in the form of .

nav label
   nav The tag represents a part of the page , It's a link group that can be used as page navigation , The navigation elements are linked to other pages or other parts of the current page , send html Code is more precise in terms of semantics , At the same time, the support for screen readers and other devices is also better .

aside label
   aside Tags are used to load non text content , It's seen as a separate part of the page . The content it contains is separate from the main content of the page , Can be deleted , Without affecting the content of the page 、 The message of a chapter or page . Such as advertising , Groups of links , Sidebar, etc .

header label
  <header> The tag defines the header of the document , Usually some guidance and navigation information . It's not just written in the head of the page , It can also be written in the content of the web page . Usually <header> The label contains at least ( But not limited to ) A title tag (<h1>-<h6>), It can also include <hgroup> label , You can also include table content 、 identification 、 Search form 、<nav> Navigation etc. .

footer label
   footer Tag definition section or document The footer of , Contains information related to the page 、 Information about the article or part of the content , For example, the author or date of the article . As the page's footers , It generally includes copyright 、 Related documents and links . It and <header> Tag usage is basically the same , It can be used multiple times in one page , If you add after a section footer, So it's equivalent to the section's footers .

hgroup label
   hgroup Tags are on pages or sections section The title element of (h1-h6) Are combined . for example , In a section you have continuous h The label elements of the series , You can use hgroup Wrap them up

figure label
   Used to combine elements . It is mainly used for the combination of picture and picture description .

audio label

Tags define sounds , Like music or other audio streams

video label

Tag definition video , Like movie clips or other video streams

time label

The label defines the date or time , Or both

source  label

For media elements ( such as <video> and <audio>) Define media resources


Process label , have access to <progress> Tag to show JavaScript Time consuming functions in the process


Labels define graphics , Like charts and other images . This HTML The element is designed for vector graphics on the client side . It has no behavior of its own , But a drawing API Show it to the client JavaScript So that the script can draw everything it wants on a canvas

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