Enter two positive integers \(a\) and \(b\), seek \(a\cdot b\) The factor and . result too large , Just output it to 9901 The remainder of .


Just one line , For two positive integers \(a\) and \(b\)(\(0≤a,b≤50000000\)).


a^b The factor and the pair of 9901 The remainder of .

Sample Input

2 3

Sample Output


The question :

Chinese questions , Don't explain .

Answer key :

take \(a^b\) It is divided into \(b\) individual \(a\) Multiply , And then deal with .

set up


be \(a\) The sum of all the factors is


And then we can see that each factor is independent , It can be put forward as


Now we can deal with each factor separately

Open \(\sum\) It turns out to be an equal ratio sequence :


Then set up the formula of the equal ratio sequence and it becomes


The final answer is


forehead , And ride on \(b\)


The denominator here is multiplied by the inverse , But because sometimes \(p_i-1\) Would be 9901 Multiple , Now just multiply the answer by the number of factors .

#define ll long long
using namespace std;
const ll p=9901;
ll mpow(ll a,ll n){
ll ret=1;
return ret;
ll a,b,ans=1;
ll prime[1000000],js[1000000],m;
int n=a;
for(ll i=2;i*i<=n;++i){
for(ll i=1;i<=m;++i){
ll S=(mpow(prime[i],js[i]*b+1)-1)*mpow(prime[i]-1,p-2)%p;

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