Error handling and testing

One 、 Error handling

One )try-catch sentence

function atest() {
try {
// The code that could have an error
return 0;
} catch (error) {
// Error handler
return 1;
} finally {
// It will be carried out anyway , The function finally returns 2
return 2;

Wrong type :

1)Error: Error base class , Other error types are inherited by this class .

2)EvalError: Didn't put eval() When the function is called , The error will be sent .

3)RangeError: value out of range

4)ReferenceError: When the object is not found

5)SyntaxError: Pass in eval() Function syntax error

6)TypeError: The type of the variable does not meet the requirements

The rational use of try-catch:

Use try-catch It's best to deal with mistakes that we can't control . Suppose you're using a large JavaScript In the library
function , This function may throw some errors intentionally or unintentionally . Because we can't modify the source code of this library , Therefore, it is possible to reply to the letter
The number of calls is placed in try-catch In the sentence , In case something goes wrong , Or deal with them properly .
When you know your code is going to go wrong , Reuse try-catch The sentence is not suitable . for example , If
The arguments passed to the function are strings, not numbers , It will cause the function to go wrong , You should check the type of the parameter first , And then decide
How to do it . under these circumstances , Don't use try-catch sentence .

Two ) Throw an error

Use throw Operators can throw errors , There is no requirement for the thrown value

// It works 
throw 111;
throw ''ss;

In case of throw When the operator , The code will stop executing immediately . Only if try-catch When the statement catches the value being thrown , generation
Code will continue to execute .

By using some built-in error type , More realistic simulation of browser errors . The constructor for each error type takes one parameter
Count , The actual error message .

throw new Error("An error");

When to throw and catch :

Only those errors that you know exactly how to deal with should be caught . Catch the wrong
The goal is to avoid browsers processing them by default ; The purpose of throwing an error is to provide a message about the specific cause of the error .

3、 ... and ) Error events

Anything that doesn't pass try-catch Errors in processing will trigger window Object's error event , In any Web Browser , onerror Event handlers are not created event object ,
But it can take three parameters : Error message 、 What's wrong URL And line number . To specify onerror Event handler , You must use the following DOM0 Level technology , It doesn't follow “DOM2 level
event ” Standard format .

window.onerror = function(msg, url, line) {
// Prevent browsers from reporting errors
return fales;

Two 、 test

One ) logging

// One for all browsers log
function log() {
try {
console.log.apply(console, arguments);
catch(e) {
try {
opera.postError.apply(opera, arguments);
catch (e) {
alert(, " "));

Two ) The test case

Three characteristics of a good test case :

1) Reusability : Multiple runs should produce the same result

2) simplicity : Just focus on testing , Eliminate the impact of redundant code

3) independence : Avoid one test result depending on another

3、 ... and ) test suite

The main purpose of the test suite is to aggregate all the individual tests of the code , Combine them into a unit , So they can run in batches , Provide a single resource that can be easily run over and over again .

1) Assertion :

Make an assertion yourself :

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="UTF-8">
#results li.pass {
color: green;
#results {
color: red;
<ul id="results"></ul>
function assert(value, desc) {
var liElement = document.createElement("li");
liElement.className = value ? "pass" : "fail";
window.onload = function () {
assert(true, "Success");
assert(false, "Fail");

2) Implementation of test grouping :

(function () {
var results;
this.assert = function assert(value, desc) {
var li = document.createElement("li");
li.className = value ? "pass" : "fail";
if (!value) {
li.parentNode.parentNode.className = "fail";
return li;
} this.test = function test(name, fn) {
results = document.getElementById("results");
results = assert(true, name).
})(); window.onload = function (ev) {
test("all true", function () {
assert(true, "111");
assert(true, "222");
assert(true, "333");
test("one false", function () {
assert(false, "failed");
assert(true, "success");
assert(true, "xxx");

3) Asynchronous test

(function () {
var queue = [], paused = false, results;
this.assert = function assert(value, desc) {
var li = document.createElement("li");
li.className = value ? "pass" : "fail";
if (!value) {
li.parentNode.parentNode.className = "fail";
return li;
}; this.test = function test(name, fn) {
queue.push(function () {
results = document.getElementById("results");
results = assert(true, name).
}; function runTest() {
if (!paused && queue.length) {
if (!paused) {
} this.pause = function () {
paused = true;
}; this.resume = function resume() {
paused = false;
setTimeout(runTest, 1);
})(); window.onload = function (ev) {
test("First async test", function () {
setTimeout(function () {
assert(true, "First async completed!");
}, 1000);
}); test("Second async test", function () {
setTimeout(function () {
assert(true, "Second async test completed!");
}, 1000);

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