aggregate (set) It's a data structure with different elements .

The elements in a collection are called members .

Two of the most important properties of sets are : First , The members in the set are unordered ; secondly , The same member is not allowed in the collection .


function Set(){
var me = this;
me.dataStore = [];
me.add = add;
me.remove =remove;
me.size = size;
me.union = union;
me.intersect = intersect;
me.subset = subset;
me.difference = difference; = show;
me.contains = contains; function add(data){
return true;
return false;
function remove(data){
var pos = me.dataStore.indexOf(data);
return true;
return false;
} } /**
* Merge sets
* @param set
function union(set){
var tempSet = new Set();
for(var i=0;i<me.dataStore.length;i++){
for(var i=0;i<set.dataStore.length;i++){
return tempSet;
} /**
* Looking for intersection
function intersect(set){
var tempSet = new Set();
for(var i=0;i<me.dataStore.length;i++){
return tempSet;
} /**
* Determine whether a subset
* @param set
* @returns {boolean}
function subset(set){
if(me.size()>set.size()) {
return false;
for(var i in me.dataStore){
return false;
} }
return true; } /**
* Compare 2 The set is different And back to
* @param set
* @returns {Set}
function difference(set){
var tempSet = new Set();
for(var i=0;i<me.dataStore.length;i++){
return tempSet;
} /**
* Gets the length of the set
* @returns {Number}
function size(){
return me.dataStore.length;
* Show the collection
* @returns {Array}
function show(){
return me.dataStore;
} /**
* Check whether the member belongs to the collection
* @param data
* @returns {boolean}
function contains(data){
return true;
return false;


// Set test 
var names = new Set();
//show test;
//remove test
names.remove("David") //union Merge sets test
var cis = new Set();
var dmp = new Set();
dmp.add("Jonathan"); var it = cis.union(dmp); // Intersection test
var inter = cis.intersect(dmp); // Determine whether a subset
var it2 = new Set();
var dmp2 = new Set();
console.log("dmp2 Whether it is it2 A subset of :"+dmp2.subset(it2)) // Make a difference var d = it2.difference(dmp2);

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