Doing something tab Page function , We often see the following patterns :

That is, when an element is selected , The corresponding class will be added under this element , In order to show the difference between . Today I studied how to use JQuery To achieve this effect .

1. HTML Code

<a id="med_specialist_1" name="med-specialist" class="med-active"> Specialist Clinic 1</a>
<a id="med_specialist_2" name="med-specialist"> Specialist Clinic 2</a>

2. JS Code

//js Implementation of the selected elements to dynamically add classes Ideas : Write the class you want to add , When you click on an element , First remove all , Then add this class to the current element 
$('a[name=med-specialist]').on('click', function() {

summary : First write the class you want to add css Code , And add this class to one of the elements , As the default selected element . Give these elements the same name, Used to select such elements . Write click events , When you click on such an element , Remove the style first , Then add a style to the currently selected element .

Another example , It is to use the style of check box to realize the function of radio selection . It can be used css Go straight to the painting , Turn a circle into a square , however css We should have a solid foundation . The following code uses js Realization .

//js Implementation of the check box style to achieve the effect of the radio box 
var box = document.getElementsByName('med-reg-10-cb');
for(var i=0;i<box.length;i++) {
for(var i=0;i<box.length;i++){
box[i].checked = false;
this.checked = true;

Page html The code will not let go , Just write a few input,type by checkbox, hold name All written js Just get what you want from me . In the above example , Is to put name All written 'med-reg-10-cb'.

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