The last one introduced webpack Installation and basic configuration of , This note will describe webpack Own configuration

One : Appoint webpack Import and export directories and output files

I believe readers will have a little doubt after reading the last note : Why run webpack You want to configure src, Why are there packages that are generated when you build them dist There will be a directory in it main.js Well ?









This is because webapck In the process of packaging, the current root directory will be set as src/index.js As an entry file , And a new one will be created in the root directory dist Catalog , And the packaged file ( Default main.js) Put in dist A directory of

How to configure the entry and exit directories and files ?

There are three ways :

  1. Command line

    Enter... In the current root directory npx webpack --entry The entry directory and the specified entry file --output-path Export catalogue and designated export catalogue
// entrance :yentry.js exit ./output
npx webpack --entry ./src/myentry.js --output-path ./output

shortcoming : Input from the command line , It doesn't guarantee efficiency

2. stay package.json Middle configuration

stay webpack Medium script Field , Give the packing order ( Such as build) Configuration method 1 Code for

// script Under the field 
"build" : "webpack --entry ./src/myentry.js --output-path ./output "

shortcoming :scripts Too much redundant code to write in , You can't see what you're going to do at a glance

3. stay webpack.config.js Configure project entry and packaged directory file in ( recommend )

webpack.config.js Is a webpack Configuration options file , We can do it here wenpack And loader,plugins Configuration of . Essentially, by exporting a configuration object , When webpack The runtime will read this file first , If so, execute the configuration in this object

New at root webpack.config.js

// because webpack Bottom layer node Support , Thus using node How to export styles ( Readers can also try to use esmodule The way , But the process is too cumbersome , Not recommended )
const path = require('path') // introduce node native module path
module.exports = {
entry : './src/main.js'
output: {
path: path.resolve(__dirname,'build'), // Build the directory address of the finished output ( You need an absolute path )
filename: 'mydemo.js'
} }

Command parsing :

entry : Entrance file ( Catalog required )

output: Output directory and file configuration

path: Output path , You need an absolute path

path.resolve : node in path One way to build a module , Used to splice two strings

__dirname: Absolute path from disk to current directory

'build' : The name of the built Directory , Internal storage of packaged documents

filename: Packed files ( stay build Inside )

After completing the above configuration , Save it and run it again npm run build that will do

That's it webpack Configuration of import and export files

Two : rename webpack The configuration file

Be sure to will webpack.config.js As webpack Configuration file for ? Can I rename ?

Sure , But it is not recommended. , Renaming will make it more difficult for subsequent developers to read the code . Therefore, it is generally agreed not to rename webpack.config.js

rename webpack.config.js Methods :

package.json Under the script Field build Enter the following command :

// package.json
"build":"webpack --config renameconfig.js"

Next : Commonly used loader Installation and configuration

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