Nginx command

  • nginx -s reopen restart nginx
  • nginx -s reload  Reload nginx file
  • nginx -s stop  stop it nginx service
  • nginx -s quit After processing the request , stop it nginx service
  • nginx -q Masking non error messages during profile detection

Nginx To configure


  • Global block , From profile to events Content between blocks , Set up some influences nginx Configuration instructions for the server to run as a whole , Mainly including configuration and operation nginx Users of the server 、 Allowed to produce worker-process Count 、 process PID Storage path 、 Log storage path and type, as well as the introduction of configuration files .
  • events, The instructions involved mainly affect Nginx Network connection between server and user , Inclusion is enough to open to many work process The network connection under is serialized , Whether multiple network connections are allowed to be received simultaneously , Choose which event driven model to handle connection requests , Every worker process The maximum number of connections that can be supported simultaneously
  • http, Proxy cache 、 Most of the functions such as log definition and third-party modules

Reverse proxy

  • server-name Configure name based virtual hosts
  • gzip Whether to turn on compressed transmission
  • location Instructions for matching url
  • proxy-pass Used to set the address of the proxy server
  • proxy-set-header It is used to set the... Received by the proxy server header Information

Load balancing

  • polling according to nginx The order in the configuration file , Turn the client's web Requests are distributed to different back-end services
  • weight According to the weight
  • ip-hash The same client is continuous web Requests may be distributed to different back-end servers for processing , If it comes to conversation session, It's more complicated , Database based session persistence ,ip-hash This problem can be avoided
  • fair Allocate requests based on response time , Priority allocation with short response time
  • url-hash Make every one url Directed to the same back-end server , It is more effective when the backend server is cache

max-fails: Number of requests allowed to fail , The default is 1, When the maximum number of times is exceeded , return proxy-next-upstream Module definition error

fail-timeout:max-fails After failure , Time to pause

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