For front end style integration swagger, Only enhance the interface , Do not modify the interface logic , When json Style stitching complete , We put json Turn to the corresponding entity class .

front end json Style object construction reference :

For the front end style , This time 5 A common module class , These classes are described below

ReturnData Data returned to the front end ( Outermost layer )


* @param <T> FormStyle Inside Data The generic
* @param <L> ListHead The specific properties of the fields inside
* @param <O> OverviewList, It generally corresponds to the database table properties
* @Description:
* @author: Zhang chonghu
* @Date: 2021/6/2 9:31
* @Copyright: Xi'an Dian Tong Software Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
* @Version 1.0
public class ReturnData<T,L,O> {
@ApiModelProperty(value = " Table style ")
private Tablestyle<L,O> tablestyle;
@ApiModelProperty(value = " Form style ")
private Formstyle<T> formstyle;

ReturnData<T,L,O> Enables us to highly customize the return style

The front-end interface is simple FormStyle and TableStyle Unfold the stitching

FormStyle ( Return to the front-end form style )

FormStyle There are two basic attributes : data and It's one by one order object , Inside the object are specific attributes


public class Formstyle<T> {
@ApiModelProperty(value = " Page form field specific style ")
private T data;
@ApiModelProperty(value = " Page form display fields ")
private List<String> order;

Data Corresponding to a generic , Generics define Data Basic properties of , Generally, the following attributes are enough , Many are inheriting this class , And then it can be expanded


public class FormStyleDataGeneric {
@ApiModelProperty(value = " The default value is ")
private String defaults; @ApiModelProperty(value = " Exhibition ")
private String display; @JsonProperty("promptCode")
@ApiModelProperty(value = "0, No hint ;1, In the text box ;2, Below the field ;,3, The display icon prompts at the end of the field ;4, Displayed in red below the field ")
private int promptcode; @ApiModelProperty(value = " The form is submitted to Key")
private String name; @ApiModelProperty(value = " optional ")
private JSONObject options; @JsonProperty("disabledClear")
@ApiModelProperty(value = " Can be removed / Erasable ")
private int disabledclear; @JsonProperty("promptMessage")
@ApiModelProperty(value = " Prompt information ")
private String promptmessage; @ApiModelProperty(value = " The translation information is shown on the left Label in ")
private String label; @ApiModelProperty(value = " Field type . Text :Text, Drop down :Dropdown, Trees :SelectTree, Check box :Checkbox, Time type :DateTime( Specific date - Minutes and seconds ),Date( Specific date )")
private String type;

FormStyleDataGeneric The properties correspond to the front-end interface effect

Formstyle<T> ,T If FormStyleDataGeneric The attributes inside are not satisfied , You can customize one

Usage method Formstyle<FormStyleDataGeneric>

TableStyle ( Return to the front-end table style )


public class Tablestyle<L,O> {
@ApiModelProperty(value = " Table header field ")
private List<String> preferencefields ; @ApiModelProperty(value = " Configurable data ")
private List<String> configData ; @ApiModelProperty(value = " The total number of table data ")
private int total; @JsonProperty("OverviewList")
@ApiModelProperty(value = " Specific data in the table ")
private List<O> overviewlist; @JsonProperty("ListHeader")
@ApiModelProperty(value = " Specific properties of header fields ")
private L listheader;

TableStyle<L,O> Corresponding page property description

I can see you ,TableStyle<L,O> There are two generics , If the basic attributes don't satisfy us , Let's customize a class , Then pass it in . in addition , Generic O It's usually the one corresponding to our data table dao Entity class , Just pass it in

Generic L,L representative ListHeader The properties inside , Is the property of the header field , You can't see it here on the island , We use another interface to interpret these properties .

Definition ListHeader<T> When , According to the data sheet dao To define attributes , And then add generics T that will do

ListHeader<T> , This T We usually pass on ListHeaderGeneric That's enough , If you need to add other fields , Just customize a generic , Just pass it inside

public class Listheader<T> {
@ApiModelProperty(value = " Templates ")
private T template; @ApiModelProperty(value = " technological process ")
private T process; @JsonProperty("featureCode")
@ApiModelProperty(value = " Signature ")
private T featurecode; @JsonProperty("communicationConfigName")
@ApiModelProperty(value = " Mailing address name ")
private T communicationconfigname; @JsonProperty("dataPackageName")
@ApiModelProperty(value = " Packet name ")
private T datapackagename; @JsonProperty("changeBy")
@ApiModelProperty(value = " Reviser ")
private T changeby; @JsonProperty("changeTime")
@ApiModelProperty(value = " Modification time ")
private T changetime; @JsonProperty("createBy")
@ApiModelProperty(value = " The creator ")
private T createby; @JsonProperty("createTime")
@ApiModelProperty(value = " Creation time ")
private T createtime; @ApiModelProperty(value = " name ")
private T name; @JsonProperty("operationType")
@ApiModelProperty(value = " Operation type ")
private T operationtype; @ApiModelProperty(value = " remarks ")
private T comment; @ApiModelProperty(value = " explain ")
private T direction;


public class ListHeaderGeneric {
@ApiModelProperty(value = " Sort :0 Sortable ,1 Not sortable ")
private int sortby; @JsonProperty("Label")
@ApiModelProperty(value = " label ")
private String label; @JsonProperty("FilterKey")
@ApiModelProperty(value = " Filter key, Represents that the field can be filtered ")
private String filterkey;

TableStyle<L,O> Usage method TableStyle<ListHeader<ListHeaderGeneric>,Overviewlist>

A special case

The data returned is better than ReturnData more

With Communication Take the correspondence address as an example

ps: In the future, we will return to the name of the hump in capital letters , such as FormStyle instead of formStyle

Data except formStyle and tableStyle, There's an extra one myParameter

In this case , We inherit ReturnData<T, L, O> It can be expanded , If you need to explain the added attributes , Just define a generic


@EqualsAndHashCode(callSuper = true)
public class CommunicationTableData<T, L, O> extends ReturnData<T, L, O> {
@ApiModelProperty(value = " Information about the island ( The island id, Island address )")
private JSONObject myParameter;

The returned data is the inner layer (Tablestyle)

Like in a packet

Look like Tablestyle, But more than Tablestyle A few more attributes , Then we can customize one ReturnData, Let it inherit directly Tablestyle, And then expand

Or not to inherit TableData, Write a ReturnData class , It contains these attributes

public class TableData<L,S,O> {
@ApiModelProperty(value = " Default display header information ")
private List<String> preferencefields ; @ApiModelProperty(value = " Search form field collection ")
private S searchFormDataOrder ; @ApiModelProperty(value = " Configurable data ")
private String preferenceDisable ; @ApiModelProperty(value = " The total number of table data ")
private int total; @ApiModelProperty(value = " Specific data in the table ")
private List<O> Overviewlist; @JsonProperty("ListHeader")
@ApiModelProperty(value = " Header data set ")
private L listheader;

The returned data is the inner layer (Formstyle)

For example, the address editing interface

Looking at the structure is Formstyle, however ReturnData Both of the attributes in are Formstyle( It's usually a Formstyle And a Tablestyle), In this case , Let's just write a new one ReturnData

* @param <T> BaseGenericEditData
* @param <L> CommunicationGenericEditData
* @Description:
* @author: Zhang chonghu
* @Date: 2021/6/2 15:43
* @Copyright: Xi'an Dian Tong Software Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
* @Version 1.0
public class CommunicationEditData<T,L> { @ApiModelProperty(value = " Basic style ")
private Formstyle<T> base; @ApiModelProperty(value = " Communication address style ")
private Formstyle<L> communicationConfig;

But these two Formstyle The attributes inside are inconsistent , So we need to define two generics separately

The two generics above , In fact, it can be done through the data table dao Entity class control , Just pass it directly to the entity class . But for the sake of convenience , I defined two generics <T> BaseGenericEditData,<L> CommunicationGenericEditData


public class BaseGenericEditData<T> { @ApiModelProperty(value = " name ")
private T name; @ApiModelProperty(value = " Whether to use it with Zoomlion BH")
private T isonlyforzlbh; @ApiModelProperty(value = " remote system id")
private T remotesystemid; @ApiModelProperty(value = " postal address ")
private T communicationaddress; @ApiModelProperty(value = " Communications key")
private T communicationkey; @ApiModelProperty(value = " It works id")
private T validid;


public class CommunicationGenericEditData<T> {
@ApiModelProperty(value = " Maximum requests per minute ")
private T requesttimes; @ApiModelProperty(value = " Send timeout ")
private T overtime; @ApiModelProperty(value = " Reconnection ")
private T isreconnection; @ApiModelProperty(value = " Automatic reconnection ")
private T reconnectiontimes; @ApiModelProperty(value = " The number of automatic reconnections ")
private T reconnectioninterval; @ApiModelProperty(value = " The log level ")
private T loglevel;

For example, the transfer in and transfer out rules of small island ,preferenceFields It's shown in lowercase on the front end .

And in the template PreferenceFields It's capital , In this case , It's a legacy of the past , There is no good standard , Cause the case is very random .

In this case , We certainly can't rewrite the whole class just for one field . Now , We just need to inherit Tablestyle, Then rewrite the field .

The data returned is other data

Other complex interfaces , If it includes basic ReturnData attribute , Inherit first , Writing a ReturnData Class to do other extended properties , Otherwise, according to the specific situation , Customize ReturnData

give an example 1

Island mailing address :getFromDataForAddOrUpdata

No integration Swagger Before , The return value generic is JSONObjec, Go straight back to jsonRes

After integration , Generic JSONObject It becomes a concrete object Communication< > object

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