At the end of last week, the brothers project was going to expand the server to provide better services , Brother project has some functions that are provided to me in real time , I need to temporarily block the corresponding system functions , Because use nginx, So you can configure it directly nginx Redirect to fixed system maintenance page .

nginx Redirection is actually very simple , use return  or rewrite All keywords are OK , Because retargeting jumps back directly to the static page , No subsequent operations and records are required , So direct 301 Permanent redirection .

Redirection can be done in server Middle configuration , It can also be in specific location  Middle configuration , Here is a brief introduction .

stay server Middle configuration :

http {
listen 80;
server_name; # following return or rewrite Just choose one of them . among upgrade.html It's a reminder page written by myself
return 301;
# rewrite ^/(.*)$ permanent;
 location / {
# The following configuration content is omitted here

Or in location Middle configuration :

http {
listen 80;

location / {
rewrite ^/(.*)$ permanent;
 # The following configuration content is omitted here 

It can be seen from the above examples that ,return  use 301 Parameter redirection ,rewrite use  permanent( Of course, it can also be used break,last, If you want to make a difference, look up the information yourself ).

I don't know if you have found , In the above two examples , It's all used  To redirect to , I tried , use Redirect directly to, It will report an error and repeat too many times , It's going into a dead cycle . It can be configured to manage multiple domain names at the same time A Redirect B, But if there is only one domain name A How to do that ?

This is the time to use if The conditions are right , Here we are in server For example, the configuration in the :

http {
listen 80;
server_name; # Be careful if There must be a space after !!!
if ($request_uri !~ "/upgrade.html$") {
return 301;
} location / {
# The following configuration content is omitted here

The above examples show that , When the access path does not contain /upgrade.html  And then redirect to  upgrade.html, At this point, you can redirect , There won't be too many repetitions , But there's another problem , Namely upgrade.html The picture in cannot be displayed , There's no time to study how to avoid redirection of images , I'll add later .

test if conditional , I met a special pit , Is to add if Restart after nginx Report errors :

Job for nginx.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status nginx.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.

Input  systemctl status nginx.service  You can view error messages , among   nginx: [emerg] unknown directive "if($request_uri"  Error finding the answer , Turned out to be if There must be a space after it !!!!, It's too much , The introductions on the Internet nginx if None of my articles mentioned such important information ...

Thank you for the information :

if There must be a space after :

nginx in return and rewrite:

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