One .Vue Responsive principle

First of all, we need to understand several concepts :

Data responsive : Data model is only common Javascript object , And when we modify the data , The view will be updated , Avoid the tedious DOM operation , Improve development efficiency .

Two way binding : Data change , View change , And the data changed , We can use v-model Create a two-way data binding on the form .

Data driven is Vue One of the most unique features : In the development process, we only need to focus on the data itself , Don't care how the data is rendered to the view .

vue2.X The response principle in is based on defineProperty, compatible IE8 Above version , The core principle code is as follows :

 let data={
let vm={}
function proxyData(data){
// Execute when getting value
return data[key]
// Execute when setting the value
vm.msg // obtain (get Method ) hello
vm.msg='hello World' // Set new attribute values and render to the page (set Method )
vm.msg //hello World

vue3.X The response principle in is based on Proxy, Listen directly to the object , Not attributes ,ES6 Newly added ,IE I won't support it , Performance is optimized by the browser , Performance ratio defineProperty It is better to , Compared with the words of code defineProperty Be concise , There is no need to loop through the values of multiple attributes .

 let data={
} // simulation Vue example
let vm=new Proxy(data,{
// Functions that perform proxy behavior
// When accessing vm Members of the group will perform
return target[key]
if(target[key] === newValue){
// test
vm.msg='Hello World'

Two . Publish subscribe mode and observer mode

1. Release / A subscription model
This concept is a little abstract , Here is an example to illustrate , Parents are more concerned about their children's grades , Ask your child if his grades come out every day , Suppose you can subscribe to your child's grades in your child's class , Once the test results come out , It is equivalent to triggering an event , Finally, the teacher of the class informed the parents in the form of text message ,

You don't need to ask your child if his grades come out every day , Parents are subscribers to events , The teacher is the publisher of the event , The child's class can be imagined as the center of an event .vue Custom events in are based on publishing / Subscription mode . Let's simulate the operation mechanism of publish subscribe mode :

// Event trigger 
class EventEmitter(){
// Initialize object { 'click':[fn1,fn2],'change':[fn] }
// Registration events
this.subs[eventType] = this.subs[eventType] || []
// Triggering event
this.subs[eventType].forEach(handler => {
// test let em =new EventEmitter() em.$on('click',()=>{
em.$emit('click') // Print the results click1,click2

Two . Observer mode

The difference between observer mode and subscription mode is that there is no event center , Only publishers and subscribers , And publishers need to know the existence of subscribers .

Concept :

The observer --Watcher

update(): When the event occurs , Specific things to do .

Publisher --Dep

subs Array : Store all observers

addSub(): Add observers

notify(): When an event occurs , Call all the observers update() Method

// Publisher - The goal is 
class Dep{
constructor() {
// Record all subscribers
// Add subscribers
if(sub && sub.update){
// Issue notice
// subscriber - The observer
class Watcher{
// test
let dep=new Dep()
let watcher=new Watcher()
dep.notify() // Print the results update

summary :

The observer pattern is scheduled by specific targets , For example, when an event triggers ,Dep Will call the observer's method , Therefore, there is a dependency between the subscriber and publisher of the observer .

The publish subscribe mode is called by the unified dispatching center , So publishers and subscribers don't need to know each other's presence .

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