120 lines of code to achieve pure web video editing

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lines code achieve pure web

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I occasionally saw an article a few days ago webassembly Related articles of , I'm still interested in this technology , On the basis of understanding some relevant knowledge , See if you can practice a little .

What is? webasembly?

WebAssembly(wasm) Is a portable 、 Small volume 、 Load fast and compatible Web New format . Can be C,C++ Modules written in other languages are created by the compiler wasm File format , This module is sent to the browser in binary mode , then js Can pass wasm Call the method function .

WebAssembly The advantages of

There should be a lot of related introductions on the Internet ,WebAssembly Advantages: good performance , The running speed is much higher than Js, For those requiring high computation 、 Application scenarios with high performance requirements, such as images / Video decoding 、 The image processing 、3D/WebVR/AR etc. , The advantages are obvious , We can use the existing C、C++ The library written in other languages is directly compiled into WebAssembly Run to the browser , And can be used as a library JavaScript quote . That means we can transfer a lot of back-end work to the front-end , Reduce the pressure on the server . .........

WebAssembly The simplest practice call

Let's write the simplest c file

int add(int a,int b) {
return a + b;
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Then install the for Emscripten compiler Emscripten Installation guide

emcc test.c -Os -s WASM=1 -s SIDE_MODULE=1 -o test.wasm
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And then we were in html It can be introduced and used in

fetch('./test.wasm').then(response =>
).then(bytes =>
).then(results => {
const add = results.instance.exports.add
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At this time, we can see the corresponding print log on the console , Successfully call our compiled code

Official start

Now that we know how to quickly call some mature C,C++ Class library of , Then we're a step closer to the expected goal of online video editing .

Final demo demonstration

Due to the recording operation of the computer cpu Not very good , So it may take a long time , But the overall effect can still be seen

demo Warehouse address



Before this, you have to know a little about what is FFmpeg? The following explanation is based on the Wikipedia Directory

FFmpeg Is an open source free software , Can run audio and video recording in multiple formats 、 transformation 、 Stream function [1], Contains libavcodec—— This is a decoder library for audio and video in multiple projects , as well as libavformat—— An audio and video format conversion library .

Simply put, this is by C Video processing software written in , Its usage is also quite simple

I mainly transferred the commands needed this time , If you may use other commands , It can be viewed according to his official documents , You can also learn about Ruan Yifeng's article

ffmpeg -ss [start] -i [input] -to [end] -c copy [output]
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start For the start time end For the end time input For the video source file to be operated output Is the location name of the output file

This line of code is the command we need to edit the video

Get relevant FFmpeg Of wasm

Because through Emscripten compile ffmpeg become wasm There are many environmental problems , So this time we directly use the online compiled CDN resources

This mature library is directly used here github.com/ffmpegwasm/…

For the convenience of local debugging , I put down all the relevant resources altogether 4 Resource files

 Copy code 

When we use it, we only need to import the first file , Other files will be called through fetch Way to pull resources

Minimal functional implementation

Pre function implementation : We need to implement a node service , Because use ffmpeg This module will appear if the response header is not set on the server , Will report a mistake SharedArrayBuffer is not defined, This is because of the security vulnerability of the system , The browser disables this by default api, To enable it, you need to be in header Set... On the head

Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy: same-origin
Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy: require-corp
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Let's start a simple node service

const Koa = require('koa');
const path = require('path')
const fs = require('fs')
const router = require('koa-router')();
const static = require('koa-static')
const staticPath = './static'
const app = new Koa();
path.join(__dirname, staticPath)
// log request URL:
app.use(async (ctx, next) => {
console.log(`Process ${ctx.request.method} ${ctx.request.url}...`);
ctx.set('Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy', 'same-origin')
ctx.set('Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy', 'require-corp')
await next();
router.get('/', async (ctx, next) => {
ctx.response.body = '<h1>Index</h1>';
router.get('/:filename', async (ctx, next) => {
const filePath = path.join(__dirname, ctx.request.url);
const htmlContent = fs.readFileSync(filePath);
ctx.type = "html";
ctx.body = htmlContent;
console.log('app started at port 3000...');
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Let's make a minimization demo To realize this editing function , The second before editing the video Create a new one demo.html file , Introduce relevant resources

<script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/[email protected]/dist/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="./assets/ffmpeg.min.js"></script>
<div class="container">
<div class="operate">
Select the original video file :
<input type="file" id="select_origin_file">
<button id="start_clip"> Start editing the video </button>
<div class="video-container">
<div class="label"> Original video </div>
<video class="my-video" id="origin-video" controls></video>
<div class="video-container">
<div class="label"> Processed video </div>
<video class="my-video" id="handle-video" controls></video>
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let originFile
$(document).ready(function () {
$('#select_origin_file').on('change', (e) => {
const file = e.target.files[0]
originFile = file
const url = window.webkitURL.createObjectURL(file)
$('#origin-video').attr('src', url)
$('#start_clip').on('click', async function () {
const { fetchFile, createFFmpeg } = FFmpeg;
ffmpeg = createFFmpeg({
log: true,
corePath: './assets/ffmpeg-core.js',
const file = originFile
const { name } = file;
if (!ffmpeg.isLoaded()) {
await ffmpeg.load();
ffmpeg.FS('writeFile', name, await fetchFile(file));
await ffmpeg.run('-i', name, '-ss', '00:00:00', '-to', '00:00:01', 'output.mp4');
const data = ffmpeg.FS('readFile', 'output.mp4');
const tempURL = URL.createObjectURL(new Blob([data.buffer], { type: 'video/mp4' }));
$('#handle-video').attr('src', tempURL)
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The meaning of the code is also quite simple , By introducing FFmpeg To create an instance , And then through ffmpeg.load() Method to load the corresponding wasm and worker resources Not optimized wasm The resources are quite large , The local file has 23MB, If this needs to be put into production, it must pass emcc Adjust the packaging parameters to remove useless modules . Then pass fetchFile Method will select input file Load into memory , You can go through ffmpeg.run Operation and The same as the local command line ffmpeg The command line parameters are basically the same

At this time, our core functions have been realized .

Do a little optimization

For editing, it's best to choose a time period , For convenience, I'll just element The to cdn Way to introduce the use of adopt slider To intercept the video interval , I only post js Related code , Specific code can go to github Take a closer look inside the warehouse

class ClipVideo {
constructor() {
this.ffmpeg = null
this.originFile = null
this.handleFile = null
this.vueInstance = null
this.currentSliderValue = [0, 0]
init() {
initVueSlider(maxSliderValue = 100) {
console.log(`maxSliderValue ${maxSliderValue}`)
if (!this.vueInstance) {
const _this = this
const Main = {
data() {
return {
value: [0, 0],
maxSliderValue: maxSliderValue
watch: {
value() {
_this.currentSliderValue = this.value
methods: {
formatTooltip(val) {
return _this.transformSecondToVideoFormat(val);
const Ctor = Vue.extend(Main)
this.vueInstance = new Ctor().$mount('#app')
} else {
this.vueInstance.maxSliderValue = maxSliderValue
this.vueInstance.value = [0, 0]
transformSecondToVideoFormat(value = 0) {
const totalSecond = Number(value)
let hours = Math.floor(totalSecond / (60 * 60))
let minutes = Math.floor(totalSecond / 60) % 60
let second = totalSecond % 60
let hoursText = ''
let minutesText = ''
let secondText = ''
if (hours < 10) {
hoursText = `0${hours}`
} else {
hoursText = `${hours}`
if (minutes < 10) {
minutesText = `0${minutes}`
} else {
minutesText = `${minutes}`
if (second < 10) {
secondText = `0${second}`
} else {
secondText = `${second}`
return `${hoursText}:${minutesText}:${secondText}`
initFfmpeg() {
const { createFFmpeg } = FFmpeg;
this.ffmpeg = createFFmpeg({
log: true,
corePath: './assets/ffmpeg-core.js',
bindSelectOriginFile() {
$('#select_origin_file').on('change', (e) => {
const file = e.target.files[0]
this.originFile = file
const url = window.webkitURL.createObjectURL(file)
$('#origin-video').attr('src', url)
bindOriginVideoLoad() {
$('#origin-video').on('loadedmetadata', (e) => {
const duration = Math.floor(e.target.duration)
bindClipBtn() {
$('#start_clip').on('click', () => {
console.log('start clip')
async clipFile(file) {
const { ffmpeg, currentSliderValue } = this
const { fetchFile } = FFmpeg;
const { name } = file;
const startTime = this.transformSecondToVideoFormat(currentSliderValue[0])
const endTime = this.transformSecondToVideoFormat(currentSliderValue[1])
console.log('clipRange', startTime, endTime)
if (!ffmpeg.isLoaded()) {
await ffmpeg.load();
ffmpeg.FS('writeFile', name, await fetchFile(file));
await ffmpeg.run('-i', name, '-ss', startTime, '-to', endTime, 'output.mp4');
const data = ffmpeg.FS('readFile', 'output.mp4');
const tempURL = URL.createObjectURL(new Blob([data.buffer], { type: 'video/mp4' }));
$('#handle-video').attr('src', tempURL)
$(document).ready(function () {
const instance = new ClipVideo()
 Copy code 

In this way, the effect at the beginning of the article is realized


webassbembly It's still a relatively new technology , I only applied a small part of the functions , There are still many places worth exploring , Welcome to communicate more

Reference material

Go to the online diagnosis and treatment platform of micro medical Internet Hospital , Quick consultation ,3 I'll find the top three doctor for you in minutes .

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