The sinking gs8 raises its flag again. GAC motor's sales are falling endlessly. Is it the car or the people?

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sinking gs8 gs raises flag

Four years ago , Gac and kei GS8( Parameter picture ) It is also the pride of its own brand models , The sales volume once exceeded 10000 , However, from 2018 Year begins , Gac and kei GS8 Our sales began to decline gradually , But this year, its monthly sales are mostly hovering in 1000 cars , even to the extent that 7 Monthly sales have fallen to less than 200 car .

Of course , As the first model to break through the price ceiling of its own brand , GAC motor has no reason to give up this car . Recently , With Toyota hybrid technology GS8 Once again raised the banner of brand flagship . But it is still unknown whether we can turn over this time , After all, in trumpchi GS8 In the history of China, it has not never happened that foreign technology has stuck its neck , Trumpchi GS8 The continuous decline in sales may also be related to the model itself .

Review the development history of independent automobile brands , GAC motor once made a breakthrough , Even get the new year's sales of more than 50 Ten thousand cars , but 2020 In, GAC motor's sales volume was only 30 More than 10000 , Sales in the first half of this year were no more than 15 Million vehicles , The extent of the decline in sales can be seen .

《 Automotive professional network 》 The editor noticed , In the development of GAC motor in recent years, it has experienced several high-level changes .2017 In, the sales volume of GAC motor increased , A large number of cadres represented by Xiao Yong have gone to GAC new energy ,2016 At the helm of GAC motor in, Yu Jun also left GAC motor from the peak period of GAC motor to the decline period of sales ,2019 in , Zhang yuesai succeeded Yu Jun as general manager of GAC motor at the helm . In a matter of 4 Year time , GAC motor's leadership has experienced several shocks . GAC motor's sales have been falling. Is it because the car doesn't work or the people don't work ?

Sinking GS8 Raise the flag again The future is unpredictable

Undeniable? , The new trumpchi GS8 There are very big changes , The overall shape has changed , Except for the height “ shrink ” outside , Other dimensions are almost completely improved .7 The third row space of the seat model has also been greatly improved , In particular, the hybrid version is equipped with Toyota THS Hybrid system , This is also the first time Toyota has put its core technology on Chinese auto brands . And this also makes GAC motor GS8 Became the focus .

But for trumpchi GS8 for , It may not be certain whether Toyota's technology is good or bad . Need to know , GAC motor GS8 One of the reasons for the gradual decline in sales , Toyota slowed down GAC motor during the critical period GS8 Of AT Transmission supply speed . Whether Toyota is a good partner of GAC motor remains to be considered .

what's more , The kei GS8 Despite some good results , But word of mouth has never been good . I still remember that year GS8 When popular , Netizens also wrote a poem for this car :“ My clattering hoofs are a beautiful mistake , I'm not going home , It's a passer-by ”. This poem comes from many GS8 While driving, there was a noise from the engine compartment “ Dada ” Abnormal sound of , The riders also joked that as long as there was “ Dada ” voice , It proves that you bought the genuine GS8. The wonderful thing is that the manufacturer still says in the manual that it is “ Normal phenomenon ”.

Of course , This is just one of the points , Open the third-party automobile complaint website about trumpchi GS8 Complaints page , The engine block is damaged , The brake sound 、 The sunroof leaks 、 The headlight leaks 、 The chassis is rusty 、 The boot is rusty 、 Remote sensing failure 、 Quality or workmanship problems such as central control screen crash also emerge one after another . Maybe make complaints about the old car owners , The kei GS8 It's still difficult to get back to the top again .

GAC motor has suffered many shocks in the past four years People really don't work ?

in fact , The kei GS8 The decline of sales volume of GAC motor from high to low is also a true portrayal of the sales trend of GAC motor in recent years , At its peak, GAC motor's annual sales volume once exceeded 50 Thousands of cars ,2020 But it fell to 30 More than , And only in the first half of this year 15 Thousands of cars , There is little hope of returning to the peak within the year . Here's the thing to watch , GAC motor from “ nothing ” To “ Yes ”、 In just four years from peak to trough , The leadership has changed three ways , So is there a problem in the employment of GAC motor ?

2017 In the second half of , GAC passenger car has experienced a wave of internal adjustment , Xiao Yong, then deputy general manager of GAC passenger cars, served as deputy general manager of GAC new energy automobile company , meanwhile , Zheng Chunqi 、 Wei Bing Cao 、 Xi Zhongmin and several other executives also went to GAC new energy . Xiao Yong in the industry with “ Good at fighting ” Known for its , As the earliest member of GAC passenger car project preparation team , Witnessed GAC motor from scratch 、 The process of growing up from small , He put forward “ Gather in battle ” The playing method enables GAC motor, a young brand, to seize the development opportunity , Climbing from a niche brand to a new benchmark of its own brand . This year , GAC motor's annual sales volume is 484941 car , Year on year growth 30%.

In the history of GAC motor , In addition to Xiao Yong, one person's contribution can not be ignored .2016 year , Yu Jun was transferred to general manager of GAC passenger cars , In that year, GAC motor ushered in a leap forward growth , Year on year growth in sales 90.66%,2017 year 、2018 The sales volume of GAC motor in 50 Thousands of cars , Has reached its peak . Yu Jun has experienced the period from the development to the peak of GAC motor .

however , Different from Xiao Yong , Yu Jun has also experienced the trough of GAC motor , When Yu Jun continues to steer GAC motor 2019 Years ago 7 In the months , GAC motor's sales volume 19.92 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year decline in 34.06%%. After a sharp drop in sales , Soon GAC motor won a new helmsman , He once served as director of enterprise management department of GAC Honda 、 Deputy factory director of GAC Toyota 、 Deputy general manager of GAC Hino 、 Deputy general manager of GAC passenger cars 、 Party secretary and executive deputy general manager of GAC MITSUBISHI , At that time, he was the party secretary of GAC commerce and trade 、 Zhang yuesai, the chairman of the board, took over Yu Jun's position as the leader , Start to promote the development of GAC motor . But unfortunately , GAC motor's sales have not picked up ,2019 year ,2020 Two years in a row , GAC motor's sales fell continuously , Down to the bottom .

Judging from your resume or achievements , GAC motor's leadership is not mediocre , But GAC motor's sales volume has indeed fallen endlessly , Is this related to the continuous changes of GAC motor in recent years ? Of course , GAC motor's models are not impeccable , The kei GS8 I make complaints about it , And the once star model trumpchi GS4 The double clutch gearbox is another big pain point , Maybe for GAC motor , Compared with talents , Model quality should be paid more attention .

source : Automotive professional network

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