Experts suggested that performers work with certificates, which triggered a collective heated debate. It is meaningless to be accused of repeating the mistakes

Tencent Entertainment 2021-09-15 05:25:24
experts suggested performers work certificates

In the near future , The supervision of the entertainment industry has been upgraded at all levels .

outsiders , Also quite concerned about every move in the entertainment industry . In the face of the current embarrassing situation in the entertainment industry , Many people have also made suggestions , Some artists also choose to cancel their studios , Some actors also began to consider transformation . In view of the current problems in the entertainment industry , Some experts suggest that performers work with certificates , This statement also triggered a collective heated debate in an instant . In the eyes of many people , This move is completely on paper , It's not practical .

in fact , As for entertainers working with certificates, it was as early as 90 It was tried out in the s .

At the time , Domestic artists must provide performance certificates . Because the system of providing performance certificates hinders the development of cultural undertakings , Therefore, according to the situation at that time, the relevant departments also made adjustments , By the beginning of this century, actors no longer need to provide performance certificates . Then the entertainment industry , It also continues to rise , The domestic performing arts circle has also stepped into the threshold of letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend .

today , Relevant experts suggest that performers work with certificates , Those who are not registered , It is stipulated that all platforms will not be employed , There is no doubt that there is a smell of repeating mistakes .

One side , Artists' performances are multidimensional .

such as , Age , role , acting , Product equality . If it is decided only by the performance certificate held by the actor , Then it will undoubtedly block out many excellent artists , From the perspective of the development of cultural undertakings , Obviously, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages .

Of course , It also depends on the time period .

90 years , Domestic cultural undertakings are lagging behind and indeed need rapid development , Artists are also extremely limited , It really needs to relax the conditions . Today, , Domestic entertainers are flying all over the world , Undoubtedly, we need to choose the best from the best , The better you are, the more you should be respected , At the same time, some artists who do not meet the standards will be deeply eliminated or recycled .

On the other hand , It is suggested that entertainers work with certificates, which is difficult to take effect in a short time .

To put it simply , Is to treat the symptoms rather than the root cause .

If the implementation of the performer's certificate , It may also become a tool for some people to make money . For that , In fact, we should strengthen the supervision of artists at the same time , The relevant departments should jointly stop... From the source . such as , The system of reporting and approving the performance of artists , Strengthen the management of drama producers ; Establish a database of illegal artists to connect with major platforms , Completely zero tolerance for violators . Different artists , Participate in different plays , You need to accept comprehensive study and theoretical examination in terms of schedule , At the same time, control the number of artists shooting every year . Completely change the way money runs , Let artists fundamentally improve their acting skills .

Taking a post with a certificate can be changed to taking an examination every two years , The supervisor personally takes charge of training and learning , So as to avoid being fishy or cheating . Focus on the comprehensive basic theoretical knowledge , Improve the actor's own image in all aspects . The unqualified , Will give 3 Banned from acting in , At the same time, limit the flow of relevant accounts . To put it bluntly, it's recycling , Real-time monitoring . If actors and artists fail the exam , And so on , Artists will naturally make money at the same time , I will try my best to improve myself , Undoubtedly, it will also drive fans to be better , At the same time, it has played a positive guiding role .

As the saying goes , sweep , Never let traffic artists ruin the three views .

as time goes on , More and more excellent artists will emerge . Taking a post with a certificate can be changed to taking an examination every two years , Some opportunistic star artists will naturally be eliminated , Undoubtedly, it also completely improves the entry and exit threshold of artists .

below , Let's see what netizens say ?

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