He inherited his mother's hundreds of millions of property for his boyfriend to squander. Unexpectedly, he was ruthlessly abandoned when he had 100 yuan left

Oriental Infotainment 2021-09-15 07:58:27
inherited mother hundreds millions property

Although Zheng Shaoqiu has retired from the screen for many years , But trust that we will not feel strange to him , After all, he used to be the same as a male god , Created many classic film and television images . What I want to tell us is Zheng Xinyi, the daughter of Zheng Shaoqiu and Shen Dianxia . Zheng Xinyi was photographed shopping with her best friend , She is wearing a pink sunscreen , Many netizens tease her that she looks more and more like her mother , The figure and appearance are really similar .

Shen Dianxia

For Shen Dianxia , She is a special presence in the entertainment industry , Because we all know that most of the entertainment circles are beautiful images , Like she looks , Then the body is fat again , Basically, it's hard to occupy a place in the entertainment industry . But Shen Dianxia is different , She's like a pistachio , Then it often brings us joy and surprise in various film and television dramas , So many people like her very much .

In fact, Shen Dianxia's native family also has good conditions , Because Shen Dianxia's father is also a businessman , The days are carefree . Later, a major change happened in the family , Family conditions are getting worse and worse , At that time, there were problems with daily expenses . Shen Dianxia initially wanted to improve the living environment at home , Then there was a chance to act . At that time, I just needed a fat actor , Then Shen Dianxia looks very beloved , Let him be the heroine of the play .

Shen Dianxia left her hundreds of millions of assets after her death

Shen Dianxia is very talented , Her talent is enough to cover up all her lack , And Zheng Xinyi just inherited his mother's figure , But I didn't inherit my mother's talent and my father's beauty . Since her debut , In fact, Zheng Xinyi has always lived in the shadow of her parents . Zheng Xinyi became very rebellious when she grew up , The reason for this achievement , It could be her parents' divorce , Or maybe her parents are too busy with their homework , Didn't take good care of her , After the death of her mother Shen Dianxia , More unscrupulous , Her father Zheng Shaoqiu basically left her alone .

This led to Zheng Xinyi not only not thinking about making good progress , But wasting the family property left by her mother everywhere . Her mother Shen Dianxia left her hundreds of millions of assets after her death , If she has a good day , Enough for her to use all her life . And this wealth did not bring her any lucky job , Zheng Xinyi doesn't look good , But with the money , So there are many boys chasing her .

Every boyfriend goes for her money

She's been going through a total of 5 A boyfriend , Every boyfriend goes for her money , When she was with those people , She paid all the expenses, big and small , And her boyfriend uses the most expensive and best things , Zheng Xinyi will try his best to satisfy them , Very willing to spend money on them , When she has no money , Those boyfriends kicked her away , Broke up with her .

Once Zheng Xinyi broke up and cried after singing the song , He also said that at that time, he only needed 104 It's a piece of money. , Boyfriend stubbornly wants to break up , To keep him , She knelt on the ground and begged him , I hope he can change his mind , But the other party still threw her away . When you have money, you follow your orders , You are what you say , Make you happy every day , You're nothing without money .

source : Happy entertainment station

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