The fuel cost is half less than that of fuel vehicles at the same level. Is it really cheap to use song Pro DM?

Luca car 2021-09-15 08:02:26
fuel cost half fuel vehicles

choice 15-20 10000 yuan compact SUV What consumers like most ? once , I believe you will think it is a brand , This is also a joint venture in the past few decades SUV The reason for selling well , But as young consumers become the main force of car buying , And the strong rise of independent brands , Everyone's car purchase concept has fundamentally changed , Pursue both performance and economy , And there is no doubt in this regard , Byd's song Pro DM Very competitive .

In terms of product power , The song dynasty Pro DM It's very powerful , The official 100 kilometer acceleration can reach... As soon as possible 4.7 second , meanwhile ,NEDC The lowest comprehensive fuel consumption can be achieved 1.3L, Performance and fuel economy are very strong , And configure 、 Space and other aspects are also well balanced , I believe these are enough to attract young people . But as a plug-in mix SUV, Lower car costs may be the real killer , So song Pro DM How cheap it is to use ? Next , We'll pay for its insurance 、 Conduct an investigation into the maintenance cost and oil cost .

Insurance expense survey

According to our survey results , The song dynasty Pro DM In the sales model ,"2019 paragraph DM 1.5T 4WD performance luxury " The best seller . The reason is that it has more panoramic skylights than the minimum model 、 Wireless charging of mobile phone 、 Driver's electric seat 、 Larger aluminum alloy wheels and other configurations , The price is only expensive 1 Ten thousand yuan . Compared with the two higher configurations , The price difference exceeds 2 Ten thousand yuan , Although the configuration has been greatly improved , Many more technology configurations and driving AIDS , But the higher price is still unacceptable . therefore , The performance is exactly the same , Moderate configuration , The price is reasonable "2019 paragraph DM 1.5T 4WD performance luxury " It has become the first choice for everyone to buy a car , therefore , We'll take this car as the research model this time .

According to the results of the survey of insurance costs , The song dynasty Pro DM The price of vehicle and vessel tax is 420 element , Buying 100 Ten thousand three responsibilities 、 Vehicle damage insurance 、 After the three main types of compulsory traffic insurance , The total premium for the first year is 6739 yuan . If no accident occurs during later use , After that, the premium will decrease further , We calculate it on a three-year cycle ( At the standard premium for the second year 8 fold 、 The third year 7 Folding calculation ), The song dynasty Pro DM The cost of insurance for three years is about 16847 element , The average annual premium is about 5616 element .

Maintenance cost survey

According to the maintenance manual , The song dynasty Pro DM The first guarantee needs to be in 3600km or 6 Months ( Whichever comes first ) Conduct , The first guarantee is free , The item is replacement of oil and filter , After the first maintenance , Every time 7500km or 6 Minor maintenance is required for months . The replacement cycle time of some accessories is as follows : The replacement or inspection cycle of a / C filter element is 7500km; The replacement interval of spark plug and air filter element is 30000km; The brake fluid change cycle is 15000km; The fuel filter change interval is 22500km; The transmission oil change interval is 60000km.

In terms of parts price and labor cost , The song dynasty Pro DM The price of engine oil is 225 element , Mechanical filtration 30 element , Man hour fee 140 element , Minor maintenance costs 395 element . The spark plug 192 element , Man hour fee 200 element ; Transmission oil 92 element , Man hour fee 230 element . Air filter element 48 element 、 Air conditioning filter element 35 element 、 Fuel filter 25 element 、 Antifreeze 100 element 、 Brake fluid 98 element .

We drive in an ordinary family car for three years 60000km Is the vehicle cycle , Calculate the maintenance cost for three years , The song dynasty Pro DM About need 5944 element , It takes about... A year on average 1981 element , A small service is 395 element . It can be seen that , The song dynasty Pro DM The price of small maintenance is not expensive , But the total cost of three years is not cheap , The main reason is that the plug-in hybrid vehicle still needs to maintain the engine , And the replacement cycle of some parts is also relatively frequent , Pushing up maintenance costs , If the maintenance cycle can be extended properly , I believe it can be more economical .

Fuel cost survey

According to our investigation , The song dynasty Pro DM In hybrid mode , The actual average fuel consumption is about 100 kilometers 6.2L about , There is some gap with the fuel consumption given by the Ministry of industry and information technology . therefore , We take the present 92 Every liter of gasoline 6.9 element , Computational song Pro DM The cost of oil , travel 20000km The fuel charge is 8556 element , Three years 60000km The fuel charge is 25668 element , The average month is about 713 element . On the whole , The song dynasty Pro DM As a plug-in truck SUV, The performance of fuel consumption is not as economical as everyone thought , Of course , Or maybe we expect too much . But if you're at the same level 、 Same price SUV comparison , This fuel consumption level can be described as amazing .

Conclusion :

We will pay the above maintenance fee 、 The insurance premium and the oil premium are added together , It can be calculated that Pro DM Three years of driving 60000km The cost of the car is about 48459 element , The average year is about 16153 element , About every month 1346 element , The daily average is about 45 element . It can be seen that , The song dynasty Pro DM The maintenance cost is average , But the fuel consumption is quite low , In three years, it's better than using 1.5T Dynamic BYD song savings 3000 yuan . Of course , If with BYD's latest song PLUS DM-i comparison , The fuel consumption is still higher , But with the same compact SUV comparison , monthly 700 The cost of oil in the early Yuan may be less than half of them , what's more , Such a low oil price performance , It can still bring a performance car like experience , Have to say , The song dynasty Pro DM It really achieves the balance between performance and fuel consumption .

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