When the Mid Autumn Festival comes, use oil monkey + node.js + to deploy serverless to monitor the daily moon cake sales

Ovos 2021-09-15 09:40:22
autumn festival comes use oil

I'm participating in the Mid Autumn Festival Creative submission competition , Details please see : Mid Autumn Festival Creative submission contest

Next week is the Mid Autumn Festival , I wish you all a happy mid autumn festival in advance .

Today we'll use JS Write a program to climb the front of Jingdong 100 Moon cake sales on page , See how much moon cakes you can sell every day at the end of the Mid Autumn Festival .

Data for reference only , Accuracy is not guaranteed .

Thank you for your praise , It's not easy to stay up late and write

The technology to be used

  1. Oil monkey script (Tampermonkey)- Google browser plugin

  2. JavaScript Native DOM operation

  3. fetch request

  4. asynchronous async await Time delay

  5. express Create a data store API, Statistics API

  6. node.js Read JSON file

  7. Deploy to Tencent cloud Serverless service

Statistics show


Be careful 2021-9-7 The data of No. is mock data , In order to 2021-9-8 The no. thanLastDay Field can calculate data

Field description :

"date": "2021-9-8", // date 
"total": "89026 Billion ", // Up to date date , Total sales 
"thanLastDay": "7687 ten thousand " // Compared with the previous day , How much sales have been increased 
 Copy code 

Now let's start the whole work

1. Install oil monkey script (Tampermonkey) plug-in unit

If you can surf the Internet scientifically, you can , Visit the official link below to install


If you can't surf the Internet scientifically , Go to Baidu search Tampermonkey, There will be many websites that provide local installation methods , I don't offer it here , To avoid infringement .

2. Write a script to crawl Jingdong moon cake data

After successful installation , In the upper right corner of the browser , Pictured


Enter Jingdong homepage first , Search for The moon cake , Enter the list of products


Then click the management panel , Enter the script list page , Here you can open or close a script


then , Click on + Create a new script



I wrote a simple script here , You can paste it

// ==UserScript==
// @name jd The moon cake 
// @namespace http://tampermonkey.net/
// @version 0.1
// @description Used to crawl 100 Product data on page 
// @author Ovos 
// @match https://search.jd.com/**
// @icon https://www.google.com/s2/favicons?domain=jd.com
// @grant none
// ==/UserScript==
(function() {
 'use strict';
// Get sales quantity 
function getNumber(str) {
if (str.includes(' ten thousand +')) {
return parseInt(str) * 10000
return parseInt(str)
// Wait function 
function sleep(time) {
return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
setTimeout(resolve, time * 1000)
async function main() {
// Wait for the first page data load 
await sleep(3)
for (let i = 0; i < 100; i++ ){
// Scroll to the bottom 
// Wait for the bottom data to load 
await sleep(3)
// Scroll the bottom again , Prevent data from not loading 
// Wait for the bottom data to load 
await sleep(2)
// Calculate the total sales volume of all commodity prices 
await getTotal()
// Go to the next page 
document.querySelector('#J_bottomPage > span.p-num > a.pn-next').click()
// Wait for the next page of data 
await sleep(3)
async function getTotal() {
let pageTotal = 0
document.querySelectorAll('#J_goodsList > ul > li').forEach(el => {
// commodity price 
const price = parseFloat(el.querySelector('.p-price i').innerText)
// Commodity evaluation quantity 
const saleNum = getNumber(el.querySelector('.p-commit a').innerText)
console.log(price, saleNum)
pageTotal += price * saleNum
// Total sales on this page 
const res = await fetch('http://localhost:9000/save', {
method: 'POST',
headers: {
'Content-Type': 'application/json',
body: JSON.stringify({pageTotal})
const json = await res.json()
console.log('Success:', json);
// Run the program 
 Copy code 
  • First one for loop , Fix 100, Because Jingdong's product list page is 100 page
  • Next scroll to the bottom of the page , Because part of the data in the list is ajax Asynchronously loaded
  • sleep Function to wait for a fixed time , Use async await grammar
  • Then wait 3 second , Then scroll to the bottom , Prevent data from not loading
  • Then use document.querySelectorAll Get all the items on the page
  • Then use document.querySelector Get the price and evaluation quantity of each commodity
  • Calculate total page sales pageTotal
  • And then use fetch request Node.js Storage api, Store the sales calculated on the current page , For subsequent analysis
  • Finally, go to Jingdong's home page , Search for moon cakes , Go to the search page , Wait for the page to turn to the last page 100 page , Data acquisition complete , Then you can do something else , It's been a long time .

below , Let's take a look at the demonstration effect

[ Nuggets can't upload videos , Purring ...]

3. use Express Set up a platform for storage and analysis api

The code is as follows

const express = require('express')
const cors = require('cors');
const path = require('path')
const fs = require('fs')
var app = express();
app.use(express.urlencoded({extended: true}))
// Get statistical data 
app.get('/get', (req, res) => {
const data = []
// Get the total sales volume on the specified date 
const getTotal = (date) => {
const filePath = path.join(__dirname, 'data', `${date}.json`)
if (!fs.existsSync(filePath)) {
return 0
const data = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync(filePath))
if (data.today) {
return data.total;
const total = data.data.reduce((total, currentValue) => {
return total + Math.floor(currentValue) / 10000;
// Total number of caches , Don't count next time 
data.total = total; // Ten thousand units 
fs.writeFileSync(filePath, JSON.stringify(data))
return total;
// Gets the day before the specified date 
const getLastDay = (dateTime) => {
let date_ob = new Date(dateTime);
date_ob.setDate(date_ob.getDate() - 1)
let date = date_ob.getDate();
let month = date_ob.getMonth() + 1;
let year = date_ob.getFullYear();
let today = year + "-" + month + "-" + date;
return today
// Data on all statistical dates 
const dateList = fs.readdirSync(path.join(__dirname, 'data'))
// Return the data , Calculate the increase over the previous day 
dateList.forEach(fileName => {
const date = fileName.replace('.json', '')
total: Math.floor(getTotal(date) / 10000) + ' Billion ',
thanLastDay: getTotal(getLastDay(date)) !== 0 ? Math.floor(getTotal(date) - getTotal(getLastDay(date))) + ' ten thousand ' : ' Temporarily no data '
// Sort by date in descending order 
res.send(data.sort((a,b) => new Date(b.date) - new Date(a.date)))
// Store the of the day 100 Page commodity sales 
app.post('/save', (req, res) => {
// Get current date 
let date_ob = new Date();
let date = date_ob.getDate();
let month = date_ob.getMonth() + 1;
let year = date_ob.getFullYear();
let today = year + "-" + month + "-" + date;
// File path 
const filePath = path.join(__dirname, 'data', `${today}.json`)
// If no storage file exists 
if (!fs.existsSync(filePath)) {
fs.writeFileSync(filePath, JSON.stringify({data: []}))
// Read the file 
const data = JSON.parse(fs.readFileSync(filePath))
// Save the sales under all goods on the current page 
// Write to json file 
fs.writeFileSync(filePath, JSON.stringify(data))
// Return the data 
app.listen(3000, function () {
console.log(' Service started successfully :http://localhost:3000');
 Copy code 

There are mainly two here api Interface

GET - http://localhost:9000/get
 Copy code 

Used to obtain statistical data , The structure is as follows

"date": "2021-9-8", // date 
"total": "88615 Billion ", // Total sales 
"thanLastDay": "4338 ten thousand " // An increase in sales over yesterday 
"date": "2021-9-7",
"total": "88615 Billion ",
"thanLastDay": " Temporarily no data "
 Copy code 
POST - http://localhost:9000/save
 Copy code 

Used to store sales per page for the day , The data will be stored in data/ The current date .json In the document

 Copy code 
  • The project mainly uses fs.writeFileSync and fs.readFileSync Read and write JSON file
  • cors() Middleware to open cross domain

4. Deploy to Tencent cloud Serverless service

Last , I'll take this. Express Deploy services to the cloud , So that everyone can see

  1. modify express The project listening port is 9000,( Tencent cloud must be 9000)

  2. establish scf_bootstrap Startup file

npm run start
 Copy code 
  1. land Tencent cloud Serverless Console , Click the function service on the left

  2. Hit the new button

  3. choice 【 Custom creation 】


  • Function type : choice “Web function ”.
  • The name of the function : Fill in your own function name .
  • regional : Fill in your function deployment region , The default is Guangzhou .
  • Running environment : choice “Nodejs 12.16”.
  • Deployment way : choice “ Code deployment ”, Upload your local project .
  • Submission method : choice “ Local upload folder ”.
  • function code : Select the specific local folder of the function code .
  1. Choose to finish

See the following video for detailed steps

[ Nuggets can't upload videos , Purring ...]

After successful deployment , We will the address provided by Tencent cloud , Can be used to test services


Be careful :

  1. Tencent cloud Serverless There is a certain amount of free use , See for details
  2. Serverless It is allowed to modify the file , therefore /save The service will report an error , The solution is to mount CFS file system , I'm too lazy to do , You have to pay .

Github Source code


5. summary

Last , Even if our whole function is finished , Climb from the oil monkey every day 100 Pages of data , To use express Store in JSON file , Then to calculate the difference every day . Realize the demand of calculating the sales of moon cakes every day .


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