Disappeared car companies: tape measure is useless? Zhongtai is on the verge of death and has no way to return to heaven

New automobile Chronicle 2021-10-13 07:36:33
disappeared car companies tape measure

“ Civilian version of Aurora ”、“ Scale part ”、“ It's up to you whether you can drive it in this life ”, Are these words familiar ? Zhongtai is like an old friend , Become a network celebrity , be in fashion in one's time . But it's this civilian version of the premium car that used to run all over the street , But may want to say goodbye to us .

Zhongtai's rich history

03 Beginning of the year , Zhongtai was established , At that time, Zhongtai didn't find his own position , Bought a Toyota production line , Produced the first car , zhongtai 2008, After that 5008 It's actually this chassis . In fact, it's Toyota Terui , This car has been produced by FAW Toyota .

Long like this :

After that, he acquired Jiangnan Automobile , Launch Jiangnan Alto . Take Fiat's elimination platform and make Langlang 、 Lang Jun and Lang Yue , Later it was renamed Z200HB、Z200、M300. And then one after another Z100、Z300、Z500、Z700、 cloud 100、T600……

You can see T600 This shape , You should know which car is imitation , Is the Touareg of the previous generation , There seems to be some signs from here .

2016 It should be regarded as the first year of Zhongtai mountain stronghold , This year SR7、SR9 Come out separately , Imitated Audi Q3 And Porsche Macan. It is estimated that Zhongtai thinks so , If you want to play, play a big , Go directly to super luxury brands . It also led to a lot of jokes . It's hard to say , Let's search by ourselves , key word :“ zhongtai 17 Time ”.

Volkswagen and Porsche can't understand , Can you change an imitation ?

I think Zhongtai should have awakened ,T700 and T300 Finally, there is no feeling that people can know what kind of car it is at a glance . As for whether it is really original , Many people have different opinions , It's not going to unfold here .

Of course! , Zhongtai has launched more models than these , Like a horse MEET3、 Tai Mai X7, But I really want to finish talking , It is estimated that this national day has passed .

Decline is an inevitable result

In history, many brands started from imitation , Like Toyota in Japan 、 Honda started from a fake . But in the end, it will fall to the original , You can't make money because of Shanzhai , Just get in and don't come out .

Like the car above , Can you imagine this is a Toyota ? In the process of imitation, the most important thing is not how many cars are sold , But the accumulation of their own technology , When you have money , With technology , Develop yourself , To have a foothold .

Everyone has seen this famous scene above , Porsche executives saw at the auto show SR9, This indescribable expression , Anyway, Xiaobian wants to laugh and can't laugh . Maybe I can't help being copied in China , Refer to Honda and Shuanghuan before , I lost more than ten million yuan by the mountain stronghold .

In that case , Zhongtai should have gone with the wind and the water , After accumulating wealth and technology, it feeds back the design and manufacturing capacity , So as to become the number one automobile manufacturer in China . What I didn't expect was ,2019 Year begins , Zhongtai owes the supplier 、 Can't pay , There are more and more news about losing money for years .

Until the end of last year , Zhongtai's parent company, Tieniu group, officially went bankrupt , Almost laid the road after Zhongtai . The reason is , It's still not a built car . It looks like , The quality reliability is not satisfactory .

There is one. T600 The owner of the , For a year and a half , Go to 4S Repaired 14 Time . Sheet metal misalignment 、 Headlight failure , Changed the steering wheel 、 The dashboard 、 The seat 、 Engine harness assembly 、 Clutch master cylinder . There are not a few cases like this , and 4S The store said it was very common .

The most embarrassing thing is 4S The shop is also complaining , Because of the quality problem , quite a lot 4S The repair business of the store has occupied a lot of time and energy , It's impossible to sell cars normally . Not a few have lost millions . It's obvious that Zhongtai's new car is coming out very quickly , Measure with a tape measure and brush , But ignore the car is to drive , People buying cars is also a big deal , Poor quality is really bad .

Review the history of Zhongtai , It used to be brilliant . But because of its own quality 、 Innovation issues , decline . The outcome of the collapse of the double ring , Toyota 、 Honda's success stories are all in front of Zhongtai , Zhongtai has been reduced to this , It's a pity that the .

Is Zhongtai still saved ?

Zhongtai's share price has risen from its peak 18 Block many , It's down 1 Block many , The Shenzhen Stock Exchange added... In front of Zhongtai ST Two letters , It means that there is the possibility of delisting at any time . But it rebounded miraculously after falling to the bottom in the second half of last year , Once upon a time it rose to 8 block .

This may be because there were two investors at the end of last year , At the same time, several executives left , It indicates the entry of the new team . Then Baoneng merged with Zhongtai 、 Weima and Geely are in contact with Zhongtai and other rumors , Although officially denied , But it can't resist the stock price rising slowly . This phenomenon is probably played by capital , It has little to do with Zhongtai's own business .

Because from the current situation , Zhongtai is just an empty shell . At present, all employees of Zhongtai Research Institute have a collective holiday , All factories are basically shut down , In other words, it is almost impossible to have another new car , Car building has also stalled . In a state on the verge of bankruptcy , The rise in share prices makes no sense .

Look at the history of Zhongtai , Once bet on new energy ,2008 and 5008 Both cars have a pure electric version , life 200km, Later versions are upgraded to 300km, Power consumption per 100 km 12 degree , That's still in 2009 year . BYD was just 300km life .

And the first batch of pure electric taxis in Hangzhou , It's zhongtailangyue pure electricity , It uses the power exchange technology blown to heaven by Wei , That's a 2011 Year! .

Don't really say , Zhongtai's eyes are really poisonous , The first car is SUV, Layout new energy so early . If you go back to new energy , I wonder if there is still a chance to catch the last bus .

At the end

Zhongtai “ reference ”, Like a sword hanging over your head , You'll kill yourself at any time . Just before the sword fell , Did Zhongtai wake up . Unfortunately, as far as the current situation is concerned , Zhongtai has no way back . Quality problems account for the majority , be down on one 's luck , It also matters if you bet the wrong treasure . If I had played with new energy , Maybe this is not the case .

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