In less than two days, the box office exceeded 400 million, and Changjin Lake broke out, breaking seven records in Chinese film history

Tencent Entertainment 2021-10-13 09:52:44
days box office exceeded million

The deadline for publication , from “ Cat's eye pro ” Real time box office data display , The movie 《 Changjin Lake 》 To show 2 Days time , The cumulative total box office exceeded 4 Billion , One day comprehensive box office breakthrough 2.8 Billion , Arrangement times 14.73 More than ten thousand , Average person time 41.5 people , Attendance rate 26.3% Strong data led the box office .

meanwhile , While the box office continues to rise , The film was also well received by the audience . Cat's Eye 、 Taopiao has given 9.5 The high score , And Douban, which has always been harsh, has also given 7.6 The high praise . What's more, it's worth mentioning , While the film has achieved both box office and public praise , Also break the Chinese film history in one breath 7 Records . Once stood out from many films in the same file , It has become a must choose film for National Day movie viewing .

I went to the golden market last night , Almost full , There are too many children , I can't sit still for a long time , Bloody scenes and fear , run clandestine errands up and down the line , Squeak , It affects the movie viewing experience . Although three hours is a little long , The old waist who sits in the office all year round is a little uncomfortable , But the war scene is good , There are some amazing scenes , It really costs a lot of money to shoot , Hold on to it , I didn't go to the bathroom . After the game , Some people say it's a misty ending , Indeed, the end is a little scrawled , I don't have a good grasp of history at ordinary times , It seems a little difficult . however , Generally speaking, it is a work of conscience worth the ticket price .

At least the whole film impressed me everywhere . The magnificent scene is quite imposing , Although the production time is tight, the special effects are super shocking . Especially in the village gunfight, hand to hand combat is better , Even if some camera lines are implicit , But the hard work and tenacity of the volunteers can be shown on the camera , It's very eye-catching , Get resonance and recognition . And the whole film is emotional , Not too sensational , Nor is it a brutal and heroic killing of the enemy , But tragic enough to make people heartache . Full of emotion , Just right moving .

also , Actor , In a word : No vase and flow . A solid acting school . Wu Jing need not say more , He knows war movies very well , Yiyang Qianxi 《 Young you 》 To 《 Changjin Lake 》, The growth and maturity of acting skills are obvious to all , Plus Hu Jun 、 Han Dongjun and other actors joined , The portrayal of each character makes people feel flesh and blood , Especially the shaping of Hu Jun's role , What surprises me most , The character narrative integrity is the most vivid and profound .

in addition , It's three hours long , It won't be long enough , It also leaves enough space to carve and take into account the story of the film 、 Action presentation and character fullness . It's not slow , Gently suck you into the film's stretch ups and downs , Have a wonderful co breath with it 、 Chemical effects of CO fate . You're not watching a war movie from a distance , But as if I had experienced it myself “ Days of Winter ” Somatosensory resonance . This kind of viewing experience of the combination of audience and image is very rare .

To make a long story short , The theme film can complete the transmission of the spirit of resisting US aggression and aiding Korea , At the same time, it also achieves the attribute of high appreciation of commercial films , There are also some humanistic expressions of art films , Very rare . The three directors each played their part in the film , Complete this war blockbuster with a group of excellent actors with a sense of mission , This is the responsibility of Chinese filmmakers , It is also the pride of Chinese filmmakers .

Last , To sum up , burn 、 Shuang 、 Fried 、 Fierce 、 laugh 、 cry 、 Lingering rhyme , Maybe it's 《 Changjin Lake 》 What moved me “ Seven weapons ”.ps. Viewers who haven't seen it yet , Hurry up , Viewers who have seen it suggest two strokes of aftertaste ~

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