Baked cake wife sun photos, plain face on camera, beautiful appearance is still a beauty, watching children during the festival is a little helpless

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baked cake wife sun photos

Deyunshe actor bakes cakes. Zhu Yunfeng's wife Hu Zhengxin basks in the sun with her son on National Day “ Steamed Pork Dumplings ” A picture of watching TV at home , In the picture, the eldest son stared at the cartoon on TV with a serious face , Seems to be deeply attracted by the plot on TV , And Hu Zhengxin took out his mobile phone , The warm picture of mother and daughter at this time was photographed .

In the picture , Hu Zhengxin changed her delicate makeup in the past , Seems to have put down “ The burden of idols ”, Start shooting directly facing heaven and earth .

So our familiar big eyed beauty disappeared , What came into view was a beautiful girl next door with fair skin , The tall bridge of the nose doomed this to be a beauty , And slender eyebrows and pointed chin , It seems that a little powder can turn the country into the city immediately .

And Hu Zhengxin is quite confident in her plain face , When taking a selfie with a mobile phone in one hand , The other hand holds up the Chin , People's eyes can't help noticing her face .

Tell the truth , Shaobing is a famous actor in Deyun society , And wife of the Shaobing doesn't mind that fans of the Deyun Club pay attention to Shaobing “ private life ”, therefore “ Cake sister-in-law ” The existence of , It was known a long time ago .

But in the past , Hu Zhengxin is wearing makeup +P Picture on camera , It's rare to be so plain , So this time, my wife appeared in plain face , It's really amazing .

Top students from famous foreign universities , A beautiful woman with outstanding looks , After being with Shaobing, they help each other , She gave birth to two eldest sons , It seems that everything about Shaobing's wife Hu Zhengxin is so beautiful .

Just like her , Exquisite and beautiful , And full of “ The smell of wild animals ” When the pancakes appeared together , It always seems out of place, but it seems like a match made in heaven .

And I don't know if you have such a feeling , Maybe I've lived with Shaobing for a long time , Hu Zhengxin from this angle , Between the eyebrows and the eyes and the pancake is really a little “ Husband and wife ”, Years of mutual help , It seems that Hu Zhengxin has been influenced imperceptibly .

Although Hu Zhengxin shared photos with you , I wish you all a happy holiday , But look at the expression , Hu Zhengxin doesn't seem very happy , Even a little helpless .

It's also a big holiday , The aunts who pay to look after the children at home should also have to go home and get together , And my husband said cross talk every day 、 Record variety show , I don't have much time to be at home , It seems that I didn't go home this holiday , At home, only Hu Zhengxin watched TV with her eldest son , It's probably impossible to go out , It's hard to go shopping with familiar sisters , Hu Zhengxin had to take a selfie and interact with everyone .

It's not easy to be an actor , Be a crosstalk actor of Deyun society , It's also not easy , Crosstalk actors at the level of Shaobing , We usually talk about crosstalk in a small theater , When you don't talk about crosstalk , And going around to record variety shows and shoot advertisements , Although it's not good to make money , But for this small family , Shaobing is always in debt .

Hu Zhengxin hasn't complained a word these years , I support this family silently , I hope Shaobing can keep it in mind , No matter how much you achieve in the future , No matter how popular it will be in the future , Don't forget your wife Hu Zhengxin , We should learn from our master Guo Degang , Treat the lover who supports you behind your back , Give everything wholeheartedly .

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