Compared with Volvo XC60, Lingke 09 goes out of the spa platform. What would you choose, regardless of the brand?

Oriental Information automobile 2021-10-13 18:01:51
compared volvo xc60 xc lingke

In recent days, , What has attracted much attention Led the g 09 The pre-sale price has been officially released , The interval is 27-35 Between ten thousand . The development of Geely brand in recent years is obvious to all , From the acquisition of Volvo , Geely began to develop towards high-end models , The birth of Lingke brand is based on this background , And link 09 As the latest flagship model of Lingke, it bears the impact of medium and large-scale SUV Responsibilities in the field , It passes Volvo's SPA The platform shares Volvo's chassis structure 、 suspension 、 Electrical system and transmission system . And for the same from SPA Volvo platform XC60、XC90 Come on , You can take it out and link 09 Make a horizontal comparison , Considering that the price range is closer , We'll use different levels of XC60 Come with link 09 Contrast .


Let's take a look at link 09 The appearance of the , The iconic Lingke family design language on the front face is the most recognizable place , The headlights are distributed under the daytime running lights , Matrix formula is adopted LED light beam , The air intake grill appears T Font type , The blackened China open is calm and slightly domineering . From the side of the car , There are plastic trims similar to the range rover , The waist lines on both sides extend along the trim to the rear of the car , It is worth mentioning that the hidden door handle and B The columns have a smooth design , Feel it easily without any bulge , This design will reduce wind resistance and sound noise when the vehicle is running , The hidden door handle design is also a rare configuration in this price model .20 The inch tire size improves the appearance of the whole car . In the rear, the crystal tail lamp is still the iconic design of Lingke , English alphabet brand LOGO Embedded in the through tail lamp in the middle , Enhance the sense of fashion , The windshield wiper is also well hidden above the window , The bilateral exhaust at the bottom really caters to the tastes of Chinese people . Overall, link 09 I still get high marks in appearance .

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