Ren Jialun, who married young, was in a mess. Now she feels that it is a blessing in disguise

Oriental Infotainment 2021-10-13 20:33:26
ren jialun married young mess.

2021 Year to date , Ren Jialun has three popular TV dramas : They are police and bandit films 《 Don't say goodbye 》、 Costume dramas 《 Zhou Sheng remains the same 》 And now idol drama 《 one's whole life 》, Especially the latter two TV dramas , Let the superb acting and handsome Ren Jialun fire again .

Speaking of Ren Jialun, the first feeling is cream Xiaosheng , White looking 、 tender ; The second feeling is that Ren Jialun is a little cute 、 Silly feeling .

but , It's this stupid and cute looking cream baby , At the beginning of the rising period of his career, he made a big taboo in the entertainment industry : Declare a young marriage .

Ren Jialun 1989 Born in Qingdao, Shandong Province , Have to admit : The beautiful scenery 、 Qingdao is rich in beautiful women and handsome men , Many beautiful and handsome men in the entertainment circle come from Qingdao, Shandong .

2016 year , Ren Jialun with a TV play 《 Tang glory 》, Let people know him who became popular at the beginning of his life .

It never occurred to me that , stay 2017 year 3 In June, Ren Jialun announced his relationship with Nie Huan , And in 2018 year 2 month , Announce your upgrade, Daddy .

At that time , Watch your favorite idol star become a husband 、 Father , It makes many female fans feel sad , Direct de pulverization . Even more extreme fans went to his girlfriend's microblog to abuse .

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